These 50 Sites Are A Design Treasure in Each State

Trista - July 17, 2019

Wyoming – The Kendrick Mansion

It is also known as Trail End and was the home of Senator Kendrick. MacAlister designed the mansion and it took five years to build from 1908 to 1913. Because Kendrick was a successful cattleman, he had this home commissioned during this time before he became a senator. Afterward, he used this place as a summer home.

In 1970, the National Register of Historic Places added the Kendrick Mansion to its list. It was purchased to save it from destruction and became a community museum. It still contains its original structure, and some of the furnishings inside have remained.

Washington D.C. – The White House

The official house of the President of the United States, it’s been one of the standing beacons of democracy in the modern world. It was built and designed by James Hoban, who used the neoclassical style. Thomas Jefferson was the first to move in during 1801, where colonnades were added on each wing to accommodate stables and storage.

During the Ear of 1812, the White House was burned down by the British Army, but construction began immediately afterward to restore it. Construction began in 1817 with President Monroe but the White House was not ready until 1829.