People Reveal the Moment Their Partner Was Caught Cheating on Them

Shannon Quinn - April 13, 2021

Being cheated on is one of the most difficult things anyone could ever experience. This takes years to heal before you can trust and open up your heart to someone new again. Cheating often happens when someone is not able to be honest with their own feelings. Or, they’re a coward or can’t end the relationship in a healthy way. Sometimes, they’re going through a midlife crisis and believe some temporary fling will fulfill whatever they feel missing in their soul. But don’t worry. In the end, karma always finds a way to get them back. Sometimes, people are blindsided by their partner cheating, because they never see it coming. But the majority of the time, the signs are there that your partner is seeing someone else. On Reddit, people shared their personal stories of how their partner was caught cheating.

This woman got on the plane and never came back. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Ghosted and Robbed Blind

A Reddit user by the name of DocHoliday tells the tragic story of how his ex-girlfriend took everything he had, and then ghosted him. “Classic love at first sight. ‘I love you’ after 2 weeks, moved in together after 2 months, engaged after 6. We had been together for 4 years. Left my rent control bachelor pad and picked a bigger apartment so she could have her art studio. We really loved each other. As cliche as it sounds, we completed each other. She goes to ComiCon in NYC for work, and I helped her pack. I dropped her off at the airport. Everything was fine. No signs of anything. She should be back in 4 days, but she never came back home. Totally ghosted. I freak out that she may be dead, just to find myself blocked on everything: email, phone, social media.”

Everything I know is due to the unpaid bills she left behind. Found one particular NYC area code over and over on the call history. She met him on San Diego Comic Con a few months before and methodically put together a plan to abandon me while taking as much as she could to NYC. She maxed out credit cards to furnish their new home. It was too late for me to cancel everything. I had to log in and see all purchases made with my money for a house I will never live in. It was a good 6 months of blackout drunk, Tinder and overall self loathing. She took around $7,000, and this took me over a year of living paycheck to paycheck to get all balances to zero.

This woman caught her man cheating during her ultrasound appointment. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Caught Cheating During the Ultrasound

A woman named Axel Prose tells a horrifying story about how she caught her ex cheating. “Very unhealthy relationship. He was emotionally very abusive and I was in a terrible place with my mental health. I found out at the ultrasound to determine the gender of our child. He was late and I was noodling on Facebook waiting to be called into the doctor’s office. He was tagged in some photos in my news feed from a gig he’d been at on the previous weekend. Random lass was in all the photos of him and they were all over each other. Also they were making out in the background of one photo. He turned up after I was called in. While the technician was printing the images of our baby, I told him I knew about the cheating.”

“He went off about how I was making it up, he’d never do that, obviously I was lying to compensate for cheating on him and so on. When I pointed out there were photos on Facebook, he stormed out and left me there. My Dad had turned up during the appointment, because he anticipated that my ex would react badly if we were having a girl. Which he did. That was scattered through the cheating denials. My dad took me home. I considered us broken up at that point and stopped all contact except texts related to the pregnancy. Mostly I was relieved. I had concrete evidence that it wasn’t in my head and I finally managed to escape that relationship.”

Her husband was caught cheating, so she made him wear his lover’s panties. Credit: Shutterstock

28. Panties Don’t Lie

A woman named LyByChick tells the story of how she figured out her husband was cheating on her, and the tiny act of revenge she took as a result. “He went to Hawaii for a business trip. My kids and I wanted to go to Hawaii too, but he insisted that we couldn’t come. Like a good wife, I packed his clothes before he left and unpacked his dirty laundry when he returned home. I found a tiny pair of white cotton panties in his suitcase. He had recently dropped over 100 pounds. When I confronted him about the panties, he played it off that he had bought them for himself. They had no label, and were simple bikinis. So theoretically, they could have been men’s as well.”

“It did sort of explain the pretty brunette that followed him off the plane. At the airport, she kept looking at my kids and I at the luggage carousel. What an ass to make his side piece come face to face with his wife and kids. As a tiny act of revenge, I made sure he wore those tiny panties at least once a week for the remaining few months we were together. I set out his clothes everyday and he couldn’t protest, since he pretended they were his.”

caught cheating
When a girl realized her best friend was cheating on her fiancee, she contacted him to let him know. Credit: Shutterstock

27. Friends Caught Her Cheating

A Reddit user and veteran named HippyGeek shares his story about how his fiancee cheated on him while he was away. But this girl’s best friend was actually a good person, and tried to let him know before his heart was broken. “I was in the Navy and was out on deployment for 6 months after just recently getting engaged. (It’s one of those stupid things that young military guys do). One day I got a letter from my fiancee’s best friend telling me that she caught my fiancee and her boyfriend together. (This was years before email and smartphones were common). We write back and forth several times and eventually it comes out how she caught them, how my fiancee begged her not to tell me, and that the fiancee didn’t know that we were corresponding.”

“I eventually got back to the States and planned to play it off as though I didn’t know. But too many of my friends intercepted me with the news. It wasn’t just the one guy, but several, and let me know that she knew that I was aware. Eventually we met, and the confrontation was minimal and tame. We broke off the engagement without a lot of drama. She kept the ring. The best friend and I ended up hooking up, at first as sort of a revenge kinda thing, but turned serious. We celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this year.”

Aww! We love a happy ending. And it’s good to know that this guy’s friends were looking out for him while he was deployed.

This girl was glued to her phone before she was caught cheating. Credit: Shutterstock

26. All The Signs Were There That She Was Having an Affair

This next story comes from a Reddit user called Nav17. “Four years ago, I was dating a girl who became distant and disinterested in a lot of things we both enjoyed together. Despite attempts to talk about it, she only grew more distant. Then, she became less available to hang out and suddenly was working late a lot. I started getting suspicious about cheating when she was on her phone nonstop. Again I tried to talk about it but she wouldn’t engage. She also just didn’t want to break up with me for whatever reason.”

“I was actually going to end it on my own. But one weekend when she was seemingly unavailable, some mutual friends who work with her told me they spotted her with a dude from her work. They were all over each other. Coincidentally, she had also lent me her iPad, and it was synced to her phone. So I saw lots of texts between those two over that weekend. They were talking about running away together. He was married and her supervisor. The coworkers who spotted them reported them to HR. They were both forced to do training on not sleeping with coworkers, and they were both denied promotion. His wife left him, and she moved overseas to escape the humiliation. Sucked at the time. I was devastated, but karma got them good.”

This woman received anonymous phone calls for years from her ex. Credit: Shutterstock

25. She Caught Her Husband Cheating. Then He Stalked Her For 8 Years.

A woman named aaerlevsedi on Reddit tells the story of a traumatic experience with her ex-husband. “We got married when I was 17, and he was 21. He was shipping off to sea, and I was escaping a bad home life. After 6 months, he gained weight on purpose to fail his physicals so he’d get kicked out of the Navy. Fast forward a year. I’m working full time, and he is sitting at home, watching anime and drinking during the day. He told me that he was applying to jobs. I was applying to universities when my laptop died on me. I asked to use his to finish an application. While doing so, a message popped up on his Facebook. A topless pic from his ex. I was shocked and opened it to find that they’d been cheating for over a year.”

“He made a bunch of pitiful excuses. My friends came to the house that day and kicked him out while I went to work. He stalked me for the next few years. In emails and calls from blocked numbers, he told me that ‘a restraining order is just a piece of paper’ and ‘our vows before God made me his property’. Then he bought a gun, and started telling our friends that ‘if he can’t have me no one can.’ I told everyone conflicting information about where I was going, and moved states. I deleted all my personal social media accounts and lived in fear. Online, I watched as he continued to post memes on Facebook about how he loved his wife. It took 8 years for me to finally get the divorce from him.”

This woman found out her husband had another wife through Facebook photos. Credit: Shutterstock

24. Tagged Photos on Facebook

This next story by LoLo2020 is short, impactful. Reading this just feels like a punch in the gut. “I found a picture on Facebook of him with a newborn baby, captioned by the other woman, “Handsome husband and cute baby, I’m so proud”. We’d been together for 9 years and our kids were 6 and 8.”

Ouch. Most of these liars at least try to make a secondary social media account, but this guy had the audacity to keep the same Facebook and somehow juggle two wives.

These school girls felt creepy vibes, which led to someone caught cheating on their husband. Credit: Shutterstock

23. Cheater Almost Arrested For Something Much Worse

This was posted by a Reddit user called Jininxica2. This story sounds like it’s about something much worse than someone who’s cheating. “We lived in a trailer park cul-du-sac. My friend pointed out this guy who would slowly drive up and down the street. Then, he would sit in his car near the bus stop. The kids, mostly girls, would be waiting by the bus stop while he sat in his car. He was holding his phone up by his face, which made it look like he was taking pictures of us. Needless to say, this freaked us out. This made my friend think that he was a predator stalking us little girls. We both told our parents.”

“The next time we got home from school, he was waiting at the bus stop. My dad walked up to his car with a bat, and my mom called the police. The cops arrived. TURNS OUT….My neighbor was cheating on her husband with this dude. Since we thought he was creeping on us kids, he got caught in the affair. My parents didn’t explain this to me until years later. They just told me that he wasn’t stalking us. As for the woman having an affair, her husband found out. He was pretty pissed, and moved out. The guy she was cheating with also stopped coming around, because of the whole ‘these kids thought you were stalking them’ stuff.”

His girlfriend was caught cheating at a party. He tried to forgive her, but it traumatized him for life. Credit: Shutterstock

22. He Didn’t See it Coming, and the Scars Cut Deep

Cheating can hurt a lot more when you fully, deeply trusted your partner. You were absolutely sure they would never cheat on you, and then they do. It makes you question your own judgement, which takes a long time to rectify. A Redditor named ChapInGrillSGT tells this story: “My best friend was friends with my girlfriend and her roommates. Word got to my friend about her bringing some dude home after a party and my friend eventually spilled to me. As she said ‘I really don’t want to tell you this and I know this will crush you, but I can’t keep this from you.’ After she dropped the bomb I was like, ‘Hell no! That would never happen!’ and then I confronted my girlfriend about it that night. She broke down and confessed everything.”

“I stayed with that girl for another 7 months and God bless my friend for sticking by my side and supporting the whole way. When I finally ended things, my best friend was still there to support me and care for me. I haven’t dated anyone for longer than 6 months since that happened 7 years ago…It was a rough few years at first but I’ve found my joys and hobbies and have gotten comfortable with myself. I’ve learned to love myself and enjoy the life I have. If a lady wants to join me on the adventure, that’s great. But I’m happy with who I am and where I am.”

This guy caught his girlfriend cheating on him with someone she met at the bar. Credit: Shutterstock

21. Red Flags Everywhere

This Redditor BagHolder11 gave his girlfriend the freedom to go out with her friends. Normally, this is a healthy thing to do in a relationship. But it ended up becoming his undoing. “My ex would frequent this bar close to our place. I rarely went, because I just wasn’t a fan of her drinking buddies. One night she went out with a new couple. I decided to head to the bar to join them. As I walk in, I see my girlfriend sitting at the bar with the couple, and a man I had never seen before. As soon as I made eye contact with my girlfriend, she had this strange look on her face. She talked to the guy sitting next to her, and he immediately got up and left. I felt something strange right away, but I brushed it off as me being irrational.

I stayed for an hour and headed home, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. So I checked her new friend’s Facebook page. Sure enough, the man at the bar was friends with him. I knew his name now. The next weekend, she went out drinking again and didn’t return home at 4 am. Another day, she came home at 7 am. Finally, I decided to check her phone while she was in the shower. She kept all of the messages with this same guy. Some pretty telling information in the text thread. While she was still showering, I grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and headed to my best friend’s house. Twenty minutes later I get a phone call with her going crazy about me leaving. I told her that if she wasn’t moved out by Monday the police would be there to force her out.

Cheating affects your children. Credit: Shutterstock

20. A Child’s Perspective When Their Parent Cheats

A child’s perspective on cheating from FuzzBeebs. This isn’t my story, but my parents. My mom had a boyfriend when my parents met, and she broke up with him to be with my dad. Fast forward ten years or so my parents are married with two kids: my older brother and me. Anyway, she travels for work semi-often and she started taking trips to see her “friend” in Chicago. My dad was really irritable on these weekends. I think I was about twelve when I realized what was going on, when I used to sit at the top of the stairs and listen to my parents argue. It’s always just been a part of my life that my mom lies. Still is. My dad used to beg me to not say anything to her because he was desperate to keep the family together.

One day, during the summer after I graduated high school, I came home from work to find my mom in the garage loading up her car. I asked her why and she got quiet for a moment and said “well… I’m moving out.” I just went inside. Later she texted my dad that she had moved to her brother’s house. That’s how he found out. They were married for twenty years and she sent him a f-ing text message. I don’t know if she was planning on telling me at all if I hadn’t happened to come home when I did, or if she would have just disappeared.

What an idiot. Credit: Shutterstock.

19. The ‘Naked Woman Followed Me Home’ Defense

A woman named SunglassesBright on Reddit tells the story of how she caught her boyfriend with another woman. “I was at work and tried to call my boyfriend, but he wasn’t answering even after a few hours. So I just got a horrible feeling. It stressed me out so badly for some reason that I started to cry and my boss let me go home early. The whole way home, I just kept feeling serious dread. Walked in the house and into my bedroom, and he was laying in bed half-clothed with some naked chick. Obviously, a huge blow up went down.”

“After everything settled, this motherf- tried to tell me that he went to the movies alone and met her there and she ‘followed him home.’ Like, even if I believe that this person just followed you home and got naked, you let her do it. So what’s the purpose of saying that to me? It was a shi- abusive relationship, and it didn’t even end then. I eventually broke up with him but not on the spot like I should have. If I could change anything about my life, it would be that I wish I broke up with that guy sooner. That was over ten years ago though!”

The boyfriend’s ridiculous excuse was so funny, it was enough to create a chain of clever jokes in the comments. Thankfully, time and laughter can heal all wounds. Sunglasses Bright responded, “Your responses are f- hilarious! I have never laughed so much about this situation!”

This woman caught her husband cheating with socks. Credit: Shutterstock

18. Soccer Socks

This story by imarangatu is short and sweet, but it gets the job done. This woman figured out a very clever way to catch her husband in his lies about going to so many “soccer games”. (That’s football, for you Europeans out there.)

“A friend of mine was suspicious of her husband cheating, as he went to ‘play soccer with friends’ way too often. He always came home freshly showered. This was suspicious, since he normally came home sweaty after playing. One day she sewed his soccer socks together, and when he came back all showered she saw the socks were still sewed, so he wasn’t playing soccer at all. She later confronted him and he was indeed cheating. “

Texts from your phone usually show up on your Apple Watch. Credit: Shutterstock

17. Remember That Texts Sync to Your Apple Watch

A Reddit user named RandyJohnson figured out his ex was cheating through the help of technology. “This first started back in December right before we went on a holiday trip to see my family. She started acting somewhat off, kinda distant, and easily aggravated. I had a suspicion that something was going on and I’m embarrassed to admit that I snooped on her iwatch. Found some incriminating texts she had with a friend, so I confronted her in January. She tells me that she kissed a guy that she works with and that was it. We were having some issues in our relationship and I chose to forgive her and we decided to try working on some of the issues we were having.”

“Well, fast forward to this past May…She breaks down that she wasn’t honest with me and that she had actually slept with this other dude. We split afterwards, but we had been together 8 years and had been engaged for almost 2 years. Our wedding date was supposed to be yesterday. It’s still killing me. I don’t even know where to go from here. 2020 can go eat a d-.”

He had a secret second family. Credit: Shutterstock

16. The Secret Family Overseas Leads to a Tragic Ending

A Reddit user called SuperGurlToTheRescue has a heartbreaking story about how she found out her husband was cheating, and was also a bigamist. “I was married. Out of the blue while at work I get an email that says (husbands name) ‘s wife. When I open the email it lists off a name and says (husbands name) married to her. Check on Facebook. English was not her first language, this was overseas. So what I do and what do I see? Tons and tons and tons of pictures of a woman with my husband. The woman, her family, and kids with my husband.”

“I was stunned to say the least. It was October 6th 2017, which was 7 months after I almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. Yep, we were trying at that point to have kids. After work, I went home and started throwing all of his stuff in the dumpster. He was out of town at the time so I had plenty of time to do it. Spent all of Saturday and Sunday throwing EVERYTHING he owned in the dumpster. A month later I moved to a new apartment and waited until then to tell him I was divorcing him. He then killed himself a few months later.”

This story from the 90’s has several crazy coincidences. Credit: Shutterstock

15. Destiny Stepped In

Through a series of synchronicities, the universe revealed that FueGodieGo‘s fiancée was cheating. “The story happened in the very early 1990’s. My fiancée Meg had one semester left of college with an internship in Belgium. I stayed home, because the plan was that I would set up our house. When she returned that summer, she would move in, and we would set a date for our wedding. While Meg was in Europe, she called every couple of weeks, and sent me letters. I moved into a brownstone, bought furniture, etc. About two weeks before Meg was supposed to return, I stopped into a nearby coffee house. To my surprise my childhood neighbor, Claire, was a waitress there. We hadn’t seen each other since high school. Claire was engaged to a man named Ben. He was completing his internship in Belgium, too. Crazy, right?”

“A couple days later, I stopped in for a cup of coffee and Claire looked upset. She told me that she had gotten a call from her Aunt Sue the day before. Aunt Sue was touring Europe, and she ran into Claire’s fiancée, Ben, in a hotel lobby with a female companion named Meg. Claire called Ben, and he admitted that he had been seeing Meg the entire time. I called my fiancée, and point blank asked Meg if she was dating Ben. I didn’t even explain how I knew about it. At first, she acted like I was insane. But then eventually admitted it. To this day I revel in how many utterly astounding factors of complete random coincidence went into Meg and Ben. They later married, then later divorced after he cheated on her. The universe works in incredible and mysterious ways.”

Technology is behind how this woman was caught cheating. Credit: Shutterstock

14. Notifications from the iPad and Nest Security System Is Why His Wife was Caught Cheating

A man named JuiceGooseBoost caught his wife cheating through modern technology. “My wife was a dog walker, and would go out on late night walks. The pictures from her phone were synced to the kid’s iPad. One day, my daughter asked me, ‘Daddy, who is this?’ I left with the kids to go see my mom. After she denies it, I get a Nest notification that there’s movement in the apartment. Open the app, the guy is there. Got to hear and watch them have sex. I could only sit and breathe very heavily in anger. I called her, and she denies it. She says she’s at work, even though I could see her live through the Nest camera. I found out who he was through her Facebook likes. Messaged him with all of our family pictures. He just sent a thumbs up and blocked me.

“Then I found his business website ironically, as a life coach. Email him, he writes a huge apology email saying she lied to him. I tried to forgive her for the kids. But then, on a Saturday morning, I want to take the kids to the park. She has to “work.” Still has her iPad synced to her phone. We get back, kids want to FaceTime grandma. I opened the app, I saw she called him when she was at work. Finally fesses up. Huge fight, then she blames me, saying a wife with a good husband wouldn’t cheat. Then she hits me in front of the kids, throws my phone and keys off a fourth floor balcony. I moved out. It sucks because I have to deal with her the rest of my life for the kids.”

What an idiot. Shutterstock.

13. Alpha Single

A young woman named Pocket_Ninja456 noticed texts coming on on her boyfriend’s phone was all it took for him to be caught cheating. “I looked at his phone when it went off and saw it was a young girl. Typical conversation like, ‘hey how was your day?’ sort of stuff. When he came back I asked him who she was. He blew up and began yelling at me that I was invading his space and he has a right to talk to whomever he wants. When I asked, I wasn’t even assuming that he was cheating. But he ran out of the room and deleted the messages. I followed and asked if that was his dealer, since I thought he was planning to relapse on heroin. He was still super defensive and began arguing with me. So I got up and left.”

“This fighting went on for a few weeks, and I just wanted us to go back to normal. Then, he finally admitted he cheated. All I wanted for us to stay together was an apology. Our final phone conversation I said, ‘Please just apologize. You don’t even have to mean it, I just want us back together again!’ (Mind you, I was NOT in a good place emotionally and self esteem wise.) Divine intervention must have struck me because his response was, ‘I’m an alpha male, and alpha males do what they want.’ And I was so blown away by how far I’d fallen in respecting myself that the first thing I said was, ‘Well you alpha single now.’ I do regret looking at his phone. But I don’t regret that it pushed me out of a failing relationship.”

This woman found out that her ex was spending hundreds of dollars on cam girls. Credit: Shutterstock

12. He Gave Away Half Her Monthly Salary Paying For Nude Pictures

A woman who goes by the name of PMMelreses on Reddit describes her toxic relationship. “Boyfriend asked me to look for something on his computer. I couldn’t find it at first. While waiting for clear instructions, I see a message in the corner talking about how she misses him or whatever. I was curious what she was talking about when she sent a picture. Weird. Well I clicked on it. Through Facebook, he had been talking to 100+ women. All of them are either sending him pictures of their bodies or thanking him for the money. I’m sorry, what now?”

“Digging further into it, there’s a link. It’s to some money sending site similar to PayPal. I click to see the history. It shows 4 total pages. 20 items per page. We’ve been together for 15 years. We have a child. I’m on disability, he doesn’t work. He’s sent over $500 usd in exchange for nude pictures. That’s over half my monthly paycheck. I’m furious. I’ve literally told him, watch porn, talk to other women, I don’t care. He’s lied saying he’s never talked to anyone before while he’s lying the entire time. The best part is we broke up, I got cancer, he moved back in, all while doing this. For over 7 years.”

A visitor revealed the fact that her husband was having an affair. Credit: Shutterstock

11. A Knock on the Door

A Reddit user who calls herself Headcase-and-a-half tells the story of the day she found out her husband was cheating. “June 1, 2018. Normal day. A Friday. My husband had kissed me goodbye and gone to work. I was cleaning the house for a friend who was coming to stay the weekend. The doorbell rang. There was a man at my door who introduced himself as the husband of a woman who my husband worked with. He was there to tell me that my husband and his wife were having an affair. Six months prior, this man caught them, and told his wife that she had to end the affair.

“He thinks that she did end it…for about three months. But then they started up again. When he found out they were at it again, he called my husband (because he knew if he confronted him in person, he’d be in a jail cell for what he’d have done). On the phone, he told my husband to leave his wife alone or else he would come and tell me everything that was happening. Apparently, my husband thought that he was bluffing. So I was literally the last to know. My husband never came home again. He got an AirBnB and a lawyer. The divorce was December 21, 2018. We had been together for 24 years. Still hurts.”

This woman found her man with someone else upstairs. Credit: Shutterstock

10. A Noise Upstairs

A woman named dddalllasss tells a horrifying story of the night she discovered her fiancé with another woman. “I owned a house with my fiancé. One night, I woke up and he wasn’t in bed. I went searching. His truck and another vehicle were in the driveway. Then, I went upstairs and found the guest bedroom was locked. After barging my way in… I found him with another woman in bed. That bed happened to be my childhood bed.”

“He forced me out of the room… literally grabbed me by the neck and pushed me out and closed the door back. I knew I couldn’t do anything at that point, so I called his parents who lived a few blocks away. His dad showed up and another fight broke out. I ended up leaving and staying with his parents until dawn, and moved out that weekend. We let the house foreclose, and I never looked back. Nine years later, it’s finally off my credit report. I’m happily married to an amazing man and we own a beautiful home together.”

Condoms went missing for years, and yet they didn’t consider this as being caught cheating. Credit: Shutterstock

9. The Missing Condoms Add Up

A man on Reddit who goes by the name Affable-Moon tells the story of how he found out about his fiancée’s affair. “In a relationship for 6 years, and I broke up one month before our wedding because I found out my fiancée had cheated on me. Two years into my relationship, lots of suspicious little acts kept adding up. The biggest one being that I found some condoms were missing from my drawer. I confronted my fiancée, and I was very sad, angry, and confused. She denied any affair. Four years went by. About a month before our wedding, she broke down and confessed that she had indeed slept with her ex boyfriend at the time. That broke my heart. I had always had a bad feeling that she had been lying to me over the years.”

“She also had an undying jealousy towards all of my friends who are women; clearly projecting. It hurt that she had cheated on me, but hurt way worse that she lied to me for four years. I’m grateful that she told me before the wedding. We called it off due to the mistrust, amongst many other things that weren’t going well in our relationship. I genuinely believe that she was going through some really heavy emotional turmoil. So I don’t take it so personally. With that said, I have cut off all communication to her because I simply could not trust her after that. All’s well that ends well; and have met the love of my life, and we plan to get married as soon as this Covid-19 takes a hike and it’s safe to gather in groups again.”

This woman was the last person in her social circle to find out her husband was having an affair. Credit: Shutterstock

8. The Last to Know

A woman on Reddit called EndlessNite tells her tragic story of how her husband was cheating on her. “I was 8 months pregnant with our second child. He wanted to go visit his brother for the weekend. I understood why he’d want to go alone, because a new baby really makes it hard to spend quality time. But I asked if he could take our 3-year-old son so he could see his grandma and cousins. He said they were planning on drinking, shooting, and hunting with his brother, and wasn’t sure it would be a good idea for our son to be around. I agreed and he left for the weekend. After he left, I got a call from his best friend telling me that he’ll be in town for the weekend, and he wanted to meet up with my husband.”

“My husband was terrible at answering his phone. I told him unfortunately my husband was visiting back home for the whole weekend, so it was bad timing. His best friend then said ‘Ok, I’m going to call you back’, and hung up very abruptly. Turns out my husband and his best friend’s wife had been caught cheating a few months previously. His best friend gave them a chance to make it right…I don’t know why. He threatened to tell me if they didn’t stop. Well, they didn’t stop and he told me. The worst part was that my husband’s entire family knew and never told me. These people were my family for 5 years and nothing. It’s been almost 10 years now and I’m so much happier but it was definitely an eye opening experience.”

This woman found out her husband was involved in a secret threesome. Credit: Shutterstock

7. The Secret Threesome

A Redditor who goes by the name of Shomzy told the story of how one phone call changed everything. “The husband of one of the women he was cheating on me with called me at work. At first I didn’t believe him and hung up. How could the man I spent the past 8 years with do something so hurtful? Still a part of me had doubt. He had affairs in other relationships. We also had a rocky patch early in the beginning where I suspected an affair but didn’t have proof. I told my boss I felt sick and had to leave early.”

“I called this guy back and found out that my ex and his wife along with one of their friends were all sleeping together in a threesome for about a year. He had confronted my ex and told him that he was going to tell me. But my ex convinced him to wait a month since my mother had just died. I took my time coming home and confronted him and told him to pack and leave. Since then, I’ve pieced together a lot of what happened and all the lies he told me. If I was in a different headspace I might have caught on to the affairs earlier. I also found videos hidden on one of our computers. He was having booty calls in our apartment while my daughter was home. At that point, it put the headstone on any possibility of reconciliation.

It started with an affair with a coworker. Credit: Shutterstock

6. This Leech Wasn’t Even Subtle About Having an Affair

In this story by JustPartOfTheTerrain, her husband barely tried to hide his affair. “My now ex husband casually mentioned that his coworker (a woman) was having marriage difficulties. I told him at that point to be careful because she might be using him as her reason to end her marriage. Maybe a month goes by and he decides to go on a long road trip ‘to do his own thing’. On his way out of the house he asks me, ‘Do I look okay?’ Since he talked about his coworker so much, I had put a keylogger on his PC. Sure enough, they were together on the road trip, and he was telling her about all the nice things he wanted to buy her. I called her husband. He filed for divorce right away. But I forgave my husband and tried to work it out.”

“Several years later, my husband starts staying up later after I go to bed, and gets up before me. Again, I get those concerns he’s cheating. I check the phone bill and there are so many calls to this one number. This time I didn’t try to work it out. He had been unemployed for 2 years, claimed he was looking for a job, and did zero around the house. This time, he denied the affair. But I just said it didn’t matter. I wanted a divorce. Turns out I was right, and he moved in with her as soon as I filed. He even had the audacity to ask my lawyer for alimony. Last I heard from his sister, he still doesn’t work. He and his new wife live off of the divorce settlement she received from her ex-husband, which is now running out.”

He had so many wives. Credit: Shutterstock

5. This Woman Discovered Her Husband Was Juggling Multiple Wives

A Redditor who goes by the name ZomeZingOrOther tells this crazy story. “I had my suspicions. We were expats living in Singapore, and he was supposed to go out of town. Barely said goodbye to me or our 2 children. I looked out the window and saw him get into a woman’s car. Later I got a phone call from a woman who said she was his fiance. She worked for the airline and found that he was traveling with another woman. Later, I found a receipt for a high-end store in his briefcase. He told me that I was not even allowed to buy clothing for myself. They looked up the receipt and said ‘Oh yes Mr. Z, he was here with his Thai wife’. She looked up at me, waited a few beats, and then her face just fell.”

“The woman at the airline has two children with him, and Thai woman had one child with him. Keep in mind I hadn’t lived in the states for 10 years, and I didn’t have a driver’s license. I had no credit, and no money. Eventually I packed bags, hid them away and tried to figure out how to get back to the United States. He had the bright idea one day that I needed to go visit my parents, and bought me a one way ticket. I figured he was never going to let me come back. He married a Singaporean woman. I know for a fact he was engaged to someone else for 4 years while they were married. After scamming her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, he dumped her and moved to a different country. He is married again with two children.”

This guy was caught cheating with his secret snapchat account. Credit: Shutterstock

4. The Secret Snapchat

A user by the name of -Meow found out her boyfriend had a secret life on social media. “Hanging out with my boyfriend one day, I saw a message thread while he was on his computer on Snapchat to a group of friends. I noticed it was not the same Snapchat I had for him. I didn’t say anything at that moment, but remembered the username. Later, I decided to try to log in to his account. Voila, the same password he used for everything worked. There were HUNDREDS of chats with different women. I scrolled through the messages and realized this dated back for around 3 years. Even on my birthday and our anniversaries- days where he spent the entire day with me- he still managed to do this behind my back.”

“I called him and demanded he come talk to me. When he arrived, I confronted him. He panicked and immediately started apologizing. Livid, I took his phone and drove to my best friend’s house. There, I found he had signed up for every dating app available with messages from multiple women on all of them. My boyfriend posted videos of himself jerking off on Vine and even responded to local Craigslist ads for sex. He desperately tried to redeem himself, changed his number, cleared his phone and got a flip phone. But you can’t come back from that kind of damage. The entire 4 year relationship, I had absolutely no idea. He never did anything sketchy, and we rarely fought. I was so in love with him. Turns out, of course, he was just great at hiding everything. I never saw it coming.”

She named her other boyfriend “Jennifer” in her phone. Credit: Shutterstock

3. She Clearly Wasn’t Raised Right

A Redditor called Guy_Code realized that his college girlfriend never broke up with her ex from back home. “College girlfriend and we lived together for a year. I realized she would always have her phone on silent or just plain ignore calls from ‘Jennifer.’ One day I wrote down the number and called it a week later. It ends up being her high school boyfriend who she had never broken up with before she came to college. Neither of us knew about each other.”

“She had been visiting him when she went home to see her parents on some weekends and breaks. I broke up with her soon after. Her mom even had the audacity to reach out to me and say that ‘Sometimes you just have to accept things.’ And how I owed her daughter an apology for breaking up with her. It got worse, but that was the gist.”

This man’s ex ended up in a pyramid scheme. So she got what she deserved. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Being Caught Up in a Pyramid Scheme is Her True Karma

This next story by EBone12355 is actually hilarious. “Walked in on my girlfriend while she was having sex with another guy. ‘What are you doing here?!’ she says. ‘You gave me a key, remember? I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you.’ 15 years later she reaches out, leaving me a message that she’d like to talk. I figure she’s doing some 12-step thing or something and wants to make amends. Nope. She wanted to try and sell me on Amway.”

Instead of his powerpoint presentation, something very different appeared from his SD card. Credit: Shutterstock

1. And The Winner For Worst Cheating Story Goes To…

A Redditor named DMukai tells a story of how one of his coworkers found out his wife was cheating in the most humiliating way possible. “One of my former co-workers loaded in a SD card with a scanned project file on it. He put it into the conference room, PC and we were treated to naked pics of his wife fucking another guy. We were just stunned. This was in a senior budgetary meeting with the outside accountants and auditors. He was sitting right there and we were looking at his wife and another guy going at it.”

“I reached over and shut the projector off. Nobody said anything. He got up and walked out and drove off in his car. Left his cell phone and laptop sitting on the table. He wound up driving to his parents house 3 states away. He was gone for a week.”