Plant These Flowers and Trees to Turn Your Garden into a Dreamland

Trista - June 20, 2020
Sunflowers are a favorite among nearly everyone because they can brighten up your garden quickly. Shutterstock.


Sunflowers are a common plant in North America and many other parts around the world. They’re best known for their unique personality, which makes them look down when the sun isn’t shining on them. Some people will state that they look sad because their warmth has been taken away. But, once the sun beats down on them again, they look up with praise.

Sunflowers can grow several feet tall, but the tallest one ever recorded reached a height of 30 feet. They have traveled into space, and many people feel they have healing powers.

You can’t have a dreamland garden without adding a few Love-Lies-Bleeding flowers. Shutterstock.


There are many names for this plant, but everyone’s favorite seems to be Love-Lies-Bleeding. They can grow between two to eight feet tall and from one to three feet wide. The size will depend on how fertile the soil is and how well you care for it. The best type of soil is well-drained, but they can handle nearly any kind.

No one knows where this flower originated, but it now lives in several areas of the world, especially in Central and South America.


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