Parenting Items that Have an Outrageous Number of Five Star Reviews

Shannon Quinn - July 9, 2022
Munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper pail snap. Credit: Amazon


Amazon Dad Review had this to say, “No frills, just works. Over the last few years I have tried 5 different diaper pails from all the top brands and the Munchkin always comes out on top. I like the larger version for when the kids are smaller, but as they get closer to potty training I like the compact version. They hold the smell in amazing. The only downside is they seem to have about a 1 to 1 1/2 year shelf life before something breaks (usually the gear thing on the lid) or the plastic starts to permanently hold the smell.” (via Amazon)

The First Years stack up baby cups. Credit: Amazon

8. The First Years Stack Up Baby Cups

An Amazon customer named Jess C. said, “If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT. Hands down, no question. These cups are frickin’ amazing and versatile. Light enough for young babies to handle, sturdy enough for older babies and toddlers to beat on, no sharp corners, compact and easy to travel with, and they make a really satisfying clattering noise when you knock them down, unlike those soft blocks. Yeah, I hear you saying, “Oh, they’re just a bunch of stupid plastic cups. How exciting could they possibly be? What do you even DO with them??” Everything. Just buy them. Your kid will know what to do.” (via Amazon)

Sassy stacks of circles stacking ring. Credit: Amazon

7. Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring

An Amazon customer named Vlad said, “Got this one for my son, to help with stacking. He has special needs and stacking was one of the areas he was struggling with. During his OT they used a variant of this stacker with a lot of success, so while I was still at their office, I ordered one. So far, so good. He likes it, specially the red ring with yellow dots. He also liked the one with the beads inside. The rings are made out of plastic and appear to be durable. Update: They are very durable. Over a year has passed and they are still going strong.” (via Amazon)

SoCozy Curl spray leave in conditioner. Credit: Amazon

6. SoCozy Curl Spray Leave in Conditioner

An Amazon customer named Taylor Rose said, “This leave in conditioner has been amazing not only for my 18 month old’s curls, but my hair as well! It smells amazing, is very hydrating, and is well worth all of the hype it gets! I have seen a few negative reviews about alcohol being a main ingredient, but the agent being used is Ceteral alcohol and this is actually a HYDRATING agent that’s used in a lot of beauty products. People see the word alcohol and immediately assume it is drying, BUT the chemical composition of this specific alcohol is great for hair that needs more moisture! I just felt the need to write this review because I have looked for a great hair detangler/leave-in for so long (and have even used luxury products) and this one has been our favorite by far :)” (via Amazon)

Learning resources time activity. Credit: Amazon

5. Learning Resources Time Activity

An Amazon customer called D Graham said, “As a teacher, I fully recommend the set. My daughter is in grade 2 and still hasn’t been taught how to tell time at school; I was tired of constantly telling her the time. She got the set as a Christmas gift and after two 15 minute lessons she is able to tell time to the minute using the set. Using our real analog clock, that doesn’t have each individual seconds labeled, she’s accurate about 80% of the time. This is because the set includes not only the clock, but also whiteboard clocks where she writes in the digital and analog time. We used her school schedule and the included picture cards to write accurate times for each day’s activity.” (via Amazon)

LeapFrog learning friends 100 words book. Credit: Amazon

4. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

An Amazon customer named Breen said, “Honestly we are minimalist people. Hate most of the plastic crap. And the repetition of most kids’ toys make you crazy. I can update the review long term for its endurance/longevity. My kiddo’s are 3&1, one talking vigorously and the other learning the language/single words but building her vocabulary. These things are awesome! So easy for the kids to use and learn on their own. The screen is very sensitive & responsive but great. The kids can easily check their knowledge very easily. I literally want to buy one for every niece & nephew & friend w a toddler – which there is MANY! The device has a system that reads when you turn the page and announces the new subject matter. Me & my doubtful man were immediately impressed. And it does the whole thing in espanol too! It’s a winner! Well done LeapFrog!” (via Amazon)

Hatch baby rest sound machine. Credit: Amazon

3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

An Amazon customer named Kaitlin had this to say, “Are you an anal retentive mother like me? Then boy, do I have the product for you! I spent a lot of time researching sound machines and initially purchased this for our newborn. It worked great for nighttime feedings as you can adjust the light brightness from your phone. Have a big blowout that occurred at 2am? Fear not. This light will get you through that change without having to wake the baby with bright overhead lights.

Now, I schedule my children’s daily feedings and naps Kate Gosselin style, so this sound machine fits the bill. You can program it for certain times of the day and train your children to see the light and act accordingly. There are other cool features such as simply touching it with your finger to turn on and you can play your favorite settings all with the touch of a finger.” (via Amazon)

Graco Pack n Play LiteTraveler LX Playard. Credit: Graco Baby.

2. Graco Pack 'n Play LiteTraveler LX Playard

An Amazon customer had this to say, “Ok so! This is the best outdoor/indoor playpen ever. It’s a great size, the flooring is slightly padded but not enough for my liking – so I purchased something else to soften the blow. This playpen also comes with half a canopy! The best part about it is that you can remove the canopy around it to block out the sun. I always placed a netting around the playpen to avoid bugs coming in. But this is legit the best- I would just also buy another floor mat if your child is still learning to sit/crawl/walk etc.” (via Amazon)

Baby bum brush. Credit: Amazon

1. Baby Bum Brush

A customer named Ciat had this to say: “At the beginning of my third pregnancy I walked down the aisles looking at all the new gizmos and gadgets for babies. What a silly thing, right? Who can’t just use the good old free finger technique (ew)? Then we had MONTHS of ear infections. In case you aren’t familiar: ear infections = antibiotics = explosive stool. Because I was going through so much diaper rash cream, I began buying in the large jars. Have you ever tried to stick your hand in a jar of diaper rash cream? You do not leave said jar unscathed. This product is soft for babies bums and it is flexible for the hard to reach areas of the jar. This product is so easy to clean AND the quality is great. I have 2 full size applicators and 1 travel size. (via Amazon)