Plant These Flowers and Trees to Turn Your Garden into a Dreamland

Trista - June 20, 2020
The bearded Iris gets its name from the darker petals, usually purple, look like a beard compared to the white petals. Shutterstock.

Bearded Iris

Irises are often used as an accent in floral design, but the Bearded Iris is more unique than the rest. One of the unique features is that even though it looks like they have six petals, they only have three. The petals are at the top, while the three at the bottom are technically known as large sepals. One feature that is harder to see is that they have fuzzy appendages located above the falls or lower “petals.”

Even though they are available in many colors, the most common are purple, blue, white, and yellow. There are different variations of Irises that are found around North America, especially in the coastal regions.

Gazania hybrids come in a variety of colors and grow between about 6 to 15 inches. Shutterstock.

Gazania Hybrids

Gazanias are known as a treasure flower because they are unique in so many ways. They thrive in several climate conditions, from intense heat to droughts. However, many expert gardeners say they will struggle in colder temperatures. The best place to put them is where the sun can beat down on them throughout the day.

They’re known as exotic flowers because of the somewhat grassy look of their petals. Plus, the flower is unique when it comes to color and design. They’re bi-color flowers with many variations of golds and oranges to dusky rose and ivory. Once the sun goes down, these flowers start to close, but during the day, they’re open and busy attracting butterflies.

The name of this flower gives you a reason to add it to your dreamland garden. Shutterstock.

Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

These flowers are more commonly called Herbaceous Peony, but many refer to them as a Bowl of Beauty because of their look. They start blooming between May and June. They also need to have exposure to the sun to reach their peak performance as a flower. They can blossom between 9 and 10 feet, but sometimes more.

Even though you want to keep them in the sun, they can survive almost any type of weather. They’re known as one of the most durable flowers, which makes them an excellent choice for beginner gardeners. If you want to bring a flower or two into your home, cut them once they are in full bloom because they will last for about a week in a vase with water.

One of the most exotic Lilies (possibly flowers) available is the Toad Lily. Shutterstock.

Toad Lily

We already talked about lilies, but this is one of the most unique bulbs that you can find. Many people believe they’re one of the most exotic flowers in the world because of their look and design. They tend to bloom much later than most flowers, which can add a new assortment to your garden. Their peak time is between August and September but can go as late as October.

Their spread is about one to two feet, and they can grow between two to three feet. They’re usually found in Southern and Central Japan, especially around the shaded rocky cliffs and stream banks. They typically have about six petals, but there are a few that grow that have more or less.

Moss Rose comes in a beautiful purple, magenta, pink, salmon, orange, yellow, or white color. Shutterstock.

Moss Rose

Even though many people like purple or pink, they also come in several other colors such as white, yellow, red, and orange. The plant doesn’t do the best in cold climates, but they can tolerate hot and dry conditions, so they’re great flowers to put in the sun. They are considered small, reaching heights of six to eight inches with a spread of about 12 inches.

Another key to growing robust Moss Rose flowers is to keep the water moist but not soggy, especially if you have them in a planter. They’re also plants that don’t need to be fertilized as this can do them more harm than good.

Petunias come in nearly every color so that you can add many variations to your garden. Shutterstock.


There are at least 35 species of petunia that originate from South America but have made its way to North America and many other parts of the world. To grow its most robust, this flower needs at least five to six hours of sunlight every day, which can be challenging during cloudy and rainy days. They also need to be well-drained, which helps ensure the soil is as healthy as possible. They don’t tolerate frost well.

This flower can grow from 6 inches to 4 feet high, depending on which variety you plant. They can have heart-shaped leaves, which is usually one of their strongest selling points. They blossom during the spring and fall and come in colors such as white, yellow, red, pink, or purple.

Birds of Paradise are one of the most uniquely colored and shaped flowers you will ever find. Shutterstock.

Birds of Paradise

Many people call the Birds of Paradise a crane flower because it looks like a crane. They are native to Southern Africa and tend to bloom between September through May. The leaves grow pretty significant, usually between 12 to 79 inches and broad between four to 31 inches. They come in colors that resemble an exotic bird, which also clearly makes it an exotic flower.

Even though most are seen with bright orange and blue colors, they can also be seen as purely white or white and blue. Sunbirds take to these flowers, and they’ve made their way to the Western Coast of the United States.

Sunflowers are a favorite among nearly everyone because they can brighten up your garden quickly. Shutterstock.


Sunflowers are a common plant in North America and many other parts around the world. They’re best known for their unique personality, which makes them look down when the sun isn’t shining on them. Some people will state that they look sad because their warmth has been taken away. But, once the sun beats down on them again, they look up with praise.

Sunflowers can grow several feet tall, but the tallest one ever recorded reached a height of 30 feet. They have traveled into space, and many people feel they have healing powers.

You can’t have a dreamland garden without adding a few Love-Lies-Bleeding flowers. Shutterstock.


There are many names for this plant, but everyone’s favorite seems to be Love-Lies-Bleeding. They can grow between two to eight feet tall and from one to three feet wide. The size will depend on how fertile the soil is and how well you care for it. The best type of soil is well-drained, but they can handle nearly any kind.

No one knows where this flower originated, but it now lives in several areas of the world, especially in Central and South America.


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