Tips On Where to Save or Splurge During a Home Makeover

Shannon Quinn - December 12, 2020
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8. Splurge on High Quality Statement Pieces

When designed well, statement pieces can make a home value skyrocket. And it can be the difference between having a home that sits on the market for a long time versus one that’s sold almost instantly. Even if you plan to stay in your house for years, it’s still something that people are going to see when they first walk in a room. Just like a painting, their eyes will go to the statement piece first, and then move their way around the room.

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A statement piece can be a piece of art on the wall, a statue, light fixture, doors, stained glass windows, and so much more. You’ll know it when you see it. In some cases, statement pieces can easily be sold later on, because they might hold onto their value. Sometimes, they can also increase the value of your home. 

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7. Save on Kitchen Backsplashes 

If you’re trying to do a kitchen renovation on a budget, the good news is that there are a lot of cheap options for you to make an attractive backsplash. One of the most popular go-to items is white subway tiles. These are incredibly common, and can be found in most hardware stores. It’s also a look that’s timeless, and your next buyer will most likely want to keep it the same.

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There are also a lot of peel-and-stick tiles that are incredibly affordable. Believe it or not, even Dollar Tree sells self-adhesive wall tiles! This is easy enough for you to do on your own as a quick fix, and you can always replace it later when budget allows. 

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6. Splurge on Investment Artwork

Earlier on this list, I talked about how it’s easy to save money on graphic artwork for your walls. However, it’s a completely different story if you’re looking for investment pieces. The process of buying investment artwork is something that you should receive an education on before you dive in. Or, work together with a professional art dealer who can accompany you to an auction. However, once you get into buying great art, it becomes part of your investment portfolio. Wealthy people get in the habit of investing in up-and-coming artists who have their work displayed in galleries, because they are banking on the fact that one day, the value of the painting might double.

Photo Credit: Not On The High Street

Sometimes, with a trained eye, you can find investment art pieces for very cheap. For example, I once found a large original oil painting in a gold frame for just $12. There is a signature, which was from a local artist. The painting is a scene of a beautiful mountain, with a cottage nestled in the valley. Even though this artist wasn’t famous, this piece is still worth well over $100. The value comes from the fact that it’s not a print of reproduction, but rather an original piece of art that took an artist hours upon hours of work.

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5. Save on Table Accessories 

A big aspect of interior design is the little accessories that people put on their tables, dressers, and mantle pieces. Vignettes are a common way to display your interests or the style of your space. Many high end stores want to sell these accessories for a few hundred dollars each. In case it wasn’t obvious, you don’t have to spend that much money to get a cool looking vignette on your table.

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The best places I have found for buying affordable table accessories are Home Goods and At Home. Don’t be afraid to blend old and new items. You can use objects that you already have in your home, or that you’ve inherited from your parents and grandparents. Thrift stores in affluent areas are also another great place to go to find some stylish accessories. 

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4. Splurge on High Quality Sheets and Bedding

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical health. And when people go to stay in a hotel, one of the things they comment on is how comfortable the sheets and the bedding is. While high-quality bedding might be expensive, it’s actually worth it in the end. You’re going to feel better when you go to sleep, and it’s going to be a more comfortable experience.

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High quality bedding will also last years longer than something that you get from Walmart.  Over time, the number of times you need to re-buy cheap sheets and bedspreads will add up to the cost of one expensive set. Great bedding can also be something you share and pass down in the family. For example, my brothers and I have taken bedspreads that belonged to our parents into our new apartments, and were able to return it to them when we moved out. But the cheap bedding I purchased on my own from Target or Walmart always eventually needed to be thrown away, because they would pill, stretch, or rip.

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3. Save on Mirrors

Everyone needs a mirror in their home so that they can see themselves when they get ready in the morning. However, mirrors are so common, that you don’t need to spend a fortune on one. A lot of people will even take cheap $10 mirrors from Ikea or Target and transform them into something that looks far more expensive. Check out our Ikea Hacks article for more examples on how people have taken cheap mirrors and made them into something cool.

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If you really have your heart set on a mirror that is stylish and trendy, check out places like HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and At Home. These stores usually have overstock from various high-end home brands for a fraction of the price you would pay in fancy showrooms. 

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2. Splurge on Structural Changes to Your Home

On YouTube, you can find video tutorials teaching you how to fix almost anything. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain structural things in your home are best left to the professionals. People study engineering for a reason. It takes a lot of time and experience to know when a home is being built correctly, and what it’s not.  If you make a huge mistake doing something DIY, it could actually cost more money in the long run. And a cheap DIY job will make it more difficult for a professional to do their job later on.

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Whenever you pay a professional plumber, roofer, electrician, or any other construction person, it’s money well spent. They often have a license to work and make sure that all of their changes are up to code. You can also hire an inspector to make sure everything was done correctly afterwards. These men are usually part of unions as well, which means that they have to stick to strict codes when they get a job done. 

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1. Save on Anything That’s Easy to Learn on YouTube

In my last point, I say that you should hire a professional for a huge structural projects in your home. There is actually a lot you can teach yourself on YouTube. A lot of people hire a handyman for projects like mounting a TV on the wall, hanging a shelf, or painting a room. When in reality, you can just look up a tutorial on YouTube and get it done by yourself.

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With that being said, know your limits. Or, you just might be so busy, it’s worth the money to pay someone else, anyway. However, don’t always assume you need to pay someone for every little thing in your home. If you learn how to do a bit of DIY, you can save a ton in the long run.