These Room Dividing Tricks Make Any Room a 10/10

Trista - August 24, 2022
You can use a room divider to separate the spaces of your home. Instead of building a wall, simply use a partition of sorts to effectively section the area. Besides creating better flow, you can also use room dividers as decorative focal points. Other reasons you might want a screen in place is to add privacy to a specific area, hide clutter, increase storage options, or simply accent the space. Of course, you want a room divider design that fits your home. There are a plethora of types from intricate and modern to rustic and old-fashioned. Don’t forget DIY ideas so you can have an affordable way to divide your space.
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Using A Two-Way Fireplace To Divide Up Rooms

A two-way fireplace is a very clever way to create a room divider that is functional as well. Positioning this between dining and living spaces will create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for both areas. You don’t need to fully close off an open floor plan but creating distinct spaces can help the house’s traffic flow much better, and with this idea, you’ll be making it warm and inviting too. You could also build a lower two-way fireplace to allow even more open space in the area while creating a divide.

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Salvage Old Windows And Use As A Room Divider

Say goodbye to the walls and hello to more windows in your home! This window room divider can delineate separate spaces and let light flow through beautifully. If you have a more farmhouse chic home, choose an old salvaged window like this that will amp up the charm in your house. This is a great DIY project and a way to put old windows you may have lying around to good use. You can hang it from the ceiling or build it into a dividing wall to open it up but keep spaces differentiated.

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The Fairy Light Room Divider

Add sparkle to your room divider with this stunning and sparkly idea! Branches are a fantastic idea for a room divider as they feel more natural than solid wood beams or slats. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you could add twinkle lights to your branches. Turn them on at night to transform the area into a magical space! Not only does it create something extraordinary, but it’s now functioning as a form of light and further enhances the atmosphere. This would be beautiful in a child’s room as well!

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You Just Need A Sofa And A Console Table

Want to create a divide between spaces in your home without having to spend money on construction or dividers that won’t stay in place? Here’s exactly how you can achieve the space division with a sofa and a beautiful console table. Close off your living room area with a long couch, and then place a console table of the same height behind it. You’ve now successfully created two separate spaces with the furniture you will actually use and without breaking the bank. You can do this in many areas of your home, even your bedroom!

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The Farmhouse Chicken Wire Divider

Create a chicken wire screen as the perfect farmhouse decor divider! You can craft a divider like this using aged pallet wood and then purchase chicken wire to add the panels. This creates a very rustic look, which has been a big trend in the past year, and the best part? You can hang things from it too! This would be lovely for an office area where you need to hang up reminders, pen holders, or whatever you can think of. You can also pin up some photos if it is in a family area to create a very homey feel with them.

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You Don’t Always Need To Divide A Room

Room dividers don’t always have to divide space; they can actually take up empty space instead! For example, this would have been a very empty and wasted corner without this divider. The divider adds character, especially with the more intricate and textural design. This room divider works as a sculpture in some way and transforms the space to make it appear very well thought out. The bonus is that if you need to divide space, you have a divider ready to use!

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Time to Bring Back The Beaded Curtains

What do you think about this beaded curtain room divider? You may think that beaded curtains in doorways are outdated, but they appear to be coming back! You can opt for a much more modern and classic look with gigantic beads or make them out of polystyrene balls, which would be a very affordable DIY effort. Although, with real beads, there’s nothing quite as calming as hearing them gently knock together as the wind blows through.

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Creating A Canopy Bed With A Room Divider

This beautiful room divider concept appears to create a canopy bed effect! Room dividers don’t always have to divide up rooms; they can create different pockets of space in one room, just like this. There’s something very cozy about a bed with curtains around it, and it’s a grown-up version of a tent! You can even add the option of tiebacks so that the bed isn’t always covered up. This is a fantastic option for studio apartments, too, so that you feel like you have separate spaces.

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Taking A Plant Wall To New Heights

If you have a green thumb, here is the room divider for you! Instead of placing your succulents on side tables, coffee tables, and shelves (which take up significant space), hang them from the ceiling rather! Hang the succulents at various heights in beautiful macrame holders like this to form a division between two areas in your home. It is so different and goes against all traditional room dividers, and that’s why we love the look it creates. Create dimension by choosing a few variations of succulents and colors of the hanging baskets.

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A Surprisingly Artistic Room Divider

This design will amaze your guests. Heck, it will amaze you! It’s so beautiful to look at that it’s like a work of art. Not a bad way to split up your room with a divider. This design hangs from the ceiling with silver hardware. Each of the white elements is arranged in a star shape. The facets can also be rotated, which breaks the pattern and creates an interesting texture in the design. This would be just incredible in a modern or contemporary home or in big, open rooms that need to feel more intimate.

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50 Shades Of Green For This Room Divider

This creative idea reminds us of a paint sample display, and what a stunning way to bring color into your home! Use small pieces of hardboard painted in your choice of color; green might not work in your home, and connect them to each other with a chain link. You’ll then have a long panel to create your room divider with. You could also introduce some patterned pieces into the drop to switch things up a bit. This really is an interesting take on a room divider, and you can customize it to exactly the length you need.


A Room Divider Inspired by The Home Edit

We’ve all become obsessed with color coordination since watching The Home Edit, so you could apply this concept to your bookcase and turn it into a room divider! When you position a bookcase in between two spaces, you create a divide without it feeling invasive. Decorating it in such a way that includes vibrant colors will become an extraordinary and functional area of your home. Organize your items by color and watch them come to life.

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Shiplap Barn Doors Are A Stunning New Idea For Room Dividers

Do you love the look of wooden boards? This room partition idea is perfect for you then! It is a barn door, but it looks so different with the shiplap design. It also appears to be a textural wall which could make your spaces look much more high-end with the design. Since it is all done in the same color, it does not disrupt the room’s flow and keeps the space feeling big and beautiful. Slide the door to the side when you don’t need it and enjoy closing the world out when you need to.


You Don’t Always Need To Go High With Room Dividers

Room dividers don’t always need to extend vertically; sometimes less is more, which certainly did the trick in this case. Half walls are a clever way to separate spaces without making small rooms feel even more enclosed. You’re letting people understand the area, but you aren’t making them feel claustrophobic while in your home. Fill up these spaces with beautiful books or decorations – you could even corner off a reading nook which would make sense with this bookshelf design.


Swap Out Soft Fabric For Contemporary Wire Mesh

If you live in a stunning loft or a cool apartment, this contemporary style of room divider is what you need to install. Wire mesh is an incredible fabric because of the way it hangs. It drapes beautifully like fabric, but it obviously has a lot more weight which helps to keep it in place. If you have many metal textures around your home, this will integrate seamlessly into your chosen style. It is also quite dense, creating a decent amount of privacy between the two spaces.

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No Need For Drills And Bolts With This Room Divider

If you’re in a rental, you’re probably avoiding putting nails in the wall at all costs — you want your safety deposit back! This freestanding room divider can put the drill and hammer away. Set up a freestanding rod propped up by two poles and attach a curtain of your choice. You can move this around your home, which is so stylish with its simplicity. It will transform your home into a chic style, especially if you opt for something similar to this design with black metal and the ever-popular muslin cloth.


Create The Perfect Spot For Your Media Unit

You could turn your media unit into a room divider! Alternatively, if you don’t have a good spot on the wall to mount your TV, this is another excellent solution. Create a built-in shelving unit or interesting structure like this, giving you more wall space without ruining your open plan layout. You can mount your TV on the unit and enjoy all the spots of your home at once. Room dividers don’t always have to block the view from one area to another, which is a prime example.

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An Abstract Idea For A Room Divider

This example of a room divider is a little more abstract but insanely clever! If you want to avoid putting up curtains or installing room dividers fully – here is the solution you’ve been looking for. Style up different rugs that will make a visual impact on the floor. These various rugs will help differentiate spaces, like the dining area, the lounge area, and so on. While there may not be a physical divide between the rooms, our brains work in a weird and wonderful way that they’ll understand what is happening with the design.

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The Most Modern Office Room Divider

This incredibly modern room divider style adds an office feel to the space in the best way possible. A design like this is one of a kind, and you’ll need to get someone who knows how to do this – it’s not the easiest DIY project. Choose a lighter tone like white if your home is based on neutrals, but if you have an edgier home, you could also go for a gray tone or even black if you want this wall feature to stand out.

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How To Divide Up Your Bathroom

Here’s a room divider idea for your bathroom! Sometimes it’s much nicer to have the toilet out of sight and out of mind. In this design, that’s exactly what the designer has achieved. Plus, you’re giving your beautiful tub a real moment with this geometric patterned design on the wall behind it. This would involve constructing a wall in the bathroom, but it adds to the space and doesn’t impact the opening of the bathroom.


Install Modular and Decorative Wall Panels In Your Rental

Are you living in a rental at the moment, or maybe you don’t have the time for construction in your house – there is a simple way to create room division with these 3D wall panels! This modular design is lightweight and can make a large-scale dimensional wall to fit your size and shape requirements. The delicate design also has an interesting motif that could fit into various room styles. Wall panels like this create a division but don’t block out the light from one room to another, which is fantastic for smaller spaces.


Repurposing Curtains As A Room Divider

Have you ever considered using curtains for something other than window decoration/blackouts? You can divide a room so well and affordably with a set of curtains. All you would need to do is install a curtain rod and choose your perfect style of curtains to match the rest of your decor. You don’t need to spend any money on construction and can close out the other space whenever you want. This would work well for a room with a bay window/study area where you sometimes need privacy. You could also look at getting sound-absorbing curtains to improve the privacy factor.

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Practical and Perfect Way To Divide A Room

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern way to divide a room, we recommend creating this wood room divider. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it could also be put to practical use if you have a fireplace in your home. You could store the wood right in your house while making a feature of it too. Set up wrought iron shelving and stack wood pieces to create a division between two spaces. This could be the perfect way to set up your home office if it’s in an open-plan living area.


Creating A Cute And Playful Room Divider

Do you need to create a division in your living area between the living room and playroom? Make it fun and cute with this style divider. It’s also a great DIY option; you can customize each panel that forms the divider. Make one divider a blackboard, another a corkboard, and then choose a fun color for the last partition of the divider. This is a function room divider as it will keep your kids entertained and allow you to have your own space. We’d also like to note that this is a great way to keep them from drawing on the walls because they can draw on this instead!

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Bringing The Outside In With This Room Divider

You’ll love this room divider idea if you love the whole outdoors inside concept! This is a beautiful concept for an apartment where you want to create a foyer space by creating a division between the entrance to your home and the living area. Add shelving units to a wall and create a support beam on the other side using a fake tree or a beautiful, sturdy branch. This one will take a fair bit of DIY or a handy contractor, but it will create a stand-out piece in your home.


Go Big Or Go Home With Two Folding Screens

Instead of just one screen, add two to create a room division with a door! Folding screens are great for spaces that you don’t want permanently divided, as you can fold them back when they aren’t necessary. This screen style is stunning for a home office as you feel you have a double door into your office space with a set of two dividers – one on each side. This divider is also a great mix between open and closed with the style of decorative gaps. You’re allowing some light, but you’ll also be able to create an area of focus.

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A Built In Bench Is The Most Functional Room Divider Ever

A bench room divider is one of the most genius ideas for a small home that is short on space but wants to create a foyer area. This is also a great idea if you have an open plan living and kitchen area where you’d like to make some sort of partition. Consider creating a built-in bench area to divide the locations and create a breakfast nook, a reading area, or just some extra seating space for your foyer area. Not only will it make the room look better, but it will also function so well that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Wine Lovers, We Have The Room Divider Inspiration For You

If you are a wine lover, you’ll want to start designing this room divider immediately! Have you always wanted to integrate a beautiful wine display into your home but didn’t know where to place it? This wine cabinet creates a division between your living and dining areas. You can create a beautiful glass display to divide the rooms and store your wine. You can go fancy and make the divider a specific temperature to keep your wine just right and ready to serve all your dinner party guests.


Use Your TV and Entertainment System As A Room Divider

Open plan living and dining rooms are very popular in homes, and we often want to create some sort of a division between the spaces. Instead of setting up your TV unit and entertainment system on a wall, use this as a way to create a divide between the two areas. It can be as simple as purchasing a TV stand and placing it between the two rooms, or you can go a bit fancier and get a custom built-in design for your TV and entertainment system. You could look into a fireplace that functions on both sides to provide warmth and ambiance to each room.


You Won’t Regret This Whiteboard Divider In Your Home Office

Are you a creative person who always comes up with great ideas but has nowhere to write them down? This next room divider is fantastic for a home office too! Hang dividers from the ceiling to create “walls” between spaces, but you can also use these dividers as a whiteboard to keep notes of all your ideas throughout the day. If you are someone who hosts meetings frequently, this is a great way to have form meet function in your space. This could also be a fun idea for a shared kid’s room that needs a partition between the areas.


Turning Bookcases Into Simple Room Dividers

Bookcases are one of the best ways to divide a room – and one of the most cost-effective. Bookcases are great because they’re functional, but they’re also decorative. Pick a bookcase that fits the style of your room. Depending on the size, you may want to introduce a larger bookcase next to each other. It depends on how much privacy you want because you can fill up the bookcases or leave them empty with just a few decorative items.

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Creating Open But Closed Space With A Ladder Wall

If you don’t want to shut off a space, using a ladder wall completely is a stunning idea as a room divider. It’s something you can DIY or bring in a skilled team to construct for you – depending on your budget restrictions. Ladder walls are great because they also help with storage for blankets, towels, and you can even hang baskets off them if you need more storage space for home office supplies, games, and more. You can construct it out of wood or if you prefer a more edgy style, try doing a metal ladder.

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Using A Gallery Wall As A Room Divider

Art lovers, do you not have enough room for all your pieces? Create a floating wall that can house extra artwork and create lovely divisions between spaces. Too much open space isn’t always a good thing, and sometimes we need to add boundaries between rooms, but you can do it in a very artistic way like this! This gives a whole new meaning to a gallery wall! When you place art on the wall, people won’t notice the wall; they’ll instead focus on the art, so the division between spaces won’t be as jarring.

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DIY Your Own Folding Screen

Are all the room dividers too expensive or not to your taste? You can DIY your own folding screen simply by stapling fabric of your choice onto panel frames. If you have an old folding screen, bring it back to life with a fresh coat of paint on the wood and choose a new fabric. It’s great to repurpose old items and give them a new lease on life in your home where they serve a purpose. Room dividers like this are fantastic for small areas where you don’t always want space blocked off as they are light and easy to move.

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Use Barn Doors As Room Dividers

Do you want to create a more permanent structure that allows division between spaces? Well, you need to get some barn doors! Barn doors are a viral trend at the moment, so they’re the perfect way to create new spaces in your home. A cute barn door like this can be painted with chalk paint so that you can keep the kids having fun, or it forms the ideal way to keep your to-do list somewhere you can see it all day long. Barn doors can work in all home areas — give it a try.

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Get Rolling With This Room Divider Inspiration

If you loved our idea of bookcases as a divider earlier but wanted a bit more flexibility, as bookcases aren’t so easy to move, what about a bookcase with locking wheels? You’ll be able to roll it around and lock off the bookcase wherever you want to separate the space today, and you can partition off a whole new area tomorrow. If you’re someone who loves changing around their home, an option like this doesn’t lock you into a design feature and gives you freedom with the space you create.

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Use Low Cubbies To Divide A Room

If you want to divide a room but don’t want a floor-to-ceiling divide, this low cubby look is perfect! You get to keep open space above while creating space division and, best of all… extra storage! We’re always looking for more ways to make more storage in our homes, so with this divider idea, you can kill two birds with one stone. This would work well for a kid’s bedroom where you want to create a play area, sleeping area, or even a division between a living room and a kitchen.

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Who Would Have Thought A Headboard Would Be A Room Divider?

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a beautiful and extremely large master bedroom, you may wonder what you will do with all this space. Gone are the days you have to position your bed against a wall. What about putting it in the middle or right in front of a beautiful view? Use a large headboard for the bed, and you’ll automatically create a division of spaces within the room. Place a small desk for quick working tasks behind the headboard, and you’ll have an office and a bedroom all in one.

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Big Isn’t Always Better With Room Divider Designs

A room divider doesn’t always have to be a prominent feature in your home to separate spaces; sometimes, we need room dividers to guide the flow of a home. Something like this columned room divider near your entranceway will help to direct the inflow of people into the direction of your choice. This divider doesn’t take up much room at all but is still creating distinct areas within the home’s entry point. Smaller homes would benefit from a feature like this, and you can choose whatever column suits your aesthetic.

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Hop On The Macrame Trend With Your Room Divider

Macrame has become a prevalent trend, mainly for bags, clothing, and hanging baskets for plants, so you should consider it as a potential divider too. If you don’t know what this is, it’s the art of knitting rope that produces textiles. It is an open weave textile and could provide a lot of interest to your space while adding an artistic flair. Something like this would work in a bohemian-style home. Simply hang up a macrame curtain by your desk, and you’ll have created a small room divider perfect for your needs.

Courtesy Antoine Bootz/Brian Boyle/BNO Design/Rusk Renovations

Feel The Breeze With This Luxurious Room Divider

Here’s a simple curtain concept that you can use as a soft and elegant room divider. All you have to do is suspend a rod from the ceiling and use hooks or rings to attach the drapery of your choice. Velvet is dramatic while gauzy gives a lighter look. It’s easy to open and close the curtain whenever you need to use the areas accordingly. This room divider is ideal for a studio apartment or sleeping area.

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Get Creative With Leftover Wooden Slats

Wood is a popular choice of material in homes, and wooden slats are our choice for room dividers! If you have wooden boards left over from another project, you might consider turning them into a slatted partition like this. You can choose the gap between the slats, but when they are placed closer together, it creates a much more cohesive feel and presents like a room divider instead of columns to support the structure of your home. This divider style could be used so well in a bedroom with an open-plan bathroom.

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Divide Your Rooms With This Stylish Take On Wood

If you’re ready to get creative or want something very different in your home, you should steal this designer-style room divider! Using chunky beech squares and rectangles, this double-sided partition is used to separate two rooms but still achieves an open plan feel. It also adds a lot of warmth to the space while feeling modern. It looks almost like a grown-up version of Jenga, so if you’re a lover of board games, this is how you can pay homage to that part of your personality.

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Repurposing Doors Or Shutters As A Room Divider

If you have discarded doors or shutters, this is the most incredible design for a divider, especially in a cottage-inspired home or a French Provincial-inspired decor. You could also contact building sites or hardware that may have items like this for you to get at a bargain price. You’ll be able to stain or paint the doors or shutters in a tone that fits your space and connect the panels with hinges. This divider style adds a lot of personality and is very classic in its design.

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Going Full Modernist With This Wrought Iron Room Divider Design

This room divider is one for the modernists as it’s created in wrought iron and is very sleek in its design. You can leave it bare or add hanging pots to bring in another design element. This could be the inspiration you need to create a foyer in your home, now that you see it doesn’t have to block out light or take up much space. Your guests will be amazed when they walk in the front door and see this eye-catching design element. This would also be a good divider for a seating area and dining room. You could hang artwork on it instead then!

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A Different Take On The Column Divider

This room divider is similar to the idea of a column divider – a way to divert attention to a particular area and to create a better flow in your home. This room divider has MDF beams, and the wood is stunning in a home like this one. You can get a bit more creative and add cube shelves to the partition so that this space in your home can be used for storage or decorative display. If your home is a no-go shoe zone, you might even choose to make these cube shelves for functional reasons such as key storage or shoe storage.

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An Elegant Carved Wood Divider of Dreams

Here is definitely one of the most intricate room dividers on offer, and it works so well with a home that is more traditional in its decor. An elegantly carved wood divider will truly become the talk of the town! If you’ve been looking into purchasing art for your home, this is a wonderful way to incorporate a flare. It is very classy, but it will most likely come with quite the price tag. This is clearly a more permanent room divider, but it could be just the investment you need to make to complete your home.

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The Best Way To Divide A Smaller Space

This is the prime example of what you should do if you have a compact space in your home or apartment that needs to be divided. The base of this room divider is a storage unit – yes, we love extra storage, especially in smaller homes! While the storage unit is solid, the upper beams of the division allow light to flow through and not make the space feel even smaller. It’s keeping a balance between division and openness is essential so that the area doesn’t feel too closed in.

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A Fun And Functional Room Divider For Your Home

Here is an inspiration for a fun yet functional divider for your home. This integrated divider can be handy but also look fantastic. The metal frames are set up on a plywood base with more closed storage – if this is in your living area, you can keep items like remote controls, games, and more. The frames on the metal partition allow you to display beautiful things such as a vase of flowers or pieces of small sculptural art. We would highly recommend this design for either a foyer area or even a dining space.


A Solid Hanging Room Divider

This hanging room divider is much more solid than a curtain or a beautiful piece of fabric. If you want something more robust that is easy to install – this could be your option. It is simple and elegant but has many points of interest with the carving detail. Black is always a good choice for a design like this as it will never go out of style and can add some needed depth to a room. Divide up your living room and dining room with this style of partition – you’ll create a very intimate feel in your dining room and create your own private restaurant in your home.

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Making Your Divider A More Permanent Feature

As a more permanent way to divide rooms, you could definitely look into adding sliding doors into your home. Sliding doors that fit back into the opening of a wall or parallel to a wall aren’t taking up unnecessary space. This design gives you the best of both worlds – you can enjoy an open-plan home or close off the spot when needed. You can choose for your sliding doors to be made of wood, plastic, metal, or glass – depending on your home style and also considering safety.

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Hang Your Sliding Doors From The Ceiling

Continuing with the sliding partition inspiration, ceiling-mounted sliding doors are becoming super popular. You might not always be able to drill into the floor to have normal sliding doors, so these are a great option. This style of the sliding door also helps to raise the ceiling height of your home if you make them extend high enough, which can add a beautiful aesthetic to the space. With room divisions, the goal is never to create a smaller area; it’s just for practicality, so these elegant and tall sliding doors help to make it feel larger.

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Choosing A Frosted Glass Sliding Door

These sliding doors run from the floor to the ceiling and are stunning. The frosted glass is the perfect way to create privacy, which a clear glass sliding door wouldn’t. If you have a studio apartment, this could be the way to create a division between your living area and sleeping area. You can keep it open during the day when you want to feel like you are in a bigger space and close it when you sleep at night to feel more private. You could also use this in a room where the bathroom is ensuite, and you want a more open plan feel but still an air of privacy in the bathroom space.


Wrought Iron Room Dividers Are Wonderful

Cutwork screens and wrought iron grills are incredible options for room dividers – you can have big ones or small ones – whatever suits your needs. A wrought iron divider is ideal if you just want to slightly divide up space for a visual reason rather than a practical one. You can still see through them, and they can have some exquisite designs integrated into this room divider style. It’s going to be a permanent feature so make sure you are ready for this commitment before spending lots of money.

It’s Time For Some Wooden Fins In Your Home

Slatted wood “fins” are a good idea for partitions where you don’t want to block an area visually. When you allow for gaps between the slats, the light can pass through, keeping the space light and bright. If you have them too close together, you may as well have gone for a solid wall. It’s also an amazing idea if you want to do a curved design instead of a straight line of the wood panels. You can literally create any shape you like and mold it to your home’s aesthetic.

A More Natural Room Divider

We’ve shown you a set of shelves with a tree intertwined within it to create a room divider, but what about going full tree to create a more natural look than the wooden fins made with slats? Line up bamboo poles, tree logs, or branches to complete your room divider. If you want a more delicate look, opt for the slender stalks of bamboo. If you wish for a more coastal chic look, pick something that resembles driftwood and start your DIY day. Wood is so effective in home design and seems to be a popular room divider trend.

Make Your Room Divider Serve A Few Purposes

Room dividers are great for dividing rooms – obviously, but they can also be fantastic life savers when you need extra storage room. Add some shelves to your room dividers for it to become a multi-purpose item in your home. Depending on what you want to store in this area, you can add small shelves, large shelves, and even some closed shelving. You could even get creative and turn it into a coat hanging area at the front of your home by adding hooks or a built-in coat wardrobe.

Make Your Glass Partition A Bold And Modern Statement

Glass partitions like this one are incredibly modern, with clear glass and black window framing around the glass panels. While a clear glass panel is effective for a physical partition, this one serves that purpose and elevates the style of your home too. This black frame gives the divider a distinct design, and you can still enjoy the light flow through your home. This design could be used anywhere in your home as it is neutral but still striking in its design.

Swap Out Your Glass Divider For A Mirror Divider

Swap out your glass room dividers for something even more fun – mirrors! Mirrors are fabulous for small spaces when used as partitions because they don’t make the area smaller and create an optical illusion that the space is much bigger. If you have an open-plan bathroom and bedroom, this would be a great option as you can also use it when getting dressed in the morning before work. Putting the mirrored divider on wheels will be even better as you can move it just like you would with a barn door.


Insert Rope Into Your Home Decor As A Room Divider

Here’s another more natural room divider that would be the perfect addition to a coastal-inspired home – rope! Choose extremely thick rope and create beams with it from the ceiling to the floor. You can attach as many as you need to divide spaces. It’s practical and affordable – what more could you want? You’ll also allow a lot of light while creating a really interesting design moment in your home. You could even get a bit more creative and criss-cross the ropes depending on the style of your house.

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Turn Your Love Of Greenery Into A Room Divider

Do you love having greenery in your home? Then you need a pot plant-inspired room divider! If you’re running out of space to put your indoor plants, this could also work as an option. Using a cube-like metal shelving unit, place pots in every other room so that you are creating a beautiful pattern to look at. You might want to do it like this one where they’ve used the same type of plant, or you could choose an assortment of pot plants to fill your room divider with.

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Repurpose Your Old Clothing Rail

Many people have old clothing rails lying around in the garage, so put this to use and turn it into a divider in your home. Make it even more interesting by incorporating some greenery into the look. Put three or so plants on the base of the clothing rail and choose climbing plants so that you can wrap a tendril around the top of the clothing rail to help create that division. If you struggle to keep plants alive, you could buy faux hanging plants such as ivy and attach them, so they dangle down from the top rail – just as effective as the real thing and much less maintenance.

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Create Your Own Plant Wall Room Divider

Plant walls have taken the world by storm as we try to better care of the earth and what it provides. Plant walls don’t just have to be a thing at restaurants or fancy offices. You can have one in your home and create a room divider from it! You might even consider it for an outdoor space where you would like to have a shower area. A plant wall is fully covered, so it is an excellent option if you want to increase the privacy factor of a spot in your home.

House to Decor

Check Out Your Local Home Store For Plant Stands

Many home stores will sell plant stands and some fascinating ones like this example where you can insert small pot plants, which looks stunning. It provides a modern design with sleek metal edging, but it is softened by the flower pots placed within it. Here is another time when you could consider using faux flowers instead of the real deal, but it could be a way to divide a space and brighten it up simultaneously! You could even put glass vases in these holders and fresh flower bouquets.


A Soft Geometric Room Divider

If a harsh black geometric room divider is not your style, there are attractive and more delicate options like this one! These panels can be hung from the ceiling and are a light and bright way to define areas of your home. This divider style is simple and elegant and would work in a dining room, office, or even living room. If you have an existing sliding glass door or a glassed-in space, you can add these panels to this to create more privacy if that’s what you are looking for.


If You Love The Rope Inspired Room Divider, You’ll Love This!

Here’s another rope-inspired room divider that makes us think of a beautiful hotel in the Greek Islands. You won’t need to book expensive plane tickets if you have this divider in your home. Rope is a beautiful and natural material that can divide space but do it very softly. The ropes are pulled very taught and suspended from the ceiling into the floor. It could be wooden beams if you weren’t up close and personal to it. Something like this would also work well in an outdoor area instead of fences and walls.


Integrating Two Room Divider Ideas Into One

We showed you a macrame room divider earlier in this list, but here’s a macrame curtain that goes above and beyond any room divider we’ve seen! It combines two great concepts for a room divider, and it’s just incredible. A macrame curtain like this could be what you need to turn an open-plan room into an office or even an extra guest bedroom. The cord used in this macrame project is quite thick, so it provides a lot of coverage, making it perfect for areas crying out for more privacy.

In My Own Style

High Gloss Rolling Bi-Fold Doors Are The Way

Rolling bi-fold doors? Yes, please! Here is a modern take on the room divider and is a fantastic option if the glass sliding doors do not appeal to you or suit your home’s aesthetic. Choose a high gloss to make it stand out from your walls and create a feature in this space. When the rolling doors can fold back, you can open up space when you want to and close it off when you don’t. As a built-in feature, you won’t have to carry a room divider around the space to achieve this.

Mali Azima

Combing A Folding Divider With The Illusion of More Space

We’ve seen some great folding screens, but none quite like this! It’s a mirror folding screen, and mirrors always make a room feel bigger. Even though you’re closing off a space within a home, the mirror will bounce light and keep the area feeling large. Consider adding mirror panels to your folding screen; you’ll have a designer-style divider in your home. This divider idea combines the best of both worlds – a simple folding divider and the illusion of more space with the addition of mirrors.

Alison Gootee

One Step Further With Bring The Outside In

You can go a step further with bringing the outside in. What about creating a trellis-like to act as a room divider? It’s a great way to guide foot traffic through your home. You can divide a sunroom and sitting area just like this, and what better way than a beautiful arched trellis? You can even grow plants on it or decorate it with faux plants. If plants aren’t your style, pick a beautiful framework that will look just as amazing without anything extra. This room divider ties the outdoors and indoors together beautifully.