Try These Ikea Hacks For A Home Makeover On a Budget

Shannon Quinn - November 6, 2020

Looking for some house hacks to spruce up your home decor? Why not try some Ikea hacks? The great thing about Ikea furniture is that it’s so cheap, people are willing to get rid of their pieces when they’re getting ready to move. It’s easy to find these products for free or cheap on places like Facebook marketplace. There is also an “as is” section of the store where you can buy floor models and returned items at a discount. These hacks will work with almost any budget, and can instantly give your space a lot more style.

These blankets are adorable, and easy to make on your own. Credit: The Lone Fox

60. Make This Anthropologie Inspired Blanket For a Fraction of the Price

Normally, throw blankets with tassels from Anthropologie cost an average of $150. A lot of times, these blankets serve the purpose of adding texture to your space, rather than having something to cuddle up with. On the Lone Fox YouTube channel, Drew Scott goes over an Ikea hack for making an Anthropologie inspired throw pillow for a fraction of the price. First, he starts out with an ingribratta blanket, which retails for $20. Next, he makes handmade tassels out of multiple colors from balls of yarn. Depending on where you buy your yarn, this shouldn’t cost more than $5 to get at least 3 colors of your choice. Lastly, he sews those tassels onto either side of the blanket, and he’s done. So you can get a beautiful blanket for the total of $25 instead of $150. For full step-by-step instructions, watch this video.

Mirror walls are a classy addition to an apartment. Credit: Living DIY

59. This Mirror Wall Can Completely Transform a Room

This next Ikea hack was incredibly popular on TikTok, and it’s easy to see why. Similar mirror walls cost $300 at West Elm, and even discount retailers still want $200. But just by using multi-packs of Ikea mirrors, you can create your own mirror wall for under $85. Obviously, having a mirror is great for checking yourself out in the morning, or taking selfies. But another benefit of having a large mirror in your space is that it can make a room instantly feel bigger. This would work perfectly in an apartment, and help to make it feel like a more spacious place to live. Check out this video on the YouTube channel called Living DIY to see a step-by-step tutorial.

This cute console table is easy and cheap to make. Credit: The Lone Fox

58. Transform Wooden Storage Crates Into a Cute Table

This next DIY Ikea Hack for an end table is done by the YouTuber called The Lone Fox. A cute table like this is great to have near your front door to place your keys or purse. Or, it could be used for a record collection, books, and so much more. All you need is to order a set of 4 black hairpin table legs online, and purchase or or two wooden storage crates from Ikea. Screw on the legs, attached the crates together, and you’re basically done. This is one of my favorite Ikea hacks on the list, and definitely one I can see myself doing in the future. If you don’t want to make the table out of storage crates, you could potentially take something else you find at a thrift store to make something similar.

This built-in is made with bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. Credit: Ebru Okur

57. This Billy Bookshelf and Kitchen Cabinet Combo Make a Great Built-In

The great thing about shopping for furniture at Ikea is that a lot of the pieces can mix and match to make something totally new. You can think outside of the box, and use pieces in a room of the house they aren’t necessarily meant for. A great example of this is the DIY built-in living room storage made by Ebru Okar. They combined Billy bookshelves with Method kitchen cabinets. The result is a built-in shelving unit that looks luxurious, and seems far more expensive than it actually is. As an added touch of elegance, everything was painted a pastel gray. Love it!

This woman made a DIY rabbit hutch with old Ikea furniture. Credit: Ana Rodriguez

56. The ‘Hol’ Was Transformed Into a Rabbit Hutch

This next idea isn’t so much a money-saving project, since it would cost roughly the same amount of money to buy a brand new rabbit house. However, it’s a great example of how you can take a pre-existing piece of furniture and repurpose it for something you’re looking for. This can happen with pieces from your home, off the side of the street, or furniture found at a yard sale. A woman named Ana Rodriguez transformed a “Hol” storage bench into this cute bunny hut. There is also an Ikea doll bed where the bunnies can relax. The end result is a luxurious enclosed rabbit home.

This fireplace isn’t real, but it looks amazing. Credit: Ikea Hackers

55. This Faux Fireplace Doubles as a Storage Unit

Believe it or not, this fireplace is actually a bunch of cabinets! The hearth and the back of the cabinets were covered in sticker wallpaper that looks like brick. There are a lot of fake fireplaces out there, but what’s amazing about this DIY is that this doubles as storage. After all, a lot of people only use their fireplace to hang Christmas stockings and have decor on the mantel. Obviously, you can’t light a fire in this. However, a lot of people love to use remote controlled LED candles that flicker like real fire. This would be a great option if you live in an apartment, or you don’t have the option to have a real fireplace, anyway. If you’re interested in making this, check out the full tutorial on Ikea Hackers.

This console table looks far more expensive than it actually is. Credit: Trisha Sprouse

54. Bleached Wood Console Table

Ikea sells plenty of wooden tables, but they’re not always going to look the way you want. Remember that you can always paint something to achieve the look you’re going for. If you want decor that is more beachy and neutral, consider making this bleached wood console. Even if you don’t have this exact same console table as seen in the photos, you could do this same bleaching process with a wood table you already own, or something cheap from the thrift store. If you’d like to see the tutorial, check it out on Hunker.

Wine cabinets can happen anywhere with these Ikea inserts. Credit: Ikea Hackers

53. Turn Any Shelf Into a Wine Cabinet

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, and 2020 is the year when it’s always a good idea to have wine on hand. This next Ikea tip isn’t exactly a hack, since the Kallak insert for bottles is meant for storing wine. But what is a bit of a hack is that people are using those in pretty much everything- from bookshelves to pantry cabinets. I can also imagine this being useful in your closet too, if you happen to have accessories like umbrellas for anything else that might fit in these storage squares.

These game tables are a lot of fun for play rooms. Credit: House Beautiful

52. Turn a Coffee Table Into a Large Game Board

If you have kids, you might have experienced one or two of your favorite board games getting destroyed by spilled drinks or rough play. As long as you still have the game pieces leftover, consider making one of these Lack coffee table game boards. These tables are only $10 each, so it might actually be a cheaper option than buying a new board game. . Either print out the images and use Mod Podge to glue them down, or use acrylic paint pens to hand draw each of the finer details. You can do this with pretty much any game you like, and it’s a great place for young children to sit on each side of the table together. When your kids get older, this is still going to be a fun piece of furniture in your basement or game room.

This sophisticated stool is great for makeup vanities. Credit: Darling Darleen

51. White Fur Stool For Your Makeup Vanity

If you’re trying to make your bedroom look like it belongs to a YouTube beauty guru, you might realize that the cost of buying all of the glamorous accessories quickly adds up. A popular trend that was going around online is a faux fur stool. However, a quick Google search shows that fur stools cost around $100. But a blogger called Darling Darleen figured out a great Ikea Hack for making her own version at a fraction of the price. She purchased a stool from Ikea, which only cost $10. After a quick coat of spray paint, the stool became a shiny golden color. Then, she used some glue to attach the white faux fur. When all is said and done, it should be less than $20 to purchase everything you need to make this.

This platform bed is great for studio apartments. Credit: Oh Yes DIY

50. Turning Storage Into a Platform Bed

For college students living in a dorm, they already know how cramped it can be. And anyone in their early twenties moving into their first studio apartment knows that living space is always an issue. Pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to live in a cramped space at some point in time. The bed takes up a lot of room in a studio apartment, to the point where there isn’t much space for storage. That’s why this platform bed is such a genius idea. Using Ikea cabinets, they’ve created a sense of height, but also obvious built-in storage. The owner of this bed can walk up the steps when they’re ready to go to sleep, and open the doors when they are trying to access their belongings. This is perfect for anyone who’s considering moving to a big city, but they’re on a tiny budget. Check out the Oh Yes Blog for the full tutorial on how to make

Floating shelves add sophisticated storage space to a room. Credit: Made by Girl

49. Floating Cabinet Storage Instantly Makes a Room More Luxurious

If you’re looking to get a credenza in your dining room, you may be looking at pieces that cost nearly $1,000, and don’t necessarily fit your space, or they might feel too bulky. But a great trend we’re seeing online nowadays is taking floating kitchen shelves from Ikea and turning them into a fabulous storage unit. In the photo above, a blogger called Made by Girl installed several floating kitchen Ikea Akurum cabinets side-by-side in her dining room. To jazz it up a bit, she ordered her own gold knobs for $61. Lastly, they bought a piece of wood from the lumber yard for $23, and cut it to fit the top of the cabinets. This gives so much storage space, you should be able to fit dinnerware for all seasons and occasions in there. Personally, I’m obsessed with this look, and I want to do the same thing in my future home.

These mudroom lockers are great for kids. Credit: Polkadot Chairs

48. Bookshelves Converted Into Mudroom Lockers

Whenever I think about being a mom with a dream home, I always imagine having a mudroom with those built-in lockers. In my dreams, I imagine my imaginary kids hanging their coats and backpacks neatly when they come home from school. The only problem is that it’s nearly impossible to find a house that has one of those installed, unless you’re planning to buy a million dollar mansion. And the renovation to get this project done would easily cost over $1,500. Never fear, because some hero figured out an Ikea hack for making an affordable mudroom locker system. A blogger called The Polkadot Chair gives her step-by-step tutorial. She bought several $35 Ikea Billy bookcases, and stacked them side-by-side before adding hooks. Depending on how many lockers you’re trying to make, the final cost will vary. But no matter what you try, they’re still far cheaper than a built-in.

Billy bookshelves are often used to divide up a studio apartment. Credit: Ikea Hackers

47. Create Room Separation in a Studio Apartment With Billy Bookshelves

One of the most popular Ikea hacks that has been done for years is to divide up a studio apartment using Billy bookshelves. When you don’t have walls separating living spaces, these bookshelves make it easy to add a touch of privacy. In the photo above, you can see how someone leasing a tiny apartment in Barcelona was able to put a bookshelf next to their bed to give themselves a small bedroom area. I’ve also seen this done for people trying to split up their apartment living room and office area when they work from home. This also gives you a place to display books, statues, knick knacks, and collections. And if you’re doing a lot of Zoom meetings, it just might be a great backdrop, too.

Making a window seat can be easy with Ikea parts. Credit: Centsational Style

46. Finally, You Can Have Your Dream Window Seat For Reading Books With Style

If you love to read, you may have grown up wishing that you had a window seat. These are a perfect way to get close to the natural sunlight while curling up with some comfortable pillows and a nice book. Most custom built-in window seats would cost a lot of money, but it’s actually possible to create one out of Ikea Akrum cabinets. This is actually better than a traditional built-in seat, because it doubles as a ton of storage space. Check out the full tutorial on the Centsational Style blog.

These rolling tables are amazing for toy storage. Credit: Oh Joy

45. Mobile Coffee Tables Turn Into Great Mobile Toy Storage

If you have kids, you already know how difficult it can be to clean up after their toys. And some parents want to have some toys in the living room, but they find that it gets messy way too quickly. One amazing solution to that problem is transforming the Ikea rolling coffee tables. These have been painted, and the baskets underneath help to keep toys in place. Adults can use the top of the tables to hold their drinks. The wheels make it possible to roll out of the way whenever you need to hide the toys. For more details on how this was made, check out the Oh Joy Blog.

Make a balloon out of a lantern for your child’s nursery. Credit: Husligheter

44. This DIY Balloon Lantern Lamp Is Absolutely Adorable

A lot of families have a tradition of hanging a mobile over a baby’s crib so that they have something fun to look at. You might already have a mobile, but as your kids get older, it’s always a good idea to give them plenty of happy things to see when they look around the room. The blogger over at Husligheter took this idea and transformed it into a DIY balloon lantern lamp for a child’s nursery. They used a basket, animal puppets, and a paper lantern to create this stunning hot air balloon. As an added bonus, this can still work as a lamp. I absolutely love it.

Using a rail is a great way to display hanging plants. Credit: Ideal Home

43. Rail Displays Can Be Used For Hanging House Plants

Macrame plant hangers are back in style. However, not everyone has a good place to hang their plants in an area of their home that gets a lot of sunlight. And you don’t always want to hang your plants next to your curtains, because there is always a chance you might accidentally get them wet or dirty. This is a clever hack of taking a $7 Ikea Racka curtain rod and drilling it into the wall. Now, you have an instant place to display your hanging plants. It can take up an entire wall, and it sort of doubles as an art piece. It’s almost guaranteed to make your friends say “wow” as soon as they see it.

Keep notes for yourself on this paper roll. Credit: Ideal Home

42. Hang Brown Paper Kitchen Roll For Note Taking

This next hack might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it truly does look pretty, and harkens back to an older time. Ideal Home has taken a paper towel dowel, and slipped it inside of two leather drawer pulls. Next, they added a roll of brown paper instead of paper towels, which can be found at Dollar Tree. The final result is an adorable pull-down note system to write our your weekly menu, grocery list, and so much more. I personally love this as a decor piece. Even if you don’t intend to write on this every day, it’s still very vintage-looking, and adorable.

It’s possible to make your own chandelier with a basket. Credit: Ideal Home

41. Use an Ikea Basket to Make a DIY Rattan Chandelier

Rattan furniture and chandeliers were popular in the 60’s and 70’s, but they’re making a huge comeback. They’re perfect if you’re going for a bohemian surf shack vibe. The only problem is that rattan chandeliers normally cost around $100. Ikea’s Snidad rattan basket is just $25. In the photo above, you can see that someone painted it black, turned it upside-down, and put it on top of their existing light fixture. It’s unique, stylish, and no one would ever guess that it is actually an Ikea Hack.

This sneaker collection looks like it’s on display at a boutique. Credit: @dayswithnina on Instagram

40. Using Lack Shelves For Sneaker Display Shows Off Your Kicks With Style

If you’ve ever watched one of those Celebrity Closet Tours, you’ve probably seen some unique shelving that makes a space look more luxurious. These floating Lack shelves are an example of how you can achieve the same elevated look on a relatively small budget. Instead of using them for books, an Instagrammer called Days With Nina used these as her sneaker storage in her closet. These are around $89 each, so for less than $200, she got two shelves to show off all of her expensive sneakers.

These wooden slats are great for hanging storage. Credit: Chantelaine

39. Turn Bed Wooden Slats Into Hanging Wall Storage

Sometimes, when you live in a dorm or small apartment, you might not have a lot of storage space in the bathroom. And in some situations, there might not even be a medicine cabinet to store your essentials. (Yikes.) Some genius out there figured out that you can take the $10 Luroy slatted bed base, and simply hang it on a wall. Then, you can use hooks and other containers to hang your pieces on the slats. This looks so cool, a lot of people might not even realize it was originally meant for a small bed.

Book storage is easy for kids with these spice racks. Credit: Air Tasker

38. Spice Racks Double as Clever Children’s Book Storage

When you have small children, it’s a good idea to leave books out where they can see them. This encourages kids to read from an early age. Over time, they will have higher literacy, and do well in school. Shelving can cost a lot of money if you pay for a bespoke set from a carpenter, but it’s easy to turn this into a DIY. Some clever moms out there have figured out the Ikea hack of buying $5 spice racks, and turning them into hanging shelves. They’re so affordable, it’s easy to buy a few to drill into the wall of your child’s bedroom or playroom. This same hack can also be used for grownups too, if you want to display magazines or books on floating shelves.

Doll beds can be a great place for pets to sleep. Credit: Live Door

37. Turn a Doll Bed Into a Cat Bed Instantly

This next one is one the most popular Ikea Hacks we’ve seen online in the past couple years. A brilliant genius (or someone who takes care of both cats and kids) figured out that tiny pets will curl up on any bed, even if it’s meant for dolls. What makes this so cute is that the Ikea doll bed looks like it’s the perfect size to fit a cat. Obviously, it was made for them! So many people have gone out to buy these beds for their pets, even if they don’t have kids. It works out perfectly if you can fit your cat’s favorite blankets or pillows onto the bed frame. I’ve also seen some people give these beds to their small dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. The possibilities are endless, and so are the Instagram pictures. To see a compilation of examples, check out this post from Boredpanda.

Your kids would love to have a Lego table. Credit: The Decorated Cookie

36. This DIY Lego Table is the Perfect Place for Toy Storage

If you have kids, you already know what it’s like to find lego blocks all over the place. And if you’re really unlucky, you might have the misfortune of stepping on one. A great solution to keeping legos all in one place is to buy a Lego table, but they’re around $60 to $100 each if you buy them new on Amazon. Thankfully, we’re here to talk about Ikea Hacks. So there’s a cheaper DIY you can make at home. A creative mom from a blog called The Decorated Cookie gave a makeover to her $15 Ikea Lack coffee table. The exact same table that she used in the photos was discontinued in 2016, but you could do the same concept with an existing piece of furniture you have in your home, or something from the thrift store. For step-by-step instructions, check out her blog.

These magnet strips are great for toy cars. Credit: Just a Girl and Her Blog

35. Magnetic Car Storage for Kids Gives Them a Parking Space For Their Favorite Toys

Anyone with kids already knows how quickly their bedroom or play area can get messy. Kids tend to throw their toys on the floor without realizing it’s a problem. And if they like to bring their toys into the living room, that can also become a prime spot for accidentally stepping on toy cars. It’s a good idea to get kids used to the process of cleaning up after themselves at an early age, instead of picking up after them hand and foot. Most parents ask their kids to put their toys in boxes and baskets. But what about a magnet “parking lot” for cars? Ikea sells magnetic knife holders for $17 each. Hot wheels should be able to stick to the magnet easily, and it helps keep the toys off the floor. Kids can learn from an early age that they need to put their cars in line, and it can also double as a place to play.

Mirrors made this dresser far more luxurious. Credit: Angel Grace

34. Adding Mirrors to the Front of a Dresser Gives It an Instant Touch of Glam

I love this next Ikea hack from a YouTuber called Angel Grace 2. She took The Ikea Besta TV stand, and replaced the legs to make them look more elegant. Next, she found a mirror overlay on Amazon that was made in a beautiful pattern. Using E6000 glue, she pressed the mirror onto the front of the dresser’s cabinet doors. Voila! A plain Ikea dresser is instantly transformed into something so luxurious-looking, you would assume it came from somewhere like Pottery Barn. Amazon actually has a lot of different mirror overlays in various styles and sizes, so you can browse to find something that fits the furniture you already have. Something as simple as this can make your house or apartment feel more luxurious.

Give your kids a luxurious play kitchen. Credit: Babiekins Mag

33. Parents are Upgrading the Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen With Luxurious Touches

Ikea has a line of adorable toys for children. One of their most popular items is the Duktig Play Kitchen, which costs $89. This is slightly more affordable than some of the other play kitchens out there, which can be in the $150 range. The Duktig kitchen already looks cute on its own, but parents have taken this as a base and given the toy an upgrade. On the original toy, everything is made of tan wood, white, and black faucets. In the photo above, we see that a parent spray painted the facets brass. They also added a subway tile sticker backsplash, and a butcher block sticker for the countertops. Other parents have chosen marble stickers for the counter, or painted the cabinets a variety of colors. You could make your child’s kitchen completely match your current home. The possibilities are endless, and I absolutely love it.

Who knew you could give such a drastic makeover to a Lack table? Credit: Livet Hemma

32. The LACK Table Was Given a Facelift With A Collection of Tiny Tiles

Ikea Lack coffee tables are incredibly cheap, costing only $10 each. I’ve seen them in every single apartment owned by someone in their 20’s. On David Dobrik’s YouTube channel, there is even a running gag where his friend Alex Ernst regularly destroys these tables in a fit of rage. So, how do you make them cooler? Livet Hemma created these two tables with stick-on tiles that are normally used as kitchen backsplash. The result is incredibly cool, and you would never know that these came from Ikea. If you already own the Lack, this could be a cool DIY to give your furniture an upgrade. Obviously, you can choose any tiles you want from your local hardware store. If you’re on a tight budget, check to see if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore in your local area, where they sell boxes of leftover housing supplies.

This storage wall is exactly what was needed in a small New York apartment. Credit: The Spruce

31. This New Yorker’s Apartment Created an Epic Storage Wall

Apartments in New York City are notoriously tiny, and incredibly expensive for the small amount of space. Even though rent prices are coming down in 2020, most people who move there can’t afford an apartment that includes a walk-in closet. That’s why this next “hack” from The Spruce makes a lot of sense. Instead of a closet, this person has an entire wall dedicated to bookshelves, a rolling cart, a dresser, hanging bars, and more. Her entire wardrobe may be out in the open, but it’s kept so neat and tidy that it looks stylish on its own. And since space is limited, it probably forces her into having a minimalist capsule wardrobe. I can imagine this look being great for a teenager or college student who wants more places for their clothes, but they simply don’t have the closet space.

The Before and After of a home office closet. Credit: Her There Home

30. This Closet Was Transformed Into an Office Built-In

A blogger named Corey from Her There Home transformed a closet space in the home office into a set of built-in drawers with 3 Ikea Brimnes dressers and floating shelves. This looks professional, stylish, and helps to keep the room organized. Before the transformation, the home office was cluttered, with multiple drawers that never really gave her enough space. Corey started by removing the closet doors. Then, she used a cute wallpaper on the back wall to give it a pop of color. Using 3 different sized Brimnes dressers, she created what looked like a custom built-in cabinet. As a busy full-time mom, she had to build this in 10-minute spurts, and yet she still managed to get this project down by herself.

These built-in bookshelves were made from Ikea Billy bookcases. Credit: The Accent Piece

29. This Home Office Was Transformed Into a Library

On a blog called The Accent Piece, she shows the transformation of turning their home office into a library. Before she got started, she found several photos that served as inspiration. Next, she went into Photoshop and pasted in the Ikea Billy Bookshelves to see how they would look in the space. With the help of her husband, they use a nail gun to secure the bookshelves and molding into place. They painted the back of the bookshelf with paint, and used the same color to paint the wall with the doors. It already looked beautiful before, but now it looks like a gorgeous home library. She doesn’t give the price on her blog, but the total cost of this project was probably in the ballpark of $300, which is much cheaper than paying a carpenter to install a custom built-in.

This custom play kitchen was painted in terra cotta. Credit: Jamie Leigh Miller

28. This Duktig Play Kitchen Is More Stylish Than Most Real Kitchens

A mom named Jamie Leigh Miller transformed an Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen into an incredibly beautiful custom toy for her daughter. Most large toys end up being an eyesore when they’re out in the open. So Jamie’s vision was to make the toy blend in with the style of the rest of the house. Like most Ikea items, the play kitchen comes disassembled. So she took the time to paint all of the pieces, and added soft leather drawer pulls, as well as peel-and-stick white subway tiles. On Christmas morning, her daughter was in shock, and absolutely thrilled to see her perfect little kitchen waiting for her.

This Poang chair was customized with a new woven seat. Credit: Live the MMA

27. The Most Popular Ikea Chair Gets a Modern Makeover

Some of you may have seen woven leather chairs selling for hundreds of dollars in high-end furniture stores. A Swedish author named Monica Karlstein wrote a book called 99 Hacks. One of her projects was removing the cushions from the Ikea Poang chair and replacing it with woven fabric strips. When it’s brand new, the Poang chair costs $79. With additional materials, it will be over $100 to $150 to complete the project, unless you already owned a chair at home, which will make it a much cheaper hack. Personally, I plan to do this one since I’ve owned my Poang for 10 years, and it’s overdue for a makeover.

The botanical prints on this dresser give it a cottagecore look. Credit: Live the MMA

26. Botanical Prints Instantly Gives This Cabinet a Cottagecore Vibe

The past couple years, the cottagecore trend has taken the Internet by storm. This hack is yet another idea created by Monica Karlstine, which involves taking a basic wooden Tarva pine dresser from Ikea, and doing a decoupage of botanical prints on the outside. Images like these can be found in vintage botanical textbooks, but they’re also printable free online from the Library of Congress. All you need is some mod podge from your local dollar tree, as well as a paint brush. As a final touch, she also replaced the knobs with the osternas leather handles.

It’s possible to keep a studio apartment divided with this screen trellis. Credit: Ikea Hackers

25. The Outdoor Trellis is Transformed Into an Interior Room Divider

If you live in a small apartment, a room divider might be the best solution for getting a bit of privacy. This is also good for studios where you want to divide up living space into different zones. A clever idea from Ikea Hackers is to take an outdoor trellis from Ikea and create a base for it to stand upright. Then, they added paper lanterns inside of the cube shapes with fairy lights. The result is a very cute lighted room divider. Considering that most room dividing screens cost in the $100 range, this room divider is roughly half the price, and it looks very cool when lit up at night.

These large canvases were made from Ikea fabric. Credit: Apartment Therapy

24. Dramatic Oversized Artwork Created From Ikea Fabric

This next hack comes from the Ikea 2021 catalog, which they snuck into one of the photos of a bedroom setup. Those giant canvases sitting behind a bed frame are dramatic, and work like an oversized headboard. The only catch is that they’re not paintings, and not sold at Ikea at all. Rather, they’re custom-made canvases with Ikea fabric stretched and stapled on top. This is a brilliant idea, and it can be replicated with any fabric you like. The pattern shown above is included in the Ikea fabric section, and it costs $6 per yard.

This blogger added a faux marble decal to the nesting tables, too. Credit: The Hunted Interior

23. Spray Painted Nesting Tables Gold

Pretty much everything looks better in gold. So if you want your home to look more luxurious, go buy yourself as $4 can of spray paint from Walmart. This next hack is just that simple. The set of 2 nesting tables from Ikea originally comes in black, with glass tops for $80. Simply take those items outside, and spray the metal gold before placing the glass on top. Admittedly, you may only save around $20 compared to buying them gold in the first place from another retailer, but this can be a great hack if you already own these tables, or can find them cheap second-hand. On a blog called The Hunted Interior, she also added a faux marble sticker to the bottom, which made it look even more luxurious.

You would never guess that this apothecary cabinet is an Ikea hack. Credit: DIY Danie

22. This Dresser Was Transformed Into a Vintage Inspired Apothecary Cabinet

A YouTuber who goes by DIY Danie posted a video of her process making this amazing mint green apothecary cabinet. At first glance, you would never know that this was from Ikea! Danie accomplished this by placing two Alex drawer units side-by-side. Then, she purchased brass drawer pulls, tags, and lumber to completely cover the drawers so that it made one larger piece of furniture. A genuine apothecary cabinet of that size would cost nearly a thousand dollars, but she managed to get this project done in the ballpark of $200-$300.

This open kitchen shelving was inspired by Restoration Hardware and Arhaus. Credit: As the Deer

21. Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelving

Restoration Hardware sells open shelving for over $3,000. Even a more affordable version from somewhere like Arhaus is still in the $1,000 range. So one clever blogger called As the Deer figured out that they could transform IKEA Vittsjo shelves for a fraction of the price. All the did was create wooden shelves to replace the glass, and it looks like something far more expensive than $80. Of course, if you wanted a larger shelving unit, you could easily stack side-by-side and create an entire wall of industrial storage.

Ikea started selling tiny desks to fit in any space. Credit: Ikea and Apartment Therapy

20. This Tiny Desk is Hidden Away Inside of a Closet

One of Ikea’s newest products for 2021 is the Micke Desk, which is one of the smallest they have ever offered. Clearly, they realize there is an increased demand for desks on the market, and not everyone has the space in their home for a large home office. The Nikserick Ikea stool is made to go together with the Micke desk. Both pieces are made to be so small, they can fit inside a wardrobe. This is perfect if you want to put your work away and never have it interfere with your relaxing living space.

This woven headboard is gorgeous. Credit: Live the MMA

19. Woven Rattan Added to a Gjora Bed Frame

The Gjora bed frame is made of wood, and it has four tall posts. It’s so plain, it’s just begging for an IKEA hack. This idea is to use rattan to create a woven headboard in between the bed posts. Similar headboards are sold at Anthropologie for over $1,000. Obviously, doing a project like this would take a like patience, and you may need to take a few tries to get it done. But if you buy the supplies online, it should be possible to complete this Ikea hack for under $100.

By placing the headboard towards the middle of the room, it helps to divide space. Credit: Apartment Therapy and Ikea

18. Flip a Malm Bed to Divide a Room

For anyone living in a studio apartment, you’re probably always looking for ways to separate your space into different zones. A creative way to do this actually came from the IKEA catalog itself, using their MALM bed. The headboard of any bed is obviously taller than the foot. However, if you turn the vet around, you are creating an artificial wall. Since both sides of the headboard look the same, you’re really just creating a barrier between your bedroom space and the rest of a studio apartment. Technically, you could try this hack with any number of beds, whether you purchased it from IKEA or not.

This shelf is made entirely out of wooden Ikea crates. Credit: The Cottage Market

17. Stacking Crates To Create a Shelf For Your Plants

Earlier on this list, we already showed an example of how you can take crates from IKEA and add hairpin legs to turn it into a great console table. For this hack, all you need to do is buy several crates and stack them on top of one another. This creates a multi layered shelving unit that requires no assembly whatsoever. Of course, you can choose to paint it a darker wood stain if you like. But the fact that there are slats in between the wood means that sunlight can come through. This makes it perfect for storing your house plants.

This bleached wood furniture and cane bookshelves are a neutral lover’s paradise. Credit: Little House on the Corner

16. Cane Webbing Transforms the Doors of a Billy Bookcase

There are dozens of IKEA hacks out there showing you how to utilize cane webbing to transform a piece of furniture. But in case you haven’t seen it already, this is a gorgeous way to upgrade your IKEA Billy bookcase into a sophisticated bohemian piece of furniture that would normally cost a small fortune from somewhere like Urban Outfitters or Anthropolgie. For more information on how to make this, check out The Little House on the Corner blog or search for video tutorials on YouTube.

Floating legos above a child’s school desk. Credit: Design by Cilla

15. Lego Shaped Shelves For a Children’s Bedroom

This next Ikea Hack was made by an interior designer called Design by Cilla for her child’s bedroom. While she doesn’t go into details about how this was made, it looks like a floating storage cube bookshelf that has raised circles (probably drink coasters) glued on the edge. Then, the entire cube is painted, making it look like a lego. A few of the cubes are turned around so that her children can put their school paperwork on the shelves. But since they’re painted the same color as the other squares and rectangles, it gives the illusion that they are all lego bricks.

Spray painted pendant lamps are a great way to change their vibe. Credit: Anna Bode

14. Spray Painting Pendant Lamps

IKEA sells beautiful industrial style Foto pendant lamps. They are originally a gunmetal gray color, but a lot of people purchased these and use spray paint to change them to look however they want. In the photo above, you can see that someone painted them cute pastel colors on the outside and then used golden spray paint on the inside. If you choose to do this, browse through some color options that you might find online. You may be able to create a similar look to a design that you saw in a high-end interior design catalog.

A mirrored cube looks invisible. Credit: Josefin on Instagram

13. The Mirror Cube is Like an Invisible Piece of Furniture

Having mirrors in your apartment help to give a small space the illusion of being larger. One trick to making your space feel bigger is to have translucent furniture or mirrors in your space. So the idea of this mirror cube and end table is actually brilliant. It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist at all, but you can use it for a space to place objects that you need stored in your room. While I couldn’t find a full tutorial, this table is most likely half of the Eket Storage combination with square mirrors glued to the outside.

The wire curtain rod can hold all sorts of things. Credit: Ikea

12. Curtain Wire Used To Hang Art and Supplies

If you like to draw or paint, keeping your supplies organized can be a challenge. A lot of people out there love to use the rolling carts like you see on The Home Edit. But one brilliant option that I have seen is to use the stainless steel curtain wire from IKEA and use clips to hold your supplies in place. This way, you can see all of the paint colors out in front of you, and all you have to do is reach up and unclip it from your workstation. Another great idea is to hang your artwork on the wire in a row, like the photo above.

Toddlers learning how to prepare food. Credit: Happy Grey Lucky

11. Toddler Learning Stools

A lot of parents want to do as much as they can for their children, especially at an early age. But you would be surprised at how much a toddler can learn from the time that they are just three or four years old. The only problem is that they can’t reach the countertops in order to start working on these products. That’s why some brilliant parents out there figure it out how to take two stepping stools from Ikea and transform them into a toddler learning stool. Obviously, you should always supervise your children when they are using this, just in case they lose their balance.

Malm stickers are made to fit the drawers exactly. Credit: Etsy

10. Malm Dresser Stickers Jazz Up a Plain Piece of Furniture

The Malm dresser at IKEA is one of the most popular pieces of furniture that they sell in the store. However, having a popular piece of furniture means that you might walk into a friend’s home and see that they have the exact same things that you do. If you want your space to look a little bit more original while sticking to a budget, consider buying some custom-made stickers online. Etsy is full of sellers who create stickers specifically for the dimensions of a Malm dresser. With so much to choose from, you can find anything to fit your color scheme or style.

This beautiful girl’s bedroom includes a little seat. Credit: Decor 8 Blog

9. Children’s Wardrobe Built-In Seat

Pretty much everyone has heard of a window box seat for kids to curl up and read a book on. One great IKEA hack you might not have considered is creating a built-in seat as an extension of the child’s wardrobe. When they are small, they can sit or lay on top of it full extended. And as they grow older, it can become a great place for them to sit down and try on shoes, or put their backpack down when they get home from school. For more step-by-step instructions on how to make this, check out the Decor 8 blog.

Ribba frames are a great way to display lego figures. Credit: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

8. Lego Man Display Frame

Both kids and adults alike collect Lego figures. And for some parents, it’s a fun way to connect with their children since it was a toy that both generations played with. Some Lego men are so rare, that you may even purchase and collect them from sellers on eBay. If you have a collection like this, it only makes sense to put them on display. These IKEA Ribba shadowbox frames give you just enough space to display each of the logo man on top of a little Lego shelf. And they are so affordable, you will be able to buy multiple frames to display your entire collection.

A $7 multi-hanger could be the solution to your organizational problem. Credit: Pinterest

7. This Hanger Can Keep Soft Toys Off the Floor

If you have kids, you already know the struggle of keeping their bedrooms and playrooms clean. It always seems like no matter how hard you try, you’ll find toys everywhere. One of the best ways to keep the children’s space clean is by giving them an organizational system that they understand so that they can put the toys away themselves. This Ikea Komplement’s multi hanger usually holds scarves, but it’s actually perfect for small stuffed animals. Another huge benefit of this is that your kids can see all of their stuffed animals in one place, which will likely make them feel very happy. This is much better than letting the stuffed animals pile up on their bed or hiding them away underneath the bed or in a toy box.

These clear frames display natural beauty. Credit: Ikea

6. Use Frames to Display Natural Beauty

When most people use picture frames, they typically have a back on behind the poster or photograph. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Set Ikea Havsta frames have two panes of glass. This makes it possible for you to sandwich something in between. A popular hack is to find some beautiful leaves in your surrounding area and press them inside of the glass. This is incredibly simple, but nothing is more beautiful than nature itself. You could also do this same project with pressed flowers.

Look how many pictures you can display. Credit: Ikea

5. A Wall Full of Picture Ledges Make the Ultimate Gallery Wall

Almost every interior designer on the planet has installed some sort of gallery wall. However, it can be tedious to align your photographs perfectly and get everything to fit exactly right. And if you buy a new piece of art, it might not necessarily fit into the pattern that you already set on the wall. That’s why the idea of having an entire wall full of Ikea Picture Ledges is actually genius. This way, you can layer your artwork in a way that would not be possible with a traditional gallery wall.

Fabric is a great art form. Credit: Ikea

4. Use Textiles in Multiple Ways

Earlier on this list, we included an example of using fabric over an empty canvas frame to create large pieces of artwork. On the Ikea blog, they have multiple ideas on how you can use their fabric to create unique pieces of art. One of their ideas is to cover an old frame in fabric. You could also create canvas pieces and so much more. When you see a fabric pattern appearing in multiple places in the household, it can tie a theme together. Ikea fabric is typically $6 per yard, but if you have scraps of fabric at home, you could do the same project with what you already have.

A professional illustrator turned these stools into art. Credit: Kate Zaremba

3. Two Faced Stools

This next hack comes from an illustrator named Kate Zaremba. She purchased two Frosta stools, which are made out of birch wood. In just 30 minutes, she Illustrated silhouettes of faces on both of the stools in high contrast paint colors. Obviously, not everyone has the artistic talent to do the same thing. However, customizing these stools are a great idea, especially if you have children who would sit on them at their play table. Alternately, you could use these as bedside tables after they have been fully painted and decorated.

These Ikea cabinets were stained and had knobs added to them. Credit: Domino and Ikea

2. Paint and Knobs Make a Huge Difference

Ivar cabinets are made of pine. On their own, they are very plain, and some people like to keep the rustic charm by not doing anything at all. However, since these are made of wood, you have the option to paint them however you like. On the Ikea blog, they show this custom Ivar cabinet that has been painted with a forest green wood stain. It’s painted on so lightly, you can still see the knotty pine underneath. They also added black knobs to the cabinets. Just by doing these two small alterations, it completely transformed how the furniture looks.

Wallpaper and paint transformed a plain bar cart into something fun. Credit: Domino

1. Use Wallpaper and Paint to Jazz Up a Bar Cart

Having a bar cart in your home is a lot of fun, especially if you have an extensive liquor collection. Ikea sells several different types of bar carts, but they are all one solid color. On the Domino Blog, they suggest using wallpaper and paint to completely transform your bar cart into a pop art masterpiece. If the example above is too wild for your tastes, you could do a more elegant version of the same project with gold spray paint and a faux marble sticker. The sky is the limit, and you can transform it into anything your imagination thinks of.