Parenting Items that Have an Outrageous Number of Five Star Reviews

Shannon Quinn - July 9, 2022
Kalima thumb piano. Credit: Amazon

30. Kalima Thumb Piano

An Amazon customer called SoFloGuy said, “My 10 year old daughter and I can’t stop playing this every day since I got it. It’s so much fun to mess around with it and try to mimic common songs we know. I play the piano and know how to read music, so it was easy for me to right away use the Kalimba; however, there are tons of info and tutorials on YouTube that you can look up to get you started. It took me 10 minutes to teach my daughter Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and she was ecstatic!

The Kalimba is beautiful! The wood carving is gorgeous with great attention to detail. The instrument sounds really loud, which impressed me greatly. I did have to tune the instrument out of the box and that took a while. I downloaded the app InsTuner on the phone and saw a video on YouTube on how to use the little hammer thing that comes with the kit to tune. I’ve only had to tune it once and it still sounds perfect.” (via Amazon)

ACT kids mouthwash variety pack. Credit: Amazon


An Amazon customer named Veronica said, “After visiting the dentist and taking our 5 year old son off fluoride tablets, it was time to look for flossers, fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste. I was really looking for a mouthwash with fluoride as recommended and ACT had it. I love the variety pack. So far my kid has almost gone through the whole bottle of blueberry Sponge Bob. Now he wanted to try the bubble gum. Had to teach him how to swish and spit, not swallow as ingesting too much fluoride is harmful. After a month and a half, he’s got it down. My kid is super picky. He actually found something he likes. That makes mom happy!” (via Amazon)

Mama bear organic kids vitamin D3. Credit: Amazon

28. Mama Bear Organic Kids Vitamin D3

An Amazon customer named Becky said, “We don’t usually take supplements. I don’t like that supplements aren’t well regulated, and, to me, it feels like flushing money down the toilet when we can do our best to eat right. However, the growing research that healthy levels of vitamin D may help people fight COVID-19 piqued my interest. With fall and winter coming up, I know we won’t spend as much time outdoors, and our vitamin D levels will probably drop. I decided to bite the bullet and get these. They arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised with how good they tasted. Both the kids and I like them a lot. The kids liked them so much that I had to warn them not to eat more than the 1 I give them each day!” (via Amazon)

Fidget notebook. Credit: Amazon

27. Fidget Notebook

A woman named Felicia said, “So this was bought for my youngest daughter for her Easter basket. Everything was perfect and the poppers popped fine. The notebook is small more size of journal she cant use it for school work but she still happy.. price was also great.” (via Amazon)

Real binoculars for kids. Credit: Amazon

26. Real Binoculars for Kids

An Amazon customer named Claudio said, “I ordered this set for my little niece that loves being outside and going on adventures, but her toys do take a beating. I got this for her for the days she is out fishing or camping or just playing in the backyard. I can tell these are well built. She is excited for it and I can tell she will have a great time playing with this. I would highly recommend these for any child that loves the outdoors.” (via Amazon)

Philips sonicare for kids. Credit: Amazon

25. Philips Sonicare for Kids

A woman named Jodi said, “I use the smaller kids brushes for the kids sonicare for my 2, 5 and 11 year olds. I feel like the bigger kids brush is too big to get around all of their teeth, but this one is a great size (I’m a dental hygienist). I’ve been buying these for 3 1/2 years now, when my older two were 2 and 7. My kids brush twice a day, and we haven’t had a bad checkup yet, even with my oldest having had braces for 2 years. The sonic action is great for breaking up plaque. Just bought a new sonicare toothbrush so we have 2 to use with 3 boys, and I will continue to buy them until something better comes along.” (via Amazon)

Full face snorkel mask for kids. Credit: Amazon

24. Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids

An Amazon customer named J said, “Very durable product. Item is as shown in the picture. Received all items in package as stated with fast delivery. Breathing tube is foldable for more compact storage and travel. No fogging noted when using. Mask is very durable and seems as if it would be hard to break. Has a great panoramic view with very strong straps that are easy to adjust. Mask seems a bit heavy out of the water but once in the water….perfect. This mask seems like it will last for a long time and my family will get great use out of it!” (via Amazon)

Real baking set pastry cooking kit supplies. Credit: Amazon

23. Real Baking Set Pastry Cooking Kit Supplies

An Amazon customer named Teresa said, “I gave this set to my great grandson who loves it. He helped make Gingerbread cookies. He’s peeking in the oven watching the cookies bake.

It’s a very fun gift, he is three and one half.He loves wearing the apron and hat too !” (via Amazon)

Tovla Jr. knives for kids 3-piece nylon kitchen baking knife set. Credit: Amazon

22. Tovla Jr. Knives for Kids 3-Piece Nylon Kitchen Baking Knife Set

An Amazon customer named Elizgangsta said, “Loving these!!! I have already recommended them to multiple people who then went and bought them! Our 3 year old loves being able to help us more and more in the kitchen and they cut really well! Also it helps us to teach knife safety without the fear of her actually getting cut! I think getting kids in the kitchen is so important and this has allowed her to do more than just stir and pour.” (via Amazon)

Skip hop baby play gym, celestial dreams, grey. Credit: Amazon

21. Skip Hop Baby Play Gym, Celestial Dreams, Grey

An Amazon customer named AkuTyger said, “This mat is huge! And super cute! It will fit nicely into any modern setting without screaming gaudy baby toy. The sun mirror is wonky shaped but that is expected for a safety mirror. Baby plays, naps and is content there for hours at a time while I clean. Even the cats like it. The support cross is HUGE and hard to transport when dismounted because they are so long but that is what you get with such a large mat. That makes it hard to take with me if I want to travel with it or visit friends. Bonus is that I foresee my baby using this mat well into 1 year old because of its size and the toys are diverse. I just wish it was machine washable, because, you know, it’s on the floor.” (via Amazon)

Fisher-Price grow with me tummy time llama. Credit: Amazon

20. Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me Tummy Time Llama

A woman named Sherri said, “I absolutely love this. The first time I used this my 3 month old grandson, he was completely mesmerized with the Velcro attached mirror. He smiled and laughed nonstop. I originally purchased it for Tummy Time. It’s great. I have a Boppy pillow which I feel is too big for a baby that doesn’t have complete head control. Speaking of Tummy Time the llama is perfect. It’s just the right height. My grandson looks very comfortable. He seems to have more control of his head. He also pushes forward, pushes his butt up and moves his legs. I washed and dried it following the instructions and pictures. It was super easy and it came out like new. I plan to purchase this for future baby showers. I especially like that baby won’t outgrow in a couple months.” (via Amazon)

The all in one portable lightweight baby lounger. Credit: Amazon


A woman named Jessica Coleman said, “I considered buying the DockAtot when I was pregnant but decided against it because of the price. My son is two months old now and wouldn’t stay asleep longer than two hours, sometimes he would wake up every 45 minutes and was willing to try anything to get some extra sleep so I ordered the DockAtot. It’s only been two nights but the first night he slept for three hour stretches and the second he slept for five! Before when I would lay him down in his bassinet he would thrash around, grunting for 10-15 minutes but with the DockAtot he settles down right away, falls and stays asleep! It was definitely worth the money and I wish I had bought it sooner!” (via Amazon)

Skip hop 3-in-1 baby activity push walker. Credit: Amazon

18. Skip Hop 3-in-1 Baby Activity Push Walker

A woman named Jan said, “I got this for my great-nephew for his 1st birthday. He absolutely loved it right from the start and takes it everywhere. In fact, he insists that it be packed when they go camping or on day trips. Well, after almost 2 years of pretty much constant use, the wheels are almost gone since he uses it indoors and out. It’s the one downside to this toy – the wheels cannot be replaced. I wanted to get a second one on Amazon but they’re now in the marketplace only and priced sky-high. I did some hunting and managed to find another that came in just under what I paid for the first one, so I’m a happy camper. And my great-nephew will be too when his new dog arrives.” (via Amazon)

Swurfer coconut swing. Credit: Amazon

17. Swurfer Coconut

An Amazon customer said, “This swing is shaped for better comfort. The rope doesn’t burn my kids hands like some have. It easily installs on a swing set, under a tree on the porch or even in their room. Amazing for playtime and kids will not want to get off it and share so if u have more then one kid I recommend getting more then one. This swing has a 3 point harness which can easily be adjust for toddler or child. The harness is fabric and easily adjusted for a toddler or one year old. It doesn’t hurt the skin like the plastic ones can especially being we have sensitive skin. Everything you need to hang it is included.” (via Amazon)

Skip hop toddler’s activity chairs in white. Credit: Amazon

16. Skip Hop Toddler's Activity Chairs, White

An Amazon customer named Simi G said, “These chairs are great! Very sturdy and easy for my 18 month old to sit in. She loves sitting at her table now and uses it to do all sorts of things. I like that they are not too tall so when she inevitably decides to stand on it, she can’t get too far. They are very sturdy and tuck under the table if you’re trying to save some space when they aren’t being used. So happy they come in packs of two! As they are plastic they are super easy to clean, keep in mind they are white chairs so you’re going to see everything on them right away but again they are super easy to wipe down!” (via Amazon)

The play gym by lovevery. Credit: Amazon

15. The Play Gym by Lovevery

Parents named Derek and Victoria said, “I am a mother of 3, and I wish I’d had this mat from the beginning. I was skeptical that a baby play gym could really be worth $140, especially because I thought pretty much all other play gyms are completely overpriced for what you get, and not to mention, they are just plain ugly. The first obvious difference is that the frame for this is made from solid wood. It’s soft and smooth, no chance of splinters and no sharp edges, every detail in this product has been carefully thought through, and it shows! It can hold up heavier toys, which your average mat will not. Not an issue with this one, and I LOVE IT! (via Amazon)

LeapFrog spin and sing alphabet zoo. Credit: Amazon

14. LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

A woman named Rebecca had this to say about this toy, “My son was referred to physical therapy at 9 months old because he wasn’t crawling and only went on all fours for a few moments. The therapist had this toy in her office- it encourages babies to be up on all fours and strengthens the upper back muscles. I bought it for my son, he loved it and within a week he was crawling.

I also like that this toy is not overly sensitive. By that I mean it doesn’t go off easily- so many of my son’s lights-and-sounds toys will start up if you take a step too close to it. Drives me bonkers. This toy does not sing, talk or light up until the wheel is spun. All in all an excellent product.” (via Amazon)

HEETA hair shampoo scalp care brush. Credit: Amazon


Looking to take care of your (or your child’s) scalp? Look into the HEETA hair brush. This is a great way to clean your baby’s head if you have long fingernails and you’re afraid of scratching your babies. (via Amazon)

VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer in black. Credit: Amazon

12. VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer Black

An Amazon customer named Brittany said, “My 6 year old daughter asked for a dj mixer, so she can make music like Marshmello, for Christmas. I have been messing with it for a minute and it’s really cool! Most other dj tables for kids are either more for a toddler or you need to buy more stuff to go with it. This has Bluetooth so it is optional but she probably won’t be using that just yet. The quality is good. The adjustments all work. It sounds great! Not to mention the lights are going to go great with her led color changing lights in her room. I just know she’s going to love it! If your child is in kindergarten and up and shows interest in something like this, this would be the product you want!” (via Amazon)

Munchkin secure grip waterproof diaper changing pad. Credit: Amazon

11. Munchkin Secure Grip Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad

An Amazon customer called LMA said, “Bought this for the top of a dresser. I wanted something secure as we were not mounting additional hardware to the dresser. After looking at the earlier reviews I was skeptical, but being able to mount this on the back of the dresser and the non-slip pads (not to mention the safety belt) were safety measures I needed. I’m so glad I went with this! The pad was ordered and arrived 3 months prior to giving birth. Bought the pad covers at Walmart. As long as you get one with holes for the straps and is made to fit the inclining sides you’ll be fine. Our bouncing baby boy kicks, attempts to roll around, plays and remains secure on the table. With the non-slip pads it wont even scoot around.” (via Amazon)

Huggies little swimmers swim diapers. Credit: Amazon

10. Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Diapers

An Amazon customer named Kerstie said, “I knew what this was as I have 4 kids and have used Little Swimmers for 13 years lol. FYI moms the absorbency is to catch poop, not pee. Please be sure to put their swimmer on at the pool/beach etc. Traveling while wearing a swimmer will make for accidents in your car! After 13 years I thought they would have come up with a way to absorb pee but guess not yet!” (via Amazon)

Munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper pail snap. Credit: Amazon


Amazon Dad Review had this to say, “No frills, just works. Over the last few years I have tried 5 different diaper pails from all the top brands and the Munchkin always comes out on top. I like the larger version for when the kids are smaller, but as they get closer to potty training I like the compact version. They hold the smell in amazing. The only downside is they seem to have about a 1 to 1 1/2 year shelf life before something breaks (usually the gear thing on the lid) or the plastic starts to permanently hold the smell.” (via Amazon)

The First Years stack up baby cups. Credit: Amazon

8. The First Years Stack Up Baby Cups

An Amazon customer named Jess C. said, “If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT. Hands down, no question. These cups are frickin’ amazing and versatile. Light enough for young babies to handle, sturdy enough for older babies and toddlers to beat on, no sharp corners, compact and easy to travel with, and they make a really satisfying clattering noise when you knock them down, unlike those soft blocks. Yeah, I hear you saying, “Oh, they’re just a bunch of stupid plastic cups. How exciting could they possibly be? What do you even DO with them??” Everything. Just buy them. Your kid will know what to do.” (via Amazon)

Sassy stacks of circles stacking ring. Credit: Amazon

7. Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring

An Amazon customer named Vlad said, “Got this one for my son, to help with stacking. He has special needs and stacking was one of the areas he was struggling with. During his OT they used a variant of this stacker with a lot of success, so while I was still at their office, I ordered one. So far, so good. He likes it, specially the red ring with yellow dots. He also liked the one with the beads inside. The rings are made out of plastic and appear to be durable. Update: They are very durable. Over a year has passed and they are still going strong.” (via Amazon)

SoCozy Curl spray leave in conditioner. Credit: Amazon

6. SoCozy Curl Spray Leave in Conditioner

An Amazon customer named Taylor Rose said, “This leave in conditioner has been amazing not only for my 18 month old’s curls, but my hair as well! It smells amazing, is very hydrating, and is well worth all of the hype it gets! I have seen a few negative reviews about alcohol being a main ingredient, but the agent being used is Ceteral alcohol and this is actually a HYDRATING agent that’s used in a lot of beauty products. People see the word alcohol and immediately assume it is drying, BUT the chemical composition of this specific alcohol is great for hair that needs more moisture! I just felt the need to write this review because I have looked for a great hair detangler/leave-in for so long (and have even used luxury products) and this one has been our favorite by far :)” (via Amazon)

Learning resources time activity. Credit: Amazon

5. Learning Resources Time Activity

An Amazon customer called D Graham said, “As a teacher, I fully recommend the set. My daughter is in grade 2 and still hasn’t been taught how to tell time at school; I was tired of constantly telling her the time. She got the set as a Christmas gift and after two 15 minute lessons she is able to tell time to the minute using the set. Using our real analog clock, that doesn’t have each individual seconds labeled, she’s accurate about 80% of the time. This is because the set includes not only the clock, but also whiteboard clocks where she writes in the digital and analog time. We used her school schedule and the included picture cards to write accurate times for each day’s activity.” (via Amazon)

LeapFrog learning friends 100 words book. Credit: Amazon

4. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

An Amazon customer named Breen said, “Honestly we are minimalist people. Hate most of the plastic crap. And the repetition of most kids’ toys make you crazy. I can update the review long term for its endurance/longevity. My kiddo’s are 3&1, one talking vigorously and the other learning the language/single words but building her vocabulary. These things are awesome! So easy for the kids to use and learn on their own. The screen is very sensitive & responsive but great. The kids can easily check their knowledge very easily. I literally want to buy one for every niece & nephew & friend w a toddler – which there is MANY! The device has a system that reads when you turn the page and announces the new subject matter. Me & my doubtful man were immediately impressed. And it does the whole thing in espanol too! It’s a winner! Well done LeapFrog!” (via Amazon)

Hatch baby rest sound machine. Credit: Amazon

3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

An Amazon customer named Kaitlin had this to say, “Are you an anal retentive mother like me? Then boy, do I have the product for you! I spent a lot of time researching sound machines and initially purchased this for our newborn. It worked great for nighttime feedings as you can adjust the light brightness from your phone. Have a big blowout that occurred at 2am? Fear not. This light will get you through that change without having to wake the baby with bright overhead lights.

Now, I schedule my children’s daily feedings and naps Kate Gosselin style, so this sound machine fits the bill. You can program it for certain times of the day and train your children to see the light and act accordingly. There are other cool features such as simply touching it with your finger to turn on and you can play your favorite settings all with the touch of a finger.” (via Amazon)

Graco Pack n Play LiteTraveler LX Playard. Credit: Graco Baby.

2. Graco Pack 'n Play LiteTraveler LX Playard

An Amazon customer had this to say, “Ok so! This is the best outdoor/indoor playpen ever. It’s a great size, the flooring is slightly padded but not enough for my liking – so I purchased something else to soften the blow. This playpen also comes with half a canopy! The best part about it is that you can remove the canopy around it to block out the sun. I always placed a netting around the playpen to avoid bugs coming in. But this is legit the best- I would just also buy another floor mat if your child is still learning to sit/crawl/walk etc.” (via Amazon)

Baby bum brush. Credit: Amazon

1. Baby Bum Brush

A customer named Ciat had this to say: “At the beginning of my third pregnancy I walked down the aisles looking at all the new gizmos and gadgets for babies. What a silly thing, right? Who can’t just use the good old free finger technique (ew)? Then we had MONTHS of ear infections. In case you aren’t familiar: ear infections = antibiotics = explosive stool. Because I was going through so much diaper rash cream, I began buying in the large jars. Have you ever tried to stick your hand in a jar of diaper rash cream? You do not leave said jar unscathed. This product is soft for babies bums and it is flexible for the hard to reach areas of the jar. This product is so easy to clean AND the quality is great. I have 2 full size applicators and 1 travel size. (via Amazon)