Try One Of These Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Settings This Year

By Trista
Try One Of These Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Settings This Year

There are plenty of ways through which people can make their important holidays more special and unique. Whether it is through gathering up with friends and family or celebrating a festival with the entire community, people have found ways to connect with other humans and share happiness. 

Festivals are one of the great ways in which people can extend their happiness to an entire community. Every culture, religion, and country has its own set of festivals that they celebrate distinctively. Even, there are some global festivals as well that are celebrated differently in different nations. Have you ever noticed that festivals have so many benefits that we often tend to forget? From connecting with your friends, family, and community to getting a holiday, celebrating festivals is the best thing if you know how to get the best out of them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter are some of the global festivals that are celebrated with equal zeal and zest around the world.

All these Christian festivals bring a wave of joy. Each has its own prominence in terms of the celebration of global popularity. For instance, Christmas is celebrated as the family-loving, gift-giving festival of the year. Halloween brings a reason to go quirky and wear things that you cannot do all around the year. Thanksgiving helps you recognize and appreciate the great things life has provided you. Before we jump into the awesome Thanksgiving table setting ideas for this year, let’s go over a bit of Thanksgiving history.

Thanksgiving is the time to feel blessed for the life you have. Pexels

Why Is Thanksgiving Important?

As mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving is one of the global festivals that are celebrated worldwide. It is that time of the year when we take out time for our family to appreciate and be grateful for the good things happening in our lives. Thanksgiving is the most virtuous way to thank the almighty for giving a life worth living. 

Thanksgiving is a US federal holiday that is celebrated fourth Thursday of November every year, and this year it would come on November 22. President Abraham Lincoln once officially declared that the festival would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Though Abraham Lincoln made the declaration, the official foundation stone was set by in 1939 by President Franklin D Roosevelt and further approved by congress in 1941. Apart from being celebrated in the US with grandeur, Thanksgiving is also massively celebrated in countries like Canada, Grenada, Philippines, Saint Lycia, Liberia, Netherlands, and others.

Every country has different customs and dates for celebrating Thanksgiving. For instance, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year in Canada. The next Friday after Thanksgiving has deemed as the Black Friday that kick starts the celebration for Christmas. The next day after Thanksgiving was given the name Black Friday because, in 1952, a journal mentioned that all the workers in the town called in sick just to get a four day Thanksgiving weekend.