These AirBnB Reviews Were So Bad We Wouldn’t Stay There if They Paid Us

Shannon Quinn - January 21, 2023
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The Host Was in a UFO Cult

One incredibly interesting story from a user called yourlocalnewtdealer landed him in the home of a UFO cult follower. It all started when he got an AirBnB in the middle of Kansas. To sleep on the couch was just $12 a night. When he arrived, it was the middle of the night, so he had to quietly slip into the house and lay down on the couch. But the entire house was filled with creepy artifacts, including a tapestry with the name of an organization on it. After searching on Google, he figured out that it was a cult that believed in UFOs. Because of this, he found it difficult to fall asleep. Sure enough, the next morning, his host almost immediately launched into a conversation about aliens. He left soon after having breakfast, along with a ton of pamphlets she gave him with information about joining her cult.

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This Person Wasn’t Sure Why They Began to Hallucinate… Turns Out There Was Real Danger

A Redditor called beanersalad shared the story that they went to an AirBnB where several people were staying. But they had their own private room with a mini-fridge. Since it was during the pandemic, they were self-isolating in this space. That’s when things got weird. They became short of breath, had vertigo, and forgot that they had drawn in their sketchbook. Then, paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions began to set in, and they were questioning their reality. To some, this might sound like the beginning of a psychotic break. But it turns out that they were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning! Thankfully, they were still able to call the gas company. They left, and eventually got a refund for their stay, considering that the gas leak almost killed them.

Credit: Reddit

This AirBnB Was a Literal Biohazard

In the original post, you can read just some of the details of what was going on in this horror show of an AirBnB. But the original poster‘s title summarizes the situation pretty well. The AirBnB host had vials of live viruses, biohazard bags, syringes, and empty hidden camera boxes scattered around the living room and in the fridge. Apparently, they were just “props” for her video for her invention. If you’re interested in reading the entire text conversation, it’s very long. The AirBnB host clearly has something mentally wrong with her. It’s good that the guest got out quickly before things got weird.