These People Unearthed Secrets in Home Renovation Projects

Lindsey - November 6, 2023
Photo: Wikipedia

Bizarre or Secret Passages

Discovering a secret passage during a home renovation is like stepping into the pages of a mystery or adventure novel. The possibilities are endless: from clandestine escapes to hidden chambers. The decision to preserve and incorporate a secret passage leads to interesting decision-making for homeowners, but with care they can make it their own.

A woman who purchased a 148-year-old home recently shared her secret passage find. In the video she posted, she shows a narrow door that looks like it should lead into an upstairs bathroom. However, there’s no door into the bathroom from that side. When she opens the door, viewers can see it houses a staircase that’s been blocked off. This is made less creepy by the stickers with 1970s icons adorning the back of the door. Commenters speculate it leads to former servants’ quarters turned into a teen bedroom, but time and further exploration will tell!