Laundry Room Organization Ideas that Change the Game

Shannon Quinn - April 25, 2021
Adding shelves above the washing machines gives lots of extra storage. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Add Shelving Above the Machines

What is the best storage hacks in a laundry room is to Simply add shelving above the machines. If you don’t have a lot of space, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. All you need to do is buy a floating shelving unit from somewhere like Ikea or Home Depot for under $10.

Shelves don’t need to be expensive, but they make a huge difference. Credit: Shutterstock

A project like this can be done in just a couple hours, especially if you know someone who is handy that can help you. Just keep in mind that a lot of these shelving units cannot hold a significant amount of weight. You should not put all of your supplies onto one shelf. Multiple shelves can help to distribute the weight evenly so you don’t end up damaging something.

This wooden organizational system is stylish and really helps the laundry room. Credit: Wayfair

5. Install a Wooden Laundry Organization System

One of the best things you could do to organize your laundry room is to have an entire organizational system built onto the walls. Personally, I think that the best material to get is wood. Not only is this a natural material, but it is known to last for hundreds of years. It should last for the lifetime of you living in the house, as well as still look great enough for the next family to use. Wood can also be painted any color, or stained in a different wood tone. So if you got tired of the organizational system, you could always paint it to suit your needs. It’s also the most biodegradable choice, especially compared to plastic.

Wood looks more expensive and luxurious in a laundry room. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re not a huge fan of wood, there are plenty of wire mesh shelving units available to buy either online or at stores like Home Depot or Ikea. Wire shelves are often more affordable than wood, so it may be a good solution for you in the short term.

Sometimes the best way to organize your laundry room is to put it in a closet. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Share a Closet Space With the Laundry

Many of you out there might be living in a small house and only dream that you can have an entire room dedicated to your laundry. That’s totally fine. Hopefully you can use a lot of these tips in your own home, even if you can’t have a fully dedicated laundry room. Personally, I have my laundry room in a space that is basically the size of a closet. And yet this is enough room for us to keep everything we need to do laundry for 6 people.

Hanging a bar above the washing machines help stores extra clothing. Credit: Shutterstock

If you don’t have a laundry room in your house but you wish that you just have one, you can transform one of your closet spaces into a laundry room. This might work out really well in a guest bedroom where you don’t necessarily need that space for someone’s clothing. There are plenty of people out there who were able to install a washing machine into a closet and still left enough room to hang clothes, a vacuum cleaner, or other objects that they need around the house. Check out this article from HGTV where they explain how to turn a closet into a laundry room.

This room looks amazing with blue cabinets and butcher block counter tops. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Experiment With the Paint Color

The great thing about giving your laundry room a makeover is that you can go crazy with the colors. You might not want to experiment with anything over the top in your main home, but the laundry room gives you the ability to do basically whatever you want. Most laundry rooms are so small that you should be able to paint it even with a small container that only costs $10 or less. Even if you are blessed to have a larger room, this should only cost $20 per gallon if you buy the paint at Walmart.

Your laundry room paint can be a totally bold color different than the rest of the house. Credit: Shutterstock

This is great, because it gives you the freedom to afford to try out the colors that you’ve always wanted. The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t like the color, and you have to paint over it with something else. Even if someone in your house doesn’t agree with your color palette, it’s okay! They don’t have to go in the laundry room, anyway.

A great laundry room organization hack is to have mesh drawers in the room. Credit: Ikea

2. Ikea Mesh Drawer System For Backup Supplies

Sometimes, people want to have shelves where they can see all of their supplies at a quick glance. This way, you can easily see if you have supplies left without rummaging through closet cabinets. Ikea sells a few different varieties of their “basket drawer units”. These should work in nearly any laundry room.

Be sure to have storage in your laundry room for all of your belongings. Credit: Ikea

When you are organizing, you can divide up each shelf to have a different type of supply in each drawer. The only downside of drawers like this is that it can look messy after a while. I have personally used a drawer set like this in my office in the past. However, now I gravitate towards drawers that are enclosed. It’s really up to personal taste.

If your washing machine looks unsightly, you may want to hide it with a curtain. Credit: Decoist

1. Hide the Machines With a Curtain

While this might not be the most beautiful thing in the world, hiding your machines with a curtain can be a great solution to an issue. This is especially true if your machines are looking old and busted after having them for over a decade. For people who keep their laundry machine in their kitchen, this might be a good way to hide that.

A great laundry room organization hack is to just hide away your machines. Credit: Pinterest

In order to do this, you will need to install a tension rod across a counter. Alternately, you may need to hang a shower curtain rod and have a fabric shower curtain hanging there as makeshift doors. Make sure you measure everything to be sure you buy the correct sized curtains and rods before you start a project like this. If you need to learn how to make your own curtains, check out this tutorial from House Beautiful.