People Share Stories of The Worst House Guests They Ever Had

Shannon Quinn - December 22, 2022
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He Invited a Friend Over Their House to Watch the Game And She Stole All of Their Food

Last but not least, we have what is possibly the most infuriating stories of all, which comes from a user named YeahCallMeStevo. “This reminds me so much of something that happened to me a few years back. I hosted a Sunday football game viewing, and bought all the pizzas and typical snacks foods. As the host, I just wanted people to bring themselves and not worry about having to bring anything. One of my friends comes by to just say hello for like 5 mins. She ended up taking 2 entire pizzas and she even brought her own Tupperware containers to take back dips, chips, wings, and cookies… So that she and her boyfriend could eat it at her own place while watching THE SAME EXACT FOOTBALL GAME THAT WE WERE WATCHING AT MY PLACE.”