Try One Of These Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Settings This Year

Trista - November 27, 2019

There are plenty of ways through which people can make their important holidays more special and unique. Whether it is through gathering up with friends and family or celebrating a festival with the entire community, people have found ways to connect with other humans and share happiness.

Festivals are one of the great ways in which people can extend their happiness to an entire community. Every culture, religion, and country has its own set of festivals that they celebrate distinctively. Even, there are some global festivals as well that are celebrated differently in different nations. Have you ever noticed that festivals have so many benefits that we often tend to forget? From connecting with your friends, family, and community to getting a holiday, celebrating festivals is the best thing if you know how to get the best out of them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter are some of the global festivals that are celebrated with equal zeal and zest around the world.

All these Christian festivals bring a wave of joy. Each has its own prominence in terms of the celebration of global popularity. For instance, Christmas is celebrated as the family-loving, gift-giving festival of the year. Halloween brings a reason to go quirky and wear things that you cannot do all around the year. Thanksgiving helps you recognize and appreciate the great things life has provided you. Before we jump into the awesome Thanksgiving table setting ideas for this year, let’s go over a bit of Thanksgiving history.

Thanksgiving is the time to feel blessed for the life you have. Pexels

Why Is Thanksgiving Important?

As mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving is one of the global festivals that are celebrated worldwide. It is that time of the year when we take out time for our family to appreciate and be grateful for the good things happening in our lives. Thanksgiving is the most virtuous way to thank the almighty for giving a life worth living.

Thanksgiving is a US federal holiday that is celebrated fourth Thursday of November every year, and this year it would come on November 22. President Abraham Lincoln once officially declared that the festival would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Though Abraham Lincoln made the declaration, the official foundation stone was set by in 1939 by President Franklin D Roosevelt and further approved by congress in 1941. Apart from being celebrated in the US with grandeur, Thanksgiving is also massively celebrated in countries like Canada, Grenada, Philippines, Saint Lycia, Liberia, Netherlands, and others.

Every country has different customs and dates for celebrating Thanksgiving. For instance, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year in Canada. The next Friday after Thanksgiving has deemed as the Black Friday that kick starts the celebration for Christmas. The next day after Thanksgiving was given the name Black Friday because, in 1952, a journal mentioned that all the workers in the town called in sick just to get a four day Thanksgiving weekend.

Apart from getting time with family, there are many reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving. Pexels

Why Is the Holiday Called Thanksgiving?

There are many reasons why Thanksgiving is called Thanksgiving in the first place. One of the common reasons is that it is the time of the year when we appreciate the good things in our life. The other prominent reasons are mentioned below:-

  • Thanksgiving is the blessing of the harvest where people thank for the harvest. The first Thanksgiving ever happened was after the first harvest in October 1621.
  • In the US, Thanksgiving is also remembered as the day the event when English colonists hosted a feast to thank and appreciate Native Americans who helped them begin their new lives in the US territories.
  • Sarah Joseph Hale, the editor of a colonial women’s magazine, wrote five letters to five US presidents. After a long and persistence campaign, Sarah was credited for making Thanksgiving a national holiday. Her message to Abraham Lincoln was something that made a difference and compelled the legislation to turn Thanksgiving into a national holiday in 1863.
  • For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a National Day of Mourning as it symbolizes the centuries of eroded tribal culture and land seizures. The United American Indian of New England protest group claims that the US and Europeans have created a fake story for Thanksgiving. Since then, the groups have declared Thanksgiving as the national day of mourning.
Thanksgiving feels incomplete without turkey. Pexels

Why Is Thanksgiving Celebrated With Turkey?

Thanksgiving is the celebration of feasts. Getting together with the family and preparing a delicious meal is the main highlight of Thanksgiving. Without turkey, Thanksgiving is just incomplete. Have you ever realized why turkey is so essential on Thanksgiving? There are many reasons for this culture.

  • When Thanksgiving was officially declared as a national holiday started the culture of eating turkey. It is also known as Hamilton’s turkey, as in the 19th century, the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, declares that no US citizens should avoid turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Some people give the credit of popularizing turkey to Hale as her attempts were symbolized as the roasted turkey that eventually becomes the base of the festivities.
  • There are many beliefs that birds were chosen because they can easily feed many in a go. Additionally, they aren’t used for any other purposes like laying eggs and giving milk. It is found that more than 50 million turkeys are sold in the US every Thanksgiving.
  • In 1947 is was also known as the Pardon tradition where the S presidents were gifted turkeys that were usually eater. Ronald Reagan was the first US president who brought the pardon tradition, and George HW Bush continues the pardoning tradition in the White House from 1989. Until now, it is being celebrated as an official gesture to greet the president in the White House.
Preparing the perfect place setting is almost as important as the meal itself. Pixabay

Thanksgiving Table Setting: The Highlight of The Festival

If you know the prominence of Thanksgiving, you would know how vital the Thanksgiving meal is. Setting up a large meal that includes turkey, of course, the families get together and thank the almighty for the great things that have happened and yet to happen in their lives. It is that time of the year when friends and family come together to prepare delicious meals and eat it together.

Certain types of food are eater at Thanksgiving. Just like turkey, there are plenty of other delicacies that should adorn your dining table on Thanksgiving. For instance, cranberries, pumpkin pie, green beans, yams, and mashed potatoes. When a tasty meal becomes so essential, the dining table and its setting play a significant role in accentuating the prominence of your dishes.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, apart from preparing a meal, people also concentrates on decking up their dining table in unique ways. From vintage to contemporary styles, there are plenty of ways in which you can decorate your ideas. You have done your part of preparing a delicious meal for your guest, and now it’s time to think about making your table ideal for the delectable meal. Without further ado, delve deep into such magnificent Thanksgiving table setting ideas that you can try out this Thanksgiving to make your dining area even more appealing to your guests.

Go for the modern table setting this year. Pixabay

The Modern Table

Going contemporary and embracing modern aesthetics is has been a trending style for a majority of Thanksgiving table settings. If you think that going bold with your table setting and adding hues that pop out is something that’s considered modern, then you are getting it all wrong.

You can remain sophisticated and add small plants and brass silverware to create a contemporary setting and embrace the minimalism.

Blue is the new bold, right? Pexels

Bright Blue

When it comes to calming colors, blue is one color that pops in our mind. Though blue is such a welcoming color, no one ever considered blue as the ideal color scheme for Thanksgiving. This year, you can make your table setting unique by adding the hues of blue on your table and create a difference.

Add white vintage lanterns and accompany them with a blue table cloth or napkins. Go for a pinewood table that will perfectly accentuate your blue table cloth.

An elegant table setting is always in trend. Pexels

Stay Sophisticated

Neither going too extravagant nor making it feel too naïve, you can make your table look as stylish as possible. It is often considered the classic way of decking the Thanksgiving table as in the early days of Thanksgiving; there was no fancy decor that could prep your table.

Go for linen napkins, add some greenery on your table with fresh eucalyptus or bougainvillea plants. You can experiment with the setting and bring out your own elegance on the table.

Bring something new to your Thanksgiving party. Pexels

Feeling Festive

When it comes to a beguiling Thanksgiving table, Fuchsia is one of the beautiful accent colors that work great for Thanksgiving. Not bold as the pink, Fuchsia somewhere falls between pink and red that is more subtle than both.

Turn your furniture Fuchsia to create an appealing ambiance for your dining area. You can also turn your cocktails in accordance with the table to create a unique palette for your dining setting.

Design a country Thanksgiving table to create a rustic ambiance. Pixabay

A Rustic Table

Going vintage never gets out of trend. You can give your dining area classic touch by adding a rustic table and dinnerware. Earthy linens, twigs, copper, or silverware, organic bouquets are some of the ideal elements to create a rustic table setting.

The only drawback of rustic setting is that its magnificence often outshines your meal. Make your rustic setting even more appealing by bringing a wooden table and replace chairs with benches to accentuate your dining area.

Deck out your Thanksgiving table with pine cones. Pixabay

Pine Cone Table

It is important to fine-tune your creativity around Thanksgiving to make your table look unique and distinctive. Pine cone table has become a modern table setting for many. With some craft pine cones and painting them with a great combination of colors.

Neon has remained a popular choice of color for a long time now. Surprise your guest with some pop of colors with your own pine cone table. When you add pine cones, make sure to turn other elements subtle to highlight the main attraction.

Don’t be afraid to go a little bold with the colors. Shutterstock

Colorful Table Setting

You can add more fun to your dining table by popping in more colors. It’s not always about following the rules and going by the conventional ways to deck up your Thanksgiving table. You can experiment with your ideas and prioritize your preferences.

Make your guest sit around a colorful table setting that houses some colorful delicacies as well. Use tie and dye napkins, desert drumsticks, and golden/silver dinnerware to complete the look of your picturesque table setting.

Spread the holiday cheer — and food — around this year. Shutterstock

French Country Table

You don’t have to highlight the English or American side of yours on your table. There are plenty of other ways through which you can decorate your dining table. You can make your dinner setting by making it a French country table.

By adding a mini casserole dish, a tiny pot with candies, mashed potato on the table, you can highlight the significant attributes of a French table. Don’t forget to add the best dinnerware. Go for ceramic for a stunning look.

It adds a wonderful scent to the table too. Shutterstock

Rosemary Table Setting

Flowers can always light up your dinner setting. When it comes to Thanksgiving, you can add as many flowers or select one flower to deck up your dinner table. Rosemary is one of the unique ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

Not only it can add the flavor to your dish, but rosemary can also become an attracting table décor. Add rosemary leaves in your table setting that will not only give your table a beautiful aesthetic, but it will also add a fragrant aroma to the milieu.

A classic look that’s done tastefully. Shutterstock

Mix and Match Plaid Setting

Thanksgiving table setting ideas is all about bringing the best in your table by adding innovation to it. There are many conventional methods of decking up the table, but they have become unsophisticated and naïve long ago.

Mix and match plaid table setting is an exciting style to treat your table. Go for embroidering hoops, and checked table cloth with mix and match colors will enhance the fun quotient of your table. You can involve your imagination into making your table more vibrant and appealing.

A wine table setting is lovely. Pexels

Wine Table Setting

Not everyone has the guts to go beyond the conventional table setting, as there are many consequences to it. Your guests might not like the way you used your innovation, or your dishes and dinnerware might not go well with the table setting.

But it is always good to take some chances. One of the creative table settings that will amplify your creative side and ad allure to your dining area is the wine-inspired setting. So, all you need is some greens and rich purples to complete the look.

A very classy look for any Thanksgiving setting. Shutterstock

Black, White, and Gold

Some styles never get out of trend, and some colors always dominate the table setting styles. Simple and timeless are the correct adjectives to introduce this Thanksgiving table setting. Black, white, and gold are some colors that can always be preferred without any second thought.

You can include golden cutleries with black or white table cloth. Don’t forget to make layers of greenery and add a slip of papers featuring the name of the guests on the plate.

A bright pop of color always does the trick. Shutterstock

Bright and Bold Setting

As mentioned earlier, there are no hard and fast rules to deck up your table. You just need to widen your horizons and embrace the changes. Sticking to the old school table, setting styles might not create a difference every time.

The next best thing you can do to your table setting is to go bold and bright with its environment. Bright blue and coral tables are considered ideal for a polished table setting. You can also slip in some cute messages beneath the plates for the guests to make them feel more welcoming.

A few copper pieces in your decor can go a long way. Shutterstock

Copper Table Setting

Going metallic with your table is another excellent way to set your table. Metallic adds a bold touch to the entire dining area. When you include metallic dinnerware and candle holders, it will automatically highlight the boldness of the table.

You don’t need to put in any extra effort to accentuate your table. To be more creative with your metallic table setting, you can add Kraft paper at each table for your guests to list down the things they are grateful for in their life.

Rice paper is a good choice. Shutterstock

Edible Thanksgiving Place Cards

Not only the table cloth, dinnerware, or candle holders, it’s also the little details on your table that helps in making your table look appealing. Expand your horizons of creativity and think of something that would be unique and interesting for your guests. You can create some edible place card tags to keep them on the table for your guests.

It is an excellent initiative to intrigue your guests on the table. You can make different place cards with guest names, quotes, and messages on them. Make sure to use the right dough for baking your place cards.

Your guests will gasp at your handiwork. Shutterstock

Handmade Napkins

Handmade things are never out of the trend. You can add as many handmade items on your table as you can. From handmade candle holder to the DIY table cloth, there are plenty of things to add on your table to enhance your creative side among the guests.

Handmade napkins are another great inclusion in your table setting. You can make some embroidered table napkins with the name of your guests on it. Watch some YouTube tutorials to get some ideas about making handmade napkins in different styles.

Use natural materials for an repurposed and earth-friendly look. A Cup Full of Sass

Leaf Place Card

If you come to think of it, there are countless ideas to make your table setting unique. From table cloths to the dinnerware, you need to concentrate on many other aspects of the table. Placing place cards on the table has become the brand new trend in the Thanksgiving table setting.

There are many innovative ways in which you can deck up the place cards on your table. A fall leaf place card is one such unique idea to create place cards. Adding a vintage touch to your table setting, fall leaf place cards inscribing the name of your guests can spice up your table.

Try a touch of something different this fall season. Shutterstock

Personalized Plates

It would help if you concentrated on every little aspect of your table before preparing your table setting. Going personalized with your table setting has become a popular trend, and you can introduce it in your Thanksgiving table setting as well.

Add a personalized touch to your table by adding dinnerware with your guest’s name inscribed on it. This way, you can extend a warm and special gesture to your guest. When it comes to adding personalized things, you can even think of placing family pictures as place cards on the table. Place old photos of your relatives over the napkin for them to find their place.

Rose gold is perfect for the fall season. Shutterstock

Rose Gold Wishbone

There are endless ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table. You can experiment with different ideas to create some unique styles. Rose gold is one such creative idea to accent your table. Take Kraft paper and create a basket pattern on it. Use earthy or clay inspired dinner plates that can go well with your other table aesthetics.

A patterned napkin will add a sophisticated look to your table. You can also add rose gold flatware to bring the warmth in your table setting. The handcrafter wishbone will also add a friendly vibe to your party mood.

It can be bright and colorful for the kids’ table. Shutterstock

Kids’ Table Setting

Sometimes it’s good to go back to your childhood days and reminisce the moments. You can even bring out those memories via creating kids themed table setting. Whether you are expecting some younger guests or planning to make things a little childish, you can think of making the best use of a kids’ theme.

Use Kraft paper as a table cloth to cover the dining table. Place crayon pots on the table to put the cutleries on it. You can even draw graffiti on the Kraft paper to emphasize on the childish quotient of your table setting.

Make your Thanksgiving table feel homey. Shutterstock

Autumn Bright

As mentioned earlier, going modern and bright has become the new trend in the Thanksgiving table setting, it is quite evident that this style has a lot more potential than any other designs. Think of going modern and bright with your configuration. There are plenty of color combinations that you can think about.

Autumn hues are one of the great options for bright color schemes on the table. Use colors like orange, yellow, and red to emphasize on the autumn colors. When you go for bright colors, make sure to make your dinnerware white or grey.

Gold goes a long way. Shutterstock

Gilded Harvest Setting

It is not essential to keep everything minimalist and straightforward when it comes to your Thanksgiving table setting. You can go a little bit dramatic and extravagant with your setup. Dazzle up your table by adding a little sparkle in it. You can bring glittery napkins along with gold dinnerware to feel of gilded harvest.

Pumpkins are always a preferred choice when it’s about Thanksgiving. You can prep up little pumpkins to deck up your table. Make miniatures of pumpkin and add gold shine on it. This way, you can make your table attractive and appealing. Adding glittery table cloth is also a great option to accentuate the theme.

This Thanksgiving style is simple but effective. Shutterstock

Use Clothespins

When it comes to decking up your Thanksgiving table, there are no particular things that you should use to decorate your setting. You can use your household items as well to use them as decors for your table. The clothespin is one such item that can be effectively used in creating a unique set up for your table. It is one of the natural and inexpensive ways to deck up your table.

You can use a clothespin to hold the name of your guests. Before placing the clothespin on your table, try to decorate them a bit. Spray paint all the clothespin with glittery color and add faux berries to make your clothespin pop from the table.

Add some nice earthy tones to your Thanksgiving table this year. Shutterstock

Cork and Feather Accompaniments

There are numerous ways to deck up your Thanksgiving table. Highlighting the guests’ name has become a trend, and there are possibly infinite ways to make the name display unique and creative. If you have been searching for ways to view the names most inventively, then you should undoubtedly think about cork and feathers. For this, you would need some corks (according to your guest’s count), and beautiful craft feathers.

You can even buy feathers at the craft shop, as well. Take the feather and insert them into the center of the cork. You can also use tiny lace ribbons to tie them around the cork with the guest’s name. This Thanksgiving decor idea is one of the exciting ways to display names on the table.

Include some green to make everything else pop. Shutterstock

Forest Arrangements

There are plenty of themes and styles for the Thanksgiving table setting. So far, you have learned about many ideas that you can possibly try on your table. Forest theme is one such popular theme that every often prefers to create a unique table setting. Using wooden slabs as a place card holder or plate holder can be an exciting addition to the forest theme.

Add as much greenery as you can to create an exotic vibe with your forest theme. Use teak wood tables and benches as the furniture, and don’t forget to add candle holders or lanterns to lit up your forest-themed table setting.

These shades are great complementary colors on the color wheel. Shutterstock

A Beautiful Blue and Orange

Color combination is one of the import aspects of decorating your Thanksgiving table. It would help if you made sure that the color combination you use for the table cloth, napkins, and dinnerware perfectly contrast and suit each other. It is essential to choose the combination that puts your table setting in the limelight. Blue and orange are one combination of colors that can be picked without any second thought. You don’t have to do anything extra to bring this combination on the table. Go for blue ceramic dinnerware and add orange table cloth or napkins to deliver a magnificent color combination on your table. You can even add orange ribbons and miniature pumpkins to add more allure to your table.

Let the colors shine this holiday season. Shutterstock

Make This Thanksgiving Interesting With Your Amazing Table Setting

Thanksgiving is a global festival that is celebrated with complete zest and zeal in different countries. Though the US is credited for the popularization of this festival at grandeur, many countries celebrate Thanksgiving with full swing. Thanksgiving is celebrated as the day to realize, appreciate, and be grateful to the almighty for brimming lives with happiness, joy, prosperity, and all the great happenings that have made life worth living. Friends and family gather around the meal to acknowledge their lives and be thankful for the beautiful life they have.

A meal is an essential part of Thanksgiving. It is incomplete without an extensive full course meal that includes turkey. Families prepare their lunch together and even invite friends and relatives to their house to celebrate Thanksgiving and relish an excellent meal. When it comes to the food, it’s not just the dishes that make it appealing; your table setting also plays a significant role in shaping the get-together. Your dining table must be set up in a way that creates an ambient milieu for the event. Your table is the first thing that your guests will notice when they come to the home for the Thanksgiving party. Hence, it is vital to make it look as beautiful as possible.

There are almost countless Thanksgiving table setting ideas which you can find online and set your table differently. The above mention were some of the ideas that you can probably think of to deck up your table for Thanksgiving. There’s no doubt in asserting that Thanksgiving dinner is essential, and so is the dining table for the party. Give these Thanksgiving tables setting ideas a try to revamp your table setting. Don’t forget to trust your creativity and keep experimenting with the designs and style. Please make the most of this Thanksgiving by treating your guests with a delicious meal and greeting them with a stunning dining table set that can undoubtedly make them awestruck by your creativity.