These People Moved In With Monsters and Shared The Receipts

Shannon Quinn - December 9, 2022

Sometimes, living with roommates isn’t easy, and you’re stuck with them until the lease ends. You can’t guarantee that you’ll get along with these people you agree to live with. (Especially if you’re only just meeting them through college or an online post looking for a roommate.) On this Bad Roommates subreddit, there is a huge collection of photos taken by people who were angry with their roommates for one reason or another. Here is a collection of some of the most disgusting monster roommates you can possibly imagine living with.

This roommate throws away the dishes instead of washing them. Credit: BoredPanda

The Roommate Throws Away Dishes and Silverware Instead of Washing Them

This is a whole new level of lazy. Instead of doing the dishes like a normal person, this roommate threw everything away. (Even though they aren’t the one who bought the dishes in the first place.) Believe it or not, this roommate isn’t alone. After a bit of searching, I found this question on Quora, “Is it wrong of me to throw away dirty dishes instead of washing them? I tell my kids that if they don’t wash them, I’ll just buy new ones with their money. Is this wrong?” Yes, it’s wrong. It’s crazy to think that this isn’t an isolated incident, and that there are many people out there who would be so wasteful. Also- who can afford to live like that? (via Quora)

This garbage can is piled high with trash. Credit: BoredPanda

These Roommates Never Take Out the Trash…Ever

The original caption says, “I’m The Designated Trash Guy Because If I Don’t Ever Take Out The Trash, My Roommates Just Do This”. One of the top comments said, “Remove the trash can and see what happens.” Something I notice right away is that a lot of these items should actually be recycled, rather than being thrown in the trash. So that’s already a bad sign. Secondly, this is an outdoor trash can, but they’re using it indoors. Overall, that’s bad. Apparently, though, this isn’t something unique to college kids. A lot of married couples apparently argue over who is going to take out the trash. (via Women’s Health Magazine)

This drain is completely stopped up and disgusting-looking. Credit: BoredPanda

Flatmates Never Drain the Sink

In this photo, the kitchen sink is clogged, and it looks disgusting. Clearly, some food got caught in the drain, and they never cleaned it out before using the sink. Now, the water is orange, and you can see bits of food floating around. There are some people out there who probably grew up with a garbage disposal, and they got used to grinding up pieces of food with the flip of a switch. But once they move into an apartment without a garbage disposal, they don’t know how to properly clean out a drain before it gets clogged. According to Consumer Reports, 60% of all Americans have a garbage disposal. Make sure you educate yourself (or your roommates) on how to properly clean out a drain so this doesn’t happen. (via Consumer Reports)

This person’s roommate left used needles all over their coffee table. Credit: BoredPanda

A Dangerous Amount of Syringes Left on the Coffee Table

The original caption said, “Roommates Left This Where Our Dogs Hang Out. Moving Out This Week”. One of the top comments said, “I’m just going to hope those syringes were used for insulin. Not that it makes it right or okay to leave them out, but if they’re not medicine, that’s just so much worse…” The fact that the original poster is going to move out because of this has me believing that these syringes are some kind of illegal drug. If their roommate had Diabetes, that still doesn’t excuse them from leaving needles around where the dogs could easily get to them, though. Thank God they don’t have human children living in that house. (via Endocrine Web)

The dog peed on the carpet so much, it made everything pitch black. Credit: BoredPanda

This Man Let His Dog Pee All Over the Carpet For a Very Long Time

The original caption for this image was, “Our Roommate Moved Out Today…. All Of Those Stains Are Dog Urine.” The top comment said, “Makes me think of a really nasty game of “The floor is lava”… with extra motivation not to step on it.” When I worked at an apartment complex, there was a family who let their dogs pee on the floor, too. They had to remove the carpet, because it was too far gone. But unfortunately, the urine seeps into the floorboards underneath. So even though we completely changed the carpet, you could still smell dog piss throughout the entire apartment. We tried literally everything to get the smell to go away. Every person I took to tour the apartment also commented on the smell. It made the place unlivable. (via American Kennel Club)

Somehow, this person’s roommate left huge black smudges all over the bathroom. Credit: BoredPanda

This Roommate’s Bathroom is Truly Horrifying

In this photo, we see a shower that is completely covered in a mysterious black sludge. It appears to be splattered in some places, and baked on in others. The real question here is- What the heck is all of that? At first, I thought this might be black hair dye that they applied once every two weeks. But upon further inspection, I see that there is Axe body wash, which means this was a man’s shower. Sure, some men dye their hair. But it’s not as common. So if it’s not hair dye, what is it? What kind of job would make a man get that dirty? Whoever cleans this is going to have to use a bleach mixture. Even then, I have a feeling that they may not be able to get all of the stains out of the white shower. (via Family Handyman)

This person’s roommate peed all over the carpet, leaving a stain. Credit: BoredPanda

That’s Not Dog Pee…

In this photo, we see a carpet that has a large stain on it. The original caption for this image said, “My Flatmate Moved Out And I Found His Room Reeking Of Piss And The Carpet Stained. We Never Had Pets, It’s Human Piss.” Wow. That’s disgusting. If someone had a young child, I could understand that accidents happen. But for a grown adult to pee on the carpet is beyond disturbing. But Home Guides actually has an article titled “How to Clean Human Urine From a Carpet”. Granted, they assume that this urine came from a toddler. But there are apparently carpet cleaners specially formulated for removing urine. Now, the real question is: whose job is it to clean the carpet? (via Home Guides)

This person’s roommate left rice in the rice cooker, and it formed a lot of mold. Credit: BoredPanda

Mold in the Rice Cooker

In this image, we see a nearly-full rice cooker that is covered in mold. The mold has been growing for so long, it’s actually different colors of black, orange, and white. On Reddit, the original caption for this image said, “Wanted To Make Some Sushi Tonight. Roommate Left Me A Surprise In The Rice Cooker”. One of the top comments joked, “Michelin star pending”. If this was me, I think I would leave the rice cooker alone, and just make some simple stovetop rice instead. Let the roommate discover what they have done the next time they want to make rice. And if both parties are too stubborn to clean the machine, let it be thrown away. I would be too upset to clean that myself. (Maybe I’m just petty.) (via Kitchen Guru Ideas)

This person cleaned the entire kitchen, only to come back the next day to see another huge mess. Credit: BoredPanda

After Being Gone For One Day, This is What The Roommates Left in the Sink

In the image above, we see a sink full of dishes. At first glance, that’s pretty normal for a lot of households. But the original caption for this image said, “I Cleaned The Whole Kitchen At 5PM Yesterday. I Stayed At My Partner’s Last Night And Came Home To This Mess From My Roommates.” So basically, the roommates cooked and never bothered to clean up after themselves. It’s definitely upsetting to see that this much damage was done in less than 24 hours. Apparently, according to Psychology Today, getting upset over the dishes goes much deeper than just cleaning up. In this case, I think it feels like blatant disrespect- at least from my perspective. Everyone should just clean up after themselves, when they clearly are the ones who created the dirty dishes in the first place. (via Psychology Today)

This person’s sister completely trashed the apartment when she was getting ready to move out. Credit: BoredPanda

Act of Revenge?

In these two images above, we see an apartment that has been completely trashed. There is garbage all over the floor, a discarded mattress, trash bags, and a stained carpet. The original caption for this image said, “How My Sister Left Our Apartment Upon Move Out.” The top comment said, “Sister?! I’d ring your mom. This is a nasty thing to do to family.” In this next photo, you have to wonder if the sister was trying to take revenge on her family because she hates them. Or maybe she is truly that much of a brat. If she was living on her own, and she left her apartment looking like that, she would not get her security deposit back. The landlord might even try charging her an additional cleaning fee to remove that trash, as well. (via Apartment Therapy)

This person’s fiance never finishes a bottle of Coca Cola before buying a new one. Credit: BoredPanda

What a Huge Waste

In the photo above, we see a fridge with four bottles of Coca Cola in varying sizes. They’ve been half-consumed, with soda left in each of the bottles. The original caption for this photo said, “My Fiance Refuses To Finish A Bottle Of Coke Before Opening Another.” And in the top comment, someone said, “Pour them all into the one bottle and watch him drink it. I’m sure they’re way beyond flat and nasty now.” Personally, I find this to be very weird, because I feel like I must complete something first before I move on to the next. It would annoy me to no end to see this in my own fridge- so much so that I would probably drink the soda that my fiancé left over, even though I prefer Diet Coke. (via Pantry and Larder)

This roommate smashed this person’s computer monitor. Credit: BoredPanda

Let’s Hope He Offers to Replace This Monitor

This image is truly tragic, because we can see a monitor that has been smashed. The original caption for this photo said, “After 9 Hours At Work I Come Home To See My Roommate Had Smashed My 250-Dollar Monitor With My Air Duster.” Why though? Was he angry and seeking some sort of revenge on his roommate? I would hope that he called the tops to report this incident. Or at the very least, I hope the roommate replaced his monitor for him. There is never a valid reason to destroy someone’s property. Especially when that computer monitor is probably used for work or school. (Even though we see video games on the screen.) (via LifeWire)

Somehow, this roommate managed to get soup inside of the stove top. Credit: BoredPanda

Some People Really Don’t Know How to Cook

The caption for this photo simply said, “My roommate made soup.” But… how? How is this even possible? In the image above, we see that tomato soup somehow ended up inside of the stove. It looks like they used the stove cover as a pot? I honestly can’t understand how an adult could possibly make this kind of mistake. And there is probably no way to remove the liquid out of the stove. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to listen to the conversation they ended up having with their landlord when they explained how this could possibly happen. (via Remove and Replace)

This woman’s fiance took huge bites out of the household cheese. Credit: BoredPanda

The Big Cheese

The original caption for this image said, “I Love My Husband. I Love Cheese. Brian, What The Hell?” This is very cringe. You’re supposed to cut off pieces of cheese with a knife, so that it leaves a clean block for everyone else. This man is clearly selfish. Or maybe he was completely high when he did this. I don’t really understand how a rational adult could just take a huge bite out of the household cheese. (via Cheese Grotto)

This boy’s dorm room is a real disaster. Credit: BoredPanda

This College Dorm Room is a True Disaster Area

The original caption for this photo said, “My College Roommate Last Year. He Spilled Dip Spit On His Bed Multiple Times And Never Cleaned The Sheets.” Um… I think the dip spit is the least of this room’s problems. We can’t even see it in the photo. The real question is- how much of this mess is made by the roommate, and how much of it belongs to the OP? I feel like whoever is responsible for this is going to be in the future of Questionable Bachelor Pads That Give Us Hives. (via Home Addict)

This man has to clean up his wife’s hair out of the vacuum cleaner. Credit: BoredPanda

Blonde Problems

The original caption for this photo said, “My Wife Looks At Me Like I’m Crazy When I Tell Her The Vacuum Has To Be Cleaned Regularly”. Unfortunately, I can relate to this. Back when I bleached my hair blonde, I shedded a lot of hair like this too. Now that I let my hair go back to its natural brunette color, I don’t seem to have a problem like this anymore. According to Self, “On average, seven percent of the scalp hair is shedding, so per day naturally blonde women can experience higher numbers of natural shedding from the root when compared to other hair types.” Expect to lose an average of 100 hairs per day, compared to Asians who lose about 70 and African Americans lose about 60.” (via Self)

This roommate tried to replace the toilet seat, but it’s the wrong size. Credit: BoredPanda

This is Why You Measure Things

The original caption for this photo says, “Roommate Broke The Toilet Seat. No Worries Though. He Replaced It.” You would think that he would realize it was the wrong size before installing it. In the photo, you can clearly see that the seat and lid don’t fit on the toilet itself. Someone in the comment section remarked that a landlord probably wouldn’t have done a much better job in fixing this. Maybe. But if this was me, I would insist that the roommate returns the seat to Home Depot and goes to buy another. Or I would go buy a new one myself. (via Wiki How)

This roommate left a massive hole in the carpet. Credit: BoredPanda

They’re Not Getting Their Security Deposit Back

The original caption said, “A Burn Hole I Discovered Hidden Underneath My Roommate’s Bed After I Kicked Her Out. Pineapple For Scale”. The top comment says, “Pineapple for scale? what is this abomination?” I have so many questions. Why is this burn hole under the bed? I understand if you accidently left a burning cigarette or a clothes iron. But how in the world would it be under the bed? (via Joe Walkers Flooring)

This person’s roommates left behind a demolished bunch of wood on the floor. Credit: BoredPanda

Destruction Site

In the image above, we can see there is a pile of wood and nails all over the floor of someone’s bedroom. The original caption for this photo said, “Came Back To My College Apartment This Morning With My Roommates Having Done This.” I still don’t fully understand what they did. Are they removing floorboards, or taking apart a piece of furniture? Either way, they left a huge mess in someone’s bedroom. And if their landlord discovered what was going on, I don’t think he would be very happy about it. (via Dumpsters)

There are maggots left around this stain of soda or coffee. Credit: BoredPanda

Little Bugs Everywhere

The original caption for this photo says, “I Hate My Flatmates (No That’s Not Rice).” In case you don’t know, these are little maggots left behind from flies. According to Cleanipedia, “Maggots often appear in the home when old, rotting food is left out or in the bin for long periods of time. Make sure you stop maggots from infesting by removing over-ripe or rotting food quickly and make sure you keep your dustbin lined and clean every day.” (via Cleanipedia)

Someone’s roommate left a truly disgusting mess behind in the air fryer. Credit: BoredPanda

The Most Disgusting Air Fryer in the World

In the image above, we see a completely blackened air fryer that is caked with food. The original caption of this photo says, “This Is My Ex-Roommate’s Air Fryer”. Gross. At this point, it’s so disgustingly dirty, I don’t know if I would want to continue using this any longer. I’m sure if you soaked it with baking soda and vinegar for a while, you might be able to get off the chunks of burned food. But is it really worth it? I say let your roommate keep her disgusting air fryer, and find a different way to make your own food. (via Everyday Family Cooking)

This woman left empty egg shells inside of the carton. Credit: BoredPanda

Please Throw Your Egg Shells Away

The original caption for this photo said, “My Wife Insists This Is Normal”. No, not really. If you look closely, you can see that there is still some egg residue left inside of the egg shells. According to the Egg Safety Center, putting a used eggshell back in the carton with fresh eggs “greatly increases the risk of bacteria transfer by hands, utensils, air, etc.” So, toss eggshells in the trash can or compost bin. (via All Recipes)

This roommate shoved all of their groceries in the fridge without trying to organize them at all. Credit: BoredPanda

S-Tier Organization Skills

The original caption for this photo said, “My Roommate’s Very Organized Fridge.” Yes, that’s sarcasm. If you look closely, there is an entire quarter of a chocolate cake sitting in the crisper drawer at the bottom of the fridge. How could you possibly find anything in a fridge like this? If they keep this up for much longer, a lot of the food is going to go bad because you can’t find it underneath the plastic bags and piles of stuff. (via HGTV)

This person’s roommate left huge tufts of her hair inside of the shower. Credit: Bored Panda

A Hairy Problem

The original caption in the photo said, “My Roommate Has Started A Collection.” One of the top comments said, “Clean it up but don’t throw it away. Months down the line when you have collected enough, sculpt it into a life size replica of the roommate in question. Next time they leave the house place it into the bedroom. Leave the country.” Just like the hair in the vacuum, sometimes this happens to women. In this case, though, it looks like these hairs are coming out of a weave or hair extensions. This woman also has Nexxus shampoo, which is very expensive. So they clearly care about taking care of their hair. But they have a true issue with cleaning up after themselves. (via Healthline)

Someone left a fridge off with food in it for two months. Now it’s full of mold. Credit: BoredPanda

There is Something Literally Growing in There

The original caption of the photo said, “Came Back To My Place In The City I Work In After A Couple Of Months Away And Apparently My Roommate Turned The Electricity Off When He Left But Forgot To Clean The Fridge.” Yuck. The top comment said, “I can smell it from here.” In this photo, we can see mold growing, and there is a literal plant coming out of the vegetable crisper drawer. This entire fridge needs to have everything thrown away, and someone needs to scrub it down with bleach before it can be used again. (via CDC)

This cutlery drawer is completely disorganized. Credit: BoredPanda


The original caption for this photo read, “I Live With Two Grown Men. Just Tell Me Why.” I think this photo is giving me OCD. All I want to do is just get in there and organize the crap out of the drawer. In the photo, we can see that silverware is literally just tossed into a drawer without bothering to separate the forks, knives, and spoons. It must take forever to search for what you actually need. Why are men like this? (via The Spruce)

Seeds started growing into sprouts inside of a mop. Credit: BoredPanda

Free Microgreens

The original caption of this photo said, “When Your Flatmate Likes To Eat Seeds And Cleans The Floor Without Vacuuming First.” Yikes. On one hand, it’s good that the roommate is cleaning at all. But it should be common sense to sweep or vacuum the dry floor first before mopping. I wonder if they took the time to pick out all of these micro-greens, or if they simply had to get a new mop. (via Pinterest)

This hot dish of chicken is hanging off of the stove. Credit: BoredPanda

Way to Call Out Your Wife

The original caption of this photo said, “This Is How My Wife Leaves A Dish After Taking It Out If The Oven And Walks Away. We Have Children And A Dog.” The top comment said, “A young sloppy person that lives with a roommate, not cool. A parent with children who leaves hot things like that, a real idiot that shouldn’t have children or animals.” I feel like that’s a bit harsh. But it truly is dangerous to leave a hot dish of food like that half hanging off of the stove. According to statistics, two thirds of home fires start in the kitchen, 480 people die a year in kitchen fires, and 350,000 people are injured by kitchen knives each year. (via Beaumont Emergency Hospital)

This person’s roommate went months without cleaning his mug. Credit: BoredPanda

What Happens When You Never Clean a Mug

In the image above, we see a mug that’s caked with a layer of disgusting brown. The original caption of this photo said, “My Flatmate’s Cup. Which He Refuses To Clean. What You’re Seeing Is Layers Upon Layer Of Old Milky English Breakfast Tea. Months Worth.” That’s truly gross. I don’t know why someone would want to drink tea out of that mug when it looks like that. (via Molly Maid)

This person discovered that someone else was using their soap in the worst way. Credit: BoredPanda

A Hairy Situation

The original caption of this photo said, “I Thought I Was The Only One Using This Soap. Seriously, Who Does This?” That’s gross. Something like that really only happens if they’re in the middle of shaving, and then use the soap afterwards. Doing this is downright disrespectful. And it’s a major reason why it’s smart to use wash cloths in the shower. If I was this person, I would call out my roommate and show them the evidence. (via The Beauty Brains)

This person moved out and left her roommates in their filth. Credit: BoredPanda

What Happens When You’re Gone

The original caption to this photo said, “I Moved Out A Month Earlier Than I Was Supposed To Because I Was Always The One Who Cleaned Up After My Girl Roommates. I Came Back To Pick Up Some Stuff To See This”. A comment said, “Good for you, leave them to their trash!” Seriously. In a way, it’s sort of satisfying to see that these girls are now living in their own filth because of how lazy they are. Clearly, they don’t seem to care, though, because the trash continues to pile up in their kitchen. It must smell awful. (via Cube Smart)

This person left rotten milk sitting in the fridge for God knows how long. Credit: BoredPanda

Rotten Milk

The original caption said, “Flatmate’s Milk That Aged Like Milk.” Disgusting. This makes me lactose intolerant just from looking at it. In the photo above, we can see that these containers of milk are so old, that it’s separating into solid and liquid. It clearly needs to be thrown away. I really hope that this person let their roommate know about the milk, so that it could be thrown away immediately. But I don’t know how anyone could have let it go for this long, unless they were traveling for a long period of time. (via Healthline)

The roommate left the water on, and it poured throughout the entire apartment. Credit: BoredPanda

This Roommate Caused a Flood

The original caption said, “My Roommate Left The Sink On To Defrost Some Meat And Then Left To Go To Walmart. This Is My Room.” One of the comments joked, “On the plus side, you now have an indoor pool!” This is horrible, because it is probably causing permanent damage to the carpet and the floor boards below. Cleaning this up is no joke. They’re going to have to call their landlord, and it’s not likely that they will get their security deposit back. (via Apartment Therapy)

Someone left food in the fridge so long, it became full of mold. Credit: BoredPanda

The Most Disgusting Leftovers Ever

The original caption sarcastically said, “Love Having Roommates.” And the top comment joked, “Careful this is how global pandemics start…” Yikes. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should only keep leftovers for 3 to 4 days. In the image above, we see that these containers of spaghetti are covered with mold that looks like it’s been growing for months. The mold is so bad that I can’t even tell what the food is supposed to be in half of the other dishes. (via Mayo Clinic)

This girl bites into the stick of butter and spits it out when she cooks. Credit: BoredPanda

Let’s Hope She is Cooking For One

The original caption for this photo said, “My Roommate Bites Her Butter And Then Drops It On The Pan When She Cooks.” That’s disgusting. It’s really not that hard to get out a butter knife and use that instead. I truly hope that she isn’t cooking for anyone else except herself. Sure, maybe the germs would go away after cooking. But this is just downright disrespectful. (via Reddit)

These roommates made the bathroom sink so dirty, it turned black. Credit: BoredPanda

The Sink is So Dirty, It’s Black

The original caption of this photo said, “Roommate Left Our Shared Bathroom Like This After I Had Been Gone For A Few Weeks”. Someone left a joke comment, “Is your roommate Venom?” In the image above, we see a sink that is completely covered in some kind of black substance. Just like the earlier shower image, I have no idea what this black stain could be. Is it beard dye? Charcoal toothpaste? But it’s also splattered pretty much everywhere. Someone needs to clean this right away, because it’s unsanitary. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

This roommate wiped barbecue sauce all over their favorite turtleneck. Credit: BoredPanda

This Roommate is Truly Nasty

The original caption of this photo said, “My Roommate Used My Favorite Turtleneck As A BBQ Rag Last Night.” Seriously- what’s wrong with people? They clearly knew that this was their roommate’s property, and yet they destroyed it on purpose. If I were them, I would demand that they buy me a new turtleneck. According to Tide, though, there is a way to remove BBQ sauce stains out of clothing. But it means buying extra products and going through a lot of effort to undo the damage that this roommate has done. (via Tide)

This roommate left their rice sitting out for months, and it grew mold. Credit: BoredPanda

Yet Another Rice Maker Tragedy

The original caption of this photo said, “Roommate’s Rice Cooker Has Turned Into Brain-Like Tissue. He Refuses To Clean It, And Leaves It On The Shared Kitchen Counter.” This is the second rice maker photo that we have included on this list. But it’s so disgusting, it’s worth mentioning a second time. Seriously, what’s wrong with people? Again- I would refuse to clean this myself, and make stove top rice instead until the roommate decided to clean up after themselves, or buy a new rice maker. (via Civiconcepts)

This person’s roommate smashed their TV. Credit: BoredPanda

Anger Issues

The original caption of this photo said, “My Roommate Smashed My TV. I Already Called The Cops.” How awful. I’m sure they were having some sort of argument in order for this to happen. But destruction of personal property is no joke. The fact that he called the cops on his roommate suggests that they won’t be living together for much longer. I don’t know where these people live. But in my home state of New Jersey, the crime of vandalism is known as “criminal mischief”, anddepending on the property damaged or its value, could be punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. (via Nerd Repair Center)

This roommate trashed the apartment over a petty argument. Credit: BoredPanda

Petty Revenge

The original caption of this photo said, “My Acquaintance Got In An Argument With Her Roommate Over Who Left The Milk Out. While My Acquaintance Was At Work, The Roommate Did This.” Wow. This is incredibly immature and petty. In the 4-image compilation above, we can see that the entire apartment is completely trashed. There is stuff spilled all over the floor, clothes thrown on the ground, furniture torn apart, and so much more. If this was me, I would move out as soon as possible, because this girl clearly has some kind of problem. (via HGTV)

This girl waits for her mom to come and clean up her room. Credit: BoredPanda

Completely Enabled By Her Mom

The original caption of this photo said, “My Friend’s Roommate. She Waits For Her Mom To Come From An Hour And A Half Away To Clean Up Her Mess And Wash Her Dishes”. I really hope that this is a college dorm, because that’s the only instance when they is even remotely fathomable. Even then, it’s so blatantly obvious that this girl is spoiled and enabled by her mom. It makes me sad that parents think this is okay. But it’s actually doing their child a disservice when they don’t know how to clean up after themselves. It’s like grooming a future hoarder. (via Better Help)

Food was thrown away by roommates who wanted room for their own food. Credit: BoredPanda

What a Waste

In the photo above, we see that there is a lot of perfectly good produce that has been thrown in the garbage. The original caption said, “My Roommate Threw Out My Food To Make Room For Her Salad Mixes In The Fridge.” Wow. What a jerk. Who gives her the right to dominate all of the space in the fridge, anyway? The normal thing to do would be to have a discussion about this, and maybe a minute to try to reorganize the fridge. But this girl just decided to throw away perfectly good food instead. (via EPA)

This custom wooden spoon was burned by careless roommates. Credit: BoredPanda

These Roommates Destroyed Something Sentimental

The original caption said, “How My Roommates Treated My Hand-Made Wooden Spoon My Father Made For Me.” We see a tragic image of a custom-made wooden spoon that has been burnt to a crisp. I wonder if these roommates knew that there was such a sentimental attachment to this spoon or not. Either way, they shouldn’t be so careless with someone else’s property. I really hope the dad was able to make her daughter a replacement spoon. This time, she should hide it away so that she is the only one who can use it. (via Etsy)