The original kitchen had not been updated since the 1970’s. Credit: Architectural Digest

19. This Kitchen Went From Outdated to Chic and Modern

A Scottish interior designer named Luke McClelland spent years designing kitchens for clients before he made his own. He only had a fraction of the budget he normally had working for rich clients, but he was still able to take his knowledge and style and make his home into something beautiful. Before the renovation, no one had touched the home since the 1970’s. Everything was old, outdated, and full of nicotine stains from the previous owner. Before he got started, Luke gave himself a £20,000 budget to get the kitchen of his dreams.

The end result with new flooring, crown molding, windows, and kitchen cabinets. Credit: Architectural Digest

Believe it or not, this entire kitchen is one big Ikea Hack! Luke encased a cabinet system into a bulkhead, which made it look as though it was recessed into the wall. He also installed a black and oak veneer on the front. The countertops are also made of oak, so that the entire kitchen looks cohesive. The entire kitchen and dining room area is 258 square feet, but the new arrangement of the cabinets and kitchen island make it look much larger. To see the full budget and product list Luke used for the project, click here.