These 50 Sites Are A Design Treasure in Each State

By Trista
These 50 Sites Are A Design Treasure in Each State

There are some really extravagant homes across the country, but regardless of the room number, acreage, and other showcases of wealth, a few properties that stand out from the rest. These homes aren’t necessarily expensive, but they have a rich history about them that makes them quite memorable.

Take a look at some of the most recognizable properties across the United States in alphabetical order. From homes of presidents to your favorite movie sets or even historic estates of millionaires, you will definitely want to visit the most famous homes in each state as you travel across America.

Alabama – Gaineswood

Located in Demopolis, it took 18 years to construct this lovely home, from 1843 to 1861. It started as a two-room cabin and evolved into the Greek Revival-style mansion that it is today. The builder and architect, Bryan Whitfield, used slaves for the construction of this home; some of them became accomplished carpenters.

What’s unique about the development of this home is that it uses three different Greek styles in its construction. The exterior sports the Doric-style, the interior has Ionic, and the drawing room has Corinthian. To mix these styles is rarely heard of, but this home accomplished that.