Inspiring Before and After Room Transformations

Shannon Quinn - January 31, 2021
The airstream’s standard furnishings. Credit: Mr. Kate

3. YouTube Designers Mr. Kate Transformed Their Airstream Into a Home Away From Home

Long before lockdowns were instituted across the world, the interior design duo Kate and Joey, AKA Mr. Kate traveled all over California to film their home makeover show on YouTube. This became difficult once they had their baby, Moon. So they decided the best course of action was to buy an airstream camper van to bring around the country. This way, Kate had a private place to breastfeed the baby, let him take naps, and keep the entire family comfortable while on a construction site. When they first bought the airstream, it had been fitted to accommodate a family in a traditional RV style.

After the remodel was fully complete. Credit: @mrkate on Instagram

There is nothing wrong with keeping your RV as-is. However, they wanted to have a more customized retro look in order to make it feel like a tiny home. This required them to strip everything down to the bare metal. They added amazing pops of color that made the entire space feel clean, bohemian, and happy. This project began in 2019, and it took until 2020 to complete. By that time, they could no longer continue with many of their renovation plans. However, buying this airstream was a blessing in disguise, because it’s necessary now more than ever for the family to keep themselves safe by staying in something like an airstream, rather than a hotel or AirBnB. To see the full transformation video, click here.

Drew Scott adding accessories to his nook closet office space. Credit: The Lone Fox on YouTube

2. This Nook Became a Tiny Home Office Space

Now more than ever, people are trying to figure out solutions to creating a home office in a small amount of space. On the YouTube channel called The Lone Fox, designer Drew Scott took a small recessed closet nook in this apartment’s bedroom and transformed it into an office space. At first, he painted the inside of the nook navy blue for a dramatic effect. However, he realized that he actually hated how dark it was, because it felt too moody. Most designers will edit that out in the final cut of makeover shows.

The end product of the cute closet office nook. Credit: @lonefoxhome on Instagram

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Part of designing your home is to experiment and figure out what works, and what doesn’t. The nook went back to an off-white color, and Drew had a bright and cheerful space to work in, again. He did a quick DIY on the desk he already owned to give it a stylish makeover. Then he hung light fixtures, plants, storage baskets, and accessories to give it the finishing touch. A project like this is simple, and should only cost $100 to $200 to complete. To watch the full makeover video, click here.

Wesley’s living room was clean, but lacks style. Credit: Netflix

1. Bobby Berk Helped a Disabled Man Get a House Made For His Height

The Netflix series Queer Eye features “heros” who put others before themselves, and deserve a bit of a lifestyle makeover. The resident interior designer, Bobby Berk, does an amazing job of transforming their homes into something that is better suited for their lifestyle. In Season 4, there is an episode called “Disabled, But Not Really” where we meet a man named Wesley from Kansas City, Missouri who was a victim of gang violence. He is permanently paralyzed, and yet his home was never made to be wheelchair accessible.

Wesley’s new home is masculine and stylish. Credit: Netflix

On the outside of the house, they installed a ramp so that Wesley can easily get through his front door. The furniture is also spaced out so that Wesley can easily move from place to place in his wheelchair. His washer and dryer were down in the basement, which meant that he needed to wait for his mother to help him. Bobby moved the machines upstairs, to make sure he could be more self-reliant. He also moved the kitchen sink, microwave, and table to his height, so he could cook for himself. For those of us who are fully able-bodied, we don’t think about all of these things we take for granted in our homes. This is an amazing episode, so I highly recommend it. To watch, click here.