Try These Ikea Hacks For A Home Makeover On a Budget

By Shannon Quinn
Try These Ikea Hacks For A Home Makeover On a Budget

Looking for some house hacks to spruce up your home decor? Why not try some Ikea hacks? The great thing about Ikea furniture is that it’s so cheap, people are willing to get rid of their pieces when they’re getting ready to move. It’s easy to find these products for free or cheap on places like Facebook marketplace. There is also an “as is” section of the store where you can buy floor models and returned items at a discount. These hacks will work with almost any budget, and can instantly give your space a lot more style. 

These blankets are adorable, and easy to make on your own. Credit: The Lone Fox

60. Make This Anthropologie Inspired Blanket For a Fraction of the Price 

Normally, throw blankets with tassels from Anthropologie cost an average of $150. A lot of times, these blankets serve the purpose of adding texture to your space, rather than having something to cuddle up with. On the Lone Fox YouTube channel, Drew Scott goes over an Ikea hack for making an Anthropologie inspired throw pillow for a fraction of the price. First, he starts out with an ingribratta blanket, which retails for $20. Next, he makes handmade tassels out of multiple colors from balls of yarn. Depending on where you buy your yarn, this shouldn’t cost more than $5 to get at least 3 colors of your choice. Lastly, he sews those tassels onto either side of the blanket, and he’s done. So you can get a beautiful blanket for the total of $25 instead of $150. For full step-by-step instructions, watch this video.