Plant These Flowers and Trees to Turn Your Garden into a Dreamland

Trista - June 20, 2020

Many people believe that one of the best ways to find solace is by spending time in nature. This might make you think that you need to go on a hike or out to the mountains, but you can find the same sense of peace in your yard. All you need to do is create a space filled with nature, such as trees and flowers. You can add plants and grow vegetables as well. You can even add little garden gnomes or other features to make your area pop.

What you need to do is find a place in your yard (maybe you already have one) to make a garden. But you want to do more than just create an area where plants can grow. You want to make it into a dreamland. To do this, sit back and think about the best garden you can create. Do you have any decorations? Where is this spot in your yard? How big is it? What type of plants, flowers, and trees are there? There are dozens of beautiful flowers and trees available, but this list gives you several ideas to help turn your garden into a dreamland.

If you’re from South America, the Zygopetalum Orchid is familiar to you, but to many around the world, it’s a rare flower that can give their garden a beautifully unique look. Shutterstock.

Zygopetalum Orchid

One reason this flower is so popular is because of its unique look. While these orchids come in different colors, they also have different designs. People like to add this flower to their garden because it gives off one of the most potent fragrances.

While they can grow in different parts of the world and stand humid conditions, you do want to protect them from hot summer and freezing winter temperatures. Therefore, many people like to have them as hanging plants that they can bring inside when necessary. This type of planting also allows the orchid to hang a bit low, giving your garden or even home a beautiful look.

Liven up your garden with one of the world’s most beautiful lavender trees. Shutterstock.


Jacaranda are trees that initially come from South and Central America. They’re known as tropical trees because of their color and ability to live best in areas that remain warm for most of the year. However, many places have started to find the best locations for them because of their attractive and long-lasting pale indigo flowers.

The flowers are either lavender or blue and have a foot-long, pyramid shape. They grow in clusters, which give them the regular tree leaf look. You would think that they give off a strong fragrance, but you can hardly smell them. They also take at least a month to bloom once they are grown. When it comes to planting a Jacaranda, you can wait anywhere from seven to 25 years for the flowers to start blooming.

The Yarrow are lovely flowers to add a little elegance to your garden. Shutterstock.


The leaves of the Yarrow can grow between two to eight inches long. This plant originates from the northern hemisphere, such as Europe, Asia, and North America, but they’ve become so popular that you can find them nearly anywhere. The Yarrow is a favorite because it’s known to sustain many habitats, such as meadows, forests, mountains, coastal areas, and deserts.

This flower blooms between May and June. It gives off a sweet smell and attracts ladybugs and butterflies. There are several benefits, such as rheumatism, toothache, and sore throat.

Most expert gardeners like to have at least one Japanese Maple, but they’ll all tell you to do your homework first because they can be buggers to keep alive. Shutterstock.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is one of the most popular trees in many areas because it has about 1,000 variations. You could have a Japanese Maple near you and not even realize it. Many people see them as a bush, but they’re considered trees and can grow 20 to 25 feet tall, but most are smaller. The benefit is that these trees do grow about two feet a year once planted, which means you can watch them on every stage.

Japanese Maples can be challenging to grow because they’re picky when it comes to their location. They’re okay in the shade but can’t tolerate a lot of hot and humid climate. They’re lifespan is also impacted by poor soil, standing water, improper planting, drought, and disease.

Always make your garden feel like springtime with the lovely cherry trees. Shutterstock.

Cherry Tree

In Japanese culture, a Cherry tree is seen as a sign of hope and renewal. Part of this is because they bloom in the spring, which many people see as a season to start anew. But, Japan protects the Cherry tree more than other trees. There are around 200 species that are only found in the country. The downfall is these trees don’t usually live more than 16 to 20 years, though some have lived more than 25 years.

While most people think of Cherries, you can eat the leaves off of the trees. They’re often used in Japanese teas. It’s also seen as a symbol of friendship for many countries, especially between the United States and Japan. In fact, over one million people attend Washington D.C.’s annual Cherry Tree festival that now lasts for four weeks.

Foxgloves are known as a flower that’ll add a statement to your garden. Shutterstock.


Foxgloves are a unique flower for many reasons. First, they’re known to grow in a variety of colors and can withstand nearly every type of environment with some protection. Second, the petals look like tiny little bells that have small spotting. Third, they can easily grow up to six feet tall.

Foxgloves might not be one of the first flowers to bloom in your garden, as they come up during the early summer and not spring, but they can give your area a statement and make it different from any other garden around you.

Plant English Roses so you can sit out in your garden with a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful weather. Shutterstock.

English Rose

For many people, the name makes them want to plant them in their garden. Not only is it common to have several roses throughout your yard, but people enjoy the pink, warm color. Furthermore, the English Rose gives people the impression that your garden is meant for royalty. They also give off a pleasant fragrance that can mix with any other flower or tree.

The trick to growing the English rose is you want to find a sunny spot because they love to bask in the warmth. The sun’s rays give them their best color and smell. It’s almost like you’ll see your English Rose smile when the sun is beating down on them.

When you plant Wisteria, it’s like you’re standing under a tree that’s about to rain purple petals. Shutterstock.


If you love the color purple, you’ll love the Wisteria. It’s a unique tree that can give your garden a unique look, such as making it seem like you have a distinctive ceiling if it’s grown in a particular location and way. This notion is because they’re not a tree; they’re more of vines that will grow on certain things.

They can also live for hundreds of years. Many Wisterias are close to 200 years old in many places around the world. However, their average lifespan is about 50 to 100 years. When it comes to their maximum growth, they can reach 65 feet in height and 32 feet in width.

Add a little white purity into your garden with a Magnolia. Shutterstock.


Magnolias were first cultivated nearly 4,000 years ago and can grow 80 feet in height. They’re also known to reach about 30 to 50 feet in diameter. They have a special kind of leaf that’s dark green, oval-shaped, and covered with a layer of wax. They’re popular because of the flowers that bloom on them, which come before the leaves.

The color you get from the flower depends on the species of the tree. They can come in white, yellow, pinkish, purple and green. They have a pleasant smell that is often said to be fruity and sweet. Once you plant a Magnolia, you’ll need to wait about seven years before the tree blooms, which happens between April and June.

Hibiscus flowers have unique shades and colors that tend to change throughout the flower, usually starting with a darker shade in the middle and glowing brighter near the ends. Shutterstock.

Hibiscus Flowers

If you love hummingbirds and butterflies, you’ll want to add the Hibiscus to your garden as it’s known to attract them. The trick to growing these flowers is that you take extra care of them when they need more water and special fertilizer to grow happy and healthy.

They’re a unique flower to bring into your garden because of its vibrant, trumpet-shaped blooms. The best temperatures for this flower is between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people like to keep them in planters to help aid their growth and make them movable. It allows them to bring the flowers in during the winter months or when the temperature gets a bit too hot.

Dinner Plate Dahlia is not only famous for its unique name but also its multiple shades, but the favorite for many people is yellow. Shutterstock.

Dinner Plate Dahlia

Dinner Plate Dahlia is one of 42 species of Dahlia. Many professional gardeners and landscapers consider this flower to be one of the most requested and attractive flowers. They will reach their peak at mid-summer and last until the first frost, which is when most other flowers are past their prime.

The heads on this flower can grow to be about 1 foot in diameter, which will ensure that people walking by will see these beautiful flowers. You can find nearly every color but blue. Breeders are still trying to find a way to create a blue Dahlia.

Add the Rhododendron to your assortment of trees and flowers to help make your garden stick out. Shutterstock.


There are over 1000 species of Rhododendron that are native to Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. These flowers need well-drained soil and a cool climate to grow to their best state. You can find these flowers in the wild, specifically in tropical rainforests, mountains, and temperate forests. They can grow between four inches to 98 feet in height, depending on the type.

Depending on which species of Rhododendron you get will determine the type of leaves it grows and the fragrance it gives off. They can produce leaves like evergreen trees or funnel, bell, trumpet-shaped flowers. Many people call the Rhododendron a rose tree because some of the flowers it produces remind people of a rose.

Oriental Lilies are a common flower that everyone likes to stop and admire because of their uniqueness. Shutterstock.

Oriental Lilies

Lilies are usually found in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. They’re considered one of the most popular flowers in the world because they bring character into a person’s home and garden. You can find lilies in several colors, such as yellow, orange, red, purple, and pink. Some will and spots, and others won’t.

One crucial piece of information to note is while they are safe for humans, they are toxic to cats, so if you have them in your garden and have a cat, you want to be cautious about where and how you plant them. You can put them up in a hanging plant to help keep your fur babies from the petals.

Himalayan Poppy flowers are popular because of their look and beautiful blue color. Shutterstock.

Himalayan Poppy

Many people enjoy finding blue flowers to add to their garden because it’s not a natural color to find when it comes to a plant. One of the most beautiful and unique that you can choose is the Himalayan Poppy. In fact, many professional gardeners consider it one of the rarest treasures you can add to your garden.

This poppy blooms in late spring to early summer and is known to be a bit picky. Many gardeners will state that you should have experience before planting one, but there are easy guidelines to follow to extend their lifespan. The most critical factors are soil preparation, and they need a location with partial shade. You also want to water them regularly.

A Lilac tree or bush is a great way to add a little purple and a lot of wonderful smell to your garden. Shutterstock.

Lilac Tree

Many people like to plant a Lilac tree because it’s the symbol of love. Other people enjoy it because of its fragrance and beautiful color. Even though they’re considered trees, they grow as shrubs and bushes, ranging from six to 20 feet tall. But some have developed over 30 feet tall. They are mainly found in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Even though the most popular is the lilac color, they also come in several other shades like white, blue, pink, red, purple, and violet. One of the best features of these variations is that they can survive nearly any type of weather from high temperatures to as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wheat Celosia might remind you of a wheat field, but they come in three different shades: pink, purple, and red. Shutterstock.

Wheat Celosia

These plants commonly grow in Eurasia, Africa, North America, and South America. They weren’t always a common garden flower because of their identification with wheat fields. Many felt that they were preserved for farming, but other people thought they looked best as a part of their yard. Wehat Celosia come in a few different colors, such as purple, red, and pink.

They start growing during mid-summer and continue until the beginning of fall. They can withstand frost, so don’t worry about leaving your flowers out later than other plants. They are strong enough that they can remain upright and attractive even after a couple of cold nights.

The bearded Iris gets its name from the darker petals, usually purple, look like a beard compared to the white petals. Shutterstock.

Bearded Iris

Irises are often used as an accent in floral design, but the Bearded Iris is more unique than the rest. One of the unique features is that even though it looks like they have six petals, they only have three. The petals are at the top, while the three at the bottom are technically known as large sepals. One feature that is harder to see is that they have fuzzy appendages located above the falls or lower “petals.”

Even though they are available in many colors, the most common are purple, blue, white, and yellow. There are different variations of Irises that are found around North America, especially in the coastal regions.

Gazania hybrids come in a variety of colors and grow between about 6 to 15 inches. Shutterstock.

Gazania Hybrids

Gazanias are known as a treasure flower because they are unique in so many ways. They thrive in several climate conditions, from intense heat to droughts. However, many expert gardeners say they will struggle in colder temperatures. The best place to put them is where the sun can beat down on them throughout the day.

They’re known as exotic flowers because of the somewhat grassy look of their petals. Plus, the flower is unique when it comes to color and design. They’re bi-color flowers with many variations of golds and oranges to dusky rose and ivory. Once the sun goes down, these flowers start to close, but during the day, they’re open and busy attracting butterflies.

The name of this flower gives you a reason to add it to your dreamland garden. Shutterstock.

Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

These flowers are more commonly called Herbaceous Peony, but many refer to them as a Bowl of Beauty because of their look. They start blooming between May and June. They also need to have exposure to the sun to reach their peak performance as a flower. They can blossom between 9 and 10 feet, but sometimes more.

Even though you want to keep them in the sun, they can survive almost any type of weather. They’re known as one of the most durable flowers, which makes them an excellent choice for beginner gardeners. If you want to bring a flower or two into your home, cut them once they are in full bloom because they will last for about a week in a vase with water.

One of the most exotic Lilies (possibly flowers) available is the Toad Lily. Shutterstock.

Toad Lily

We already talked about lilies, but this is one of the most unique bulbs that you can find. Many people believe they’re one of the most exotic flowers in the world because of their look and design. They tend to bloom much later than most flowers, which can add a new assortment to your garden. Their peak time is between August and September but can go as late as October.

Their spread is about one to two feet, and they can grow between two to three feet. They’re usually found in Southern and Central Japan, especially around the shaded rocky cliffs and stream banks. They typically have about six petals, but there are a few that grow that have more or less.

Moss Rose comes in a beautiful purple, magenta, pink, salmon, orange, yellow, or white color. Shutterstock.

Moss Rose

Even though many people like purple or pink, they also come in several other colors such as white, yellow, red, and orange. The plant doesn’t do the best in cold climates, but they can tolerate hot and dry conditions, so they’re great flowers to put in the sun. They are considered small, reaching heights of six to eight inches with a spread of about 12 inches.

Another key to growing robust Moss Rose flowers is to keep the water moist but not soggy, especially if you have them in a planter. They’re also plants that don’t need to be fertilized as this can do them more harm than good.

Petunias come in nearly every color so that you can add many variations to your garden. Shutterstock.


There are at least 35 species of petunia that originate from South America but have made its way to North America and many other parts of the world. To grow its most robust, this flower needs at least five to six hours of sunlight every day, which can be challenging during cloudy and rainy days. They also need to be well-drained, which helps ensure the soil is as healthy as possible. They don’t tolerate frost well.

This flower can grow from 6 inches to 4 feet high, depending on which variety you plant. They can have heart-shaped leaves, which is usually one of their strongest selling points. They blossom during the spring and fall and come in colors such as white, yellow, red, pink, or purple.

Birds of Paradise are one of the most uniquely colored and shaped flowers you will ever find. Shutterstock.

Birds of Paradise

Many people call the Birds of Paradise a crane flower because it looks like a crane. They are native to Southern Africa and tend to bloom between September through May. The leaves grow pretty significant, usually between 12 to 79 inches and broad between four to 31 inches. They come in colors that resemble an exotic bird, which also clearly makes it an exotic flower.

Even though most are seen with bright orange and blue colors, they can also be seen as purely white or white and blue. Sunbirds take to these flowers, and they’ve made their way to the Western Coast of the United States.

Sunflowers are a favorite among nearly everyone because they can brighten up your garden quickly. Shutterstock.


Sunflowers are a common plant in North America and many other parts around the world. They’re best known for their unique personality, which makes them look down when the sun isn’t shining on them. Some people will state that they look sad because their warmth has been taken away. But, once the sun beats down on them again, they look up with praise.

Sunflowers can grow several feet tall, but the tallest one ever recorded reached a height of 30 feet. They have traveled into space, and many people feel they have healing powers.

You can’t have a dreamland garden without adding a few Love-Lies-Bleeding flowers. Shutterstock.


There are many names for this plant, but everyone’s favorite seems to be Love-Lies-Bleeding. They can grow between two to eight feet tall and from one to three feet wide. The size will depend on how fertile the soil is and how well you care for it. The best type of soil is well-drained, but they can handle nearly any kind.

No one knows where this flower originated, but it now lives in several areas of the world, especially in Central and South America.


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