These Room Dividing Tricks Make Any Room a 10/10

Trista - August 24, 2022
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Turn Your Love Of Greenery Into A Room Divider

Do you love having greenery in your home? Then you need a pot plant-inspired room divider! If you’re running out of space to put your indoor plants, this could also work as an option. Using a cube-like metal shelving unit, place pots in every other room so that you are creating a beautiful pattern to look at. You might want to do it like this one where they’ve used the same type of plant, or you could choose an assortment of pot plants to fill your room divider with.

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Repurpose Your Old Clothing Rail

Many people have old clothing rails lying around in the garage, so put this to use and turn it into a divider in your home. Make it even more interesting by incorporating some greenery into the look. Put three or so plants on the base of the clothing rail and choose climbing plants so that you can wrap a tendril around the top of the clothing rail to help create that division. If you struggle to keep plants alive, you could buy faux hanging plants such as ivy and attach them, so they dangle down from the top rail – just as effective as the real thing and much less maintenance.

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Create Your Own Plant Wall Room Divider

Plant walls have taken the world by storm as we try to better care of the earth and what it provides. Plant walls don’t just have to be a thing at restaurants or fancy offices. You can have one in your home and create a room divider from it! You might even consider it for an outdoor space where you would like to have a shower area. A plant wall is fully covered, so it is an excellent option if you want to increase the privacy factor of a spot in your home.

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Check Out Your Local Home Store For Plant Stands

Many home stores will sell plant stands and some fascinating ones like this example where you can insert small pot plants, which looks stunning. It provides a modern design with sleek metal edging, but it is softened by the flower pots placed within it. Here is another time when you could consider using faux flowers instead of the real deal, but it could be a way to divide a space and brighten it up simultaneously! You could even put glass vases in these holders and fresh flower bouquets.


A Soft Geometric Room Divider

If a harsh black geometric room divider is not your style, there are attractive and more delicate options like this one! These panels can be hung from the ceiling and are a light and bright way to define areas of your home. This divider style is simple and elegant and would work in a dining room, office, or even living room. If you have an existing sliding glass door or a glassed-in space, you can add these panels to this to create more privacy if that’s what you are looking for.


If You Love The Rope Inspired Room Divider, You’ll Love This!

Here’s another rope-inspired room divider that makes us think of a beautiful hotel in the Greek Islands. You won’t need to book expensive plane tickets if you have this divider in your home. Rope is a beautiful and natural material that can divide space but do it very softly. The ropes are pulled very taught and suspended from the ceiling into the floor. It could be wooden beams if you weren’t up close and personal to it. Something like this would also work well in an outdoor area instead of fences and walls.


Integrating Two Room Divider Ideas Into One

We showed you a macrame room divider earlier in this list, but here’s a macrame curtain that goes above and beyond any room divider we’ve seen! It combines two great concepts for a room divider, and it’s just incredible. A macrame curtain like this could be what you need to turn an open-plan room into an office or even an extra guest bedroom. The cord used in this macrame project is quite thick, so it provides a lot of coverage, making it perfect for areas crying out for more privacy.

In My Own Style

High Gloss Rolling Bi-Fold Doors Are The Way

Rolling bi-fold doors? Yes, please! Here is a modern take on the room divider and is a fantastic option if the glass sliding doors do not appeal to you or suit your home’s aesthetic. Choose a high gloss to make it stand out from your walls and create a feature in this space. When the rolling doors can fold back, you can open up space when you want to and close it off when you don’t. As a built-in feature, you won’t have to carry a room divider around the space to achieve this.

Mali Azima

Combing A Folding Divider With The Illusion of More Space

We’ve seen some great folding screens, but none quite like this! It’s a mirror folding screen, and mirrors always make a room feel bigger. Even though you’re closing off a space within a home, the mirror will bounce light and keep the area feeling large. Consider adding mirror panels to your folding screen; you’ll have a designer-style divider in your home. This divider idea combines the best of both worlds – a simple folding divider and the illusion of more space with the addition of mirrors.

Alison Gootee

One Step Further With Bring The Outside In

You can go a step further with bringing the outside in. What about creating a trellis-like to act as a room divider? It’s a great way to guide foot traffic through your home. You can divide a sunroom and sitting area just like this, and what better way than a beautiful arched trellis? You can even grow plants on it or decorate it with faux plants. If plants aren’t your style, pick a beautiful framework that will look just as amazing without anything extra. This room divider ties the outdoors and indoors together beautifully.