The Best European Countries To Visit If You Have Kids

Monica Gray - July 27, 2023

Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of traveling. There are tons of countries around the world you can travel to with your kids. Your kids might just be the best travel companions out there, and you might regret it in the future if you don’t take them out on an adventure. Some parts of the world are better for kids than others, and it turns out that there are tons of European countries that are ideal for family travel. In these countries, your kids can play at quirky playgrounds, eat fresh ice cream, and explore crumbling castles.

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Sweden is one of the most child-friendly countries in Europe. Everywhere you go, you’ll find places and activities well-equipped for children. For example, museums are a great activity for both kids and adults. Some activities will keep kids busy so the adults can enjoy the museum. You’ll find a plethora of high chairs, changing tables, and fun playgrounds throughout the country. Even in ancient churches, you’ll find tiny playgrounds for the kids (Travel and Leisure).

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Not only is Portugal a country with delicious cuisine, beautiful weather, and gorgeous beaches, but it’s also an excellent place to visit with kids. It’s easy to travel with kids around the country, and there are numerous family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. Not only that, but you’ll likely find your kids will love the food just as much as you do. And because families are valued in Portuguese culture, you’ll find that families are well-treated across the country (Baby Friendly Bolt Holes).

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The Scandinavian countries are some of the best European countries in the world to visit with kids, which is why Denmark made it on this list. The country is full of theme parks, is extremely safe, and is full of “hygge,” Danish coziness. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, your kids will love everything from the cities to the countryside. Copenhagen is home to quirky parks and the fun theme park Tivoli, while Mons Klint in the south is a great place for kids to explore. There’s even a magical kingdom park where kids can discover mermaids, dinosaurs, and trolls (US News).

Cubby at Home

Republic Of Ireland

This country will spoil you and your kids with hospitality, natural playgrounds, ancient lands, and castles that look like they’re pulled directly out of a fairytale. You can even stay in a castle that’s been converted into a hotel. That’s better than any hotel your kids will ever stay in and is something they’ll remember forever. It’s easy to travel by train around the country, so your kids can see sprawling green landscapes and crumbling ruins (Cubby at Home).

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The diversity in Spain leaves every family in awe. Whether you and your kids love cities, mountains, or beaches, Spain has something for every type of traveling family. Spain has a relaxed, nonchalant culture that makes traveling there stress-free. As Melissa from The Family Voyage said, “I’ll never forget strolling with our sleeping baby through one of the more local plazas in Seville and watching dozens of families relaxing and socializing even though it was 11 pm. Or the time that our waitress took our son on a tour of the restaurant so that we could enjoy some quiet moments.” Even though that might sound absurd to someone from the USA, it’s commonplace in Spain. The family extends far beyond blood (The Family Voyage).

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Cypriots welcome kids with open arms. Family life is important to them, which is why it’s one of the best countries in Europe to travel with kids. As one mother from Real Mum Review puts it, “You don’t need to worry about a babysitter as once your children are asleep, you can simply sit beside the pool, sipping a nice cold glass of Chardonnay.” This is just another reason to add Cyprus to your holiday list. The sunny island has limited rainy days, so you’ll likely spend most of your time soaking in the sunshine (Real Mum Review).

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Home to stunning fjords, northern lights, and glaciers, Norway offers kids the adventure of a lifetime. Norway is for you if you’re a more adventurous family who loves outdoor activities. Best of all, traveling in Norway doesn’t have to break your budget. You can easily rent a car and travel around the country, exploring its many nooks and crannies like gushing waterfalls, colorful towns, and mountain peaks. According to the parents from Local Passport Family, one of the best parts about Norway is the lack of smoke. They said, “People seemed to care a lot more about clean air, and we rarely encountered folks smoking, much less in busy public areas or near doorways. It was such a nice change of pace to not have to constantly feel like I needed to shuffle my kids away from being directly in the line of smoke.” Rest assured, your family will be breathing in clean air while you’re visiting Norway (Local Passport Family).

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There’s a natural warmth that Greeks show to families and kids, which is why it’s such a great country to visit with your family. Warm water, beautiful beaches, and a general sense of safety make it even better for small kids. This is where your kids can get a jump start on learning about the ancient history of Greece before they learn about it in school. Whether you and your kids are listening to street buskers or munching on mouthwatering food, you’ll love everything Greece has to offer (Kids Love Greece).

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Lithuania isn’t just a romantic holiday destination, but a place to bring your kids. With gorgeous landscapes, lakes, forests, crumbling castles, and beautiful coast, Lithuania is perfect for a small getaway with your family. Historic monuments dot the cities and towns, making it a perfect place for curious minds to explore. Your kids might also find a new favorite cuisine after traveling around this Baltic country with you (The Culture Trip).

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Czech Republic

Even though the Czech Republic is known for beer that’s cheaper than water, it doesn’t mean it’s an adults-only destination. Your kids will love the Czech Republic just as much as you do. The country is full of beautiful parks, beer halls, and cobblestone streets. The locals in Prague seem to love families too, and even said, “The locals in Prague seem to embrace families traveling with children. At the hotel where we stayed, the hospitality staff in the breakfast room would bring our daughter numerous complimentary treats and snacks each morning.” Your kids will have an abundance of delicious snacks to munch on (Parenthood and Passports).

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One of the main draws of Serbia is how friendly the locals are. This country is considered to be incredibly safe for tourists and families. In Belgrade, you and your family can enjoy an abundance of parks, most notably Kalemegden Park. According to one blogger, “The most unique – and awesome – feature of Kalemegdan Park are endless old tunnels and ruins for aspiring knights and princesses to explore with their imaginations in full gear. Bring a picnic and let the kids transport themselves back in time.” There are several other playgrounds in the city you and your kids can enjoy (Where Sharon).

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If you and your family love all things spooky, then head to Transylvania in Romania. It takes pride in its horror roots, and your kids will love exploring Dracula country. The restaurants are family-friendly, and as one blogger puts it, “The restaurant feels grand but highchairs and coloring pencils signal families are welcome here.” Romania offers all families a unique experience that differs from other European countries (Happiness Travels Here).

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For some of the best food in Europe, head to Italy with your kids. There’s nothing wrong with an abundance of pizza and pasta (and wine for the adults). Italy’s cities are full of beautiful beaches, mountains, and unique cities full of rich history. Tuscany is this blogger’s top city to visit, and as she puts it, “I simply adore the place and have elected it as our go-to place for family summer holidays: we go there every year and we love it every time more.” You might want to add Italy to your family vacation list (Mama Loves Italy).

Ciao Bambino


Even though Wales is considered part of the United Kingdom, it’s still a wonderful part of the UK to visit with kids. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to spot seals, dolphins, and puffins. Your kids will love this unique wildlife experience, especially if it’s paired with camping and castle exploring. Wales arguably has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a lot of the time, you can go horseback riding and hiking along numerous trails with your kids (Ciao Bambino).

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Not only does the capital city of France, Paris, have an abundance of museums, amusement parks, and monuments for your kids to visit, but it’s also home to gorgeous beaches and stunning mountains. Whether you and your family love camping in the great outdoors or enjoying fresh cheese next to the seaside, you’ll never feel bored in this country. And don’t worry if your kids are teething. As this blogger put it, “I remember visiting France when one of my sons was a teething nine-month-old – chewing on baguettes, it turned out, is a great remedy for sore gums.” Best of all, you can still sample French wine at vineyards with your kids trailing behind you (Smudged Postcard).

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Whether you’re visiting in winter or summer, Finland is a spectacular destination to visit with kids. You’ll get the northern lights and skiing in winter. In summer you’ll get gorgeous forests and an abundance of hiking trails. The country is world famous for its numerous lakes, where you can go kayaking or canoeing with your family (Visit Nordic).



Hungary is a great place to visit with kids due to its rich history, family-friendly museums, and engaging attractions. Kids can enjoy thermal baths, playgrounds, and the Budapest Zoo while experiencing Hungarian culture and cuisine. The country’s affordability and convenient transportation make it a practical and enjoyable destination for families. The famous thermal waters in Budapest are a great family outing, as are the many museums and parks. With its scenic Lake Balaton and numerous festivals, Hungary offers a diverse range of activities that cater to both parents and children alike. (Visit Hungary).

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Trails in the mountains of Switzerland are suitable for parents with strollers. Your kids can also enjoy alpine playgrounds, trails with interactive play stations, mountain scooters, and trampolines. It sounds like Switzerland was built with kids in mind. Even if it’s a rainy day, Switzerland has an abundance of indoor playgrounds and indoor water parks (Swiss Family Fun).

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With beautiful forest walks, crumbling castles, and museums full of Scottish history, Scotland is one of the best European countries to explore with your loved ones. You can visit the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Sky. It’s highly recommended, even if you have several little legs with you. Cairngorms National Park, the largest park in the UK, offers watersports and birdwatching, and Treasure Trails is a fun activity for aspiring detectives (Baby Breaks).,

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From fascinating museums, sandy beaches, historical sites, hot air balloon rides, and delicious food, Turkey is a great destination for kids. You can sit on the beach and indulge in food while your kids splash around in the ocean. Your kids will love splashing around in the thermal pools at Pamukkale, suitable for all ages, or the Istanbul Toy Museum, housed in a gorgeous mansion dating back to the 1700s (Cuddly Nest).

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From snowboarding and skiing in winter to hiking in the mountains in summer, Austria is one of the best countries in Europe to visit with kids. On a rainy day, you’ll find an abundance of museums and science centers. Hotels offer family suites and play areas for your kids. Austria is also home to Kinderhotels, which have toy rooms, swimming pools, and delicious, nutritious food options for kids (Families Love Travel).

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With ample museums and tons of hands-on experiences, Estonia is perfect for a family getaway. The theme park of Lotte Village on the seaside is an exciting, interactive park. It’ll keep your kids entertained for hours. The Seaplane Harbour is an interesting maritime museum with tons of exhibits, and the AHHAA Science Centre is where your kids can watch the life of wood ants and fish (Visit Europe).

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The Tatra Mountains are great for families who love hiking. As one blogger experienced hiking the Tatra Mountains with her four-year-old, “My then 4-year-old daughter Hanna in the Polish Tatra Mountains, climbed the peak of the Kasprowy Wierch mountain. Believe me, there is a lot of sweat of the parents “behind” this photo (and a ton of chocolate eaten by Hanna). Was it worth it? Definitely yes!” You’ll also find that traveling with a pram in Polish cities is a lot easier than you think. The cities are full of restaurants offering tons of Polish and other types of cuisine (Key to Poland).



From an abundance of lakes, castles, rivers, and caves, Slovenia is a perfect European family destination. You and your family can go on a Camping adventure in the Savinja Valley, visit the Deer Farm in Podčetrtek, or visit the famous Lake Bled and take a boat trip across the lake. Trekking is also easy, and as the blogger from Trip Duck puts it, “My favorite can be found in the northwest around small towns like Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bohinj, and Bled. You’ll find yourself surrounded by marvelous Alpine valleys like Vrata, Krma, and Tamar.” If your kids love adventure as much as you do, then this is the country for them (Trip Duck).

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Whether you want to enjoy the waterparks, explore the forests, or wander in the caves of the Slovakian Tatras, this European country is an ideal destination for your little ones. Bratislava is one of the most vibrant countries in Europe. It has an eclectic mix of old and modern buildings, tons of history, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (European Cities With Kids).

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Whether you’re exploring climbing parks, adventure playgrounds, or fairy-tale villages, Luxembourg is an ideal place for you and your kids. South of the country is Minett Park, where you can relive the life of the miners. You might even start your ritual as this blogger did with her kids in Luxembourg. She said, “We love visiting churches when we travel, and always light a candle and say a little prayer. Our little one always looks forward to that, and has become one of our travel rituals.” Science museums offer creative workshops, and lush forests offer tons of walking trails (Skylar Arias Adventures).

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This family-friendly destination offers beautiful beaches along the Black Sea coast, charming, cultural towns, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country is also dotted with family-friendly resorts and hotels, playgrounds, and swimming pools. They’ll love the interactive Muzeiko Children’s Museum in Sofia, and horseback riding in the country (Chasing the Donkey).

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From boat rides on the canals to world-famous museums, the Netherlands is full of kid-friendly activities. In Amsterdam, it’s easy to get around and see all the sights, and it’s easy to visit neighboring cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht on public transportation. You can explore the Anne Frank Museum and learn about a tragic time in history, or take a canal tour in one of Amsterdam’s many canals. If you want to extend your trip, it’s also easy to visit neighboring countries like Belgium and France (Families Love Travel).

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Head to Iceland with your family to explore a country that looks like it’s from another planet. With gushing waterfalls, glaciers, volcanic rock, and tiny towns, your kids will be in awe in Iceland. You can take your kids horseback riding or whale watching, or hunting for the northern lights in winter. The restaurants have menus suitable for all ages, and you’ll find there are plenty of chances to spot wildlife or visit interesting museums (Reykjavik Excursions).

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In Moldova, you’ll find a country with wonderful weather, beautiful towns in the countryside, and thick forests. Even though it’s one of Europe’s least visited countries, you’ll find there’s plenty to do in its unspoiled nature, away from the crowds you normally get in the more popular European cities. You can enjoy mouthwatering wine while your kids sip on fresh juice. When you’re not dining, explore the monasteries and other archaeological sites like monasteries (Rough Guides).

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This European country is dotted with numerous historical sites, temples, and beautiful snorkeling opportunities. Many hotels have family-friendly services waterparks, and diving opportunities if your kids are older than eight. If they love animals, then you’ll have to visit the Malta National Aquarium and little zoo of BirdPark Malta (Mummy Travels).

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With medieval cities that’ll make your kids feel like a prince or princess, Belgium is a wonderful destination for your family. It’s home to some of the best chocolate in the world, and its cities come to life in the summer. During winter, Christmas markets and light sculptures light up the cities for a magical experience for your little ones (Little Clogs Holidays).

The Wandering Whites


Full of stunning beaches, affordable prices, and rugged countryside, you and your family will fall in love with Albania and all it has to offer. Whether you’re visiting for five days or five weeks, you’ll find there’s plenty to do. Visit country towns like Gjirokaster, or the capital city of Tirana. Ksamil Beach is a great place for kids to swim and make sandcastles, and there are tons of castles around the country to explore (The Wandering Whites).

Wandering Germany


With medieval castles, cuckoo clocks, mountain lakes and forests, and wildlife like cows and birds, Germany is a beautiful country to explore for its nature and adorable towns. Head on the trails of its national parks. Or, munch on delicious local food at one of the markets in cities like Berlin, Munich, or Hamburg. It houses Europe’s largest combined botanical and zoological garden and has tons of child-friendly museums (Travelynn Family).

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With an abundance of Mediterranean Beaches, cultural sights, adventure parks, and playgrounds, Croatia offers something for everyone. Whether you’re traveling with babies, toddlers, or teens, you’ll find Croatia is incredibly easy to explore. Numerous hotels have kid’s clubs with play spaces and game rooms for toddlers. Tons of islands are easily accessible by boat, so you and your family will never be bored (Lonely Planet).