Apart from getting time with family, there are many reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving. Pexels

Why Is the Holiday Called Thanksgiving?

There are many reasons why Thanksgiving is called Thanksgiving in the first place. One of the common reasons is that it is the time of the year when we appreciate the good things in our life. The other prominent reasons are mentioned below:-

  • Thanksgiving is the blessing of the harvest where people thank for the harvest. The first Thanksgiving ever happened was after the first harvest in October 1621.
  • In the US, Thanksgiving is also remembered as the day the event when English colonists hosted a feast to thank and appreciate Native Americans who helped them begin their new lives in the US territories.
  • Sarah Joseph Hale, the editor of a colonial women’s magazine, wrote five letters to five US presidents. After a long and persistence campaign, Sarah was credited for making Thanksgiving a national holiday. Her message to Abraham Lincoln was something that made a difference and compelled the legislation to turn Thanksgiving into a national holiday in 1863.
  • For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a National Day of Mourning as it symbolizes the centuries of eroded tribal culture and land seizures. The United American Indian of New England protest group claims that the US and Europeans have created a fake story for Thanksgiving. Since then, the groups have declared Thanksgiving as the national day of mourning.