Proof that the Most Popular Destinations Are Not Worth the Money

Trista - July 1, 2022
STR / AFP / Getty Images

3. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has become synonymous with spring break, making it one of the biggest and busiest destinations in the early summer. Because everyone is going there, that can make for a terrible time. This makes tourists easy pickings for local pickpockets. Not to mention that the prices of everything are jacked way up during the tourist season. Furthermore, don’t expect your trip to be peaceful. You’ll have difficulty finding a spot on the beach just to relax and enjoy the view. And Cancun caters to those who intend on partying with alcohol and events, so it’s not a good idea to travel here with children.


2. Little Mermaid Statue in Denmark

This tiny little mermaid statue in Denmark is popular for some reason. Perhaps people value it since it has been around since 1913 or that it’s been vandalized in every way possible. But otherwise, it’s not worth making the trip to see this tiny statue unless you’re a big fan of mermaids. The statue is relatively small and looks like any ordinary statue you’d find at a fountain. There’s nothing spectacular about it, except that the surrounding area is quite lovely. It’s nice to pass by if you’re in the area, but this overrated destination is not something you should make a special trip for.

1. Times Square, New York

Times Square has become another one of the biggest tourist traps in the world. For what reason, we don’t know. The streets are littered with stores, famously portrayed in many forms of media, and the LED displays will keep your attention moving from one advertised product to the next. The streets are always littered with tourists, so have a fun time getting through the crowds if you’re trying to get anywhere on time. Furthermore, the copious amounts of people fill the streets with their chatter. You’re not going to have a moment to think, take a picture, or enjoy a phone call with a friend. Have you been to any of these destinations?