Unique Halloween Decorations to Try This Year

By Trista
Unique Halloween Decorations to Try This Year

Halloween is a festival that is mostly dominated by its decoration. So every year, there are tons of trends that allow us to decorate our home differently. This year is no different; the following are some great Halloween decoration ideas that you can include in your house this year. They range from inexpensive and easy to elaborate and amazing! Find your favorites and share with your friends as everyone waits for one of the best holidays in the year to finally spook us all in good fun. 


Credit: Pinterest

Spread the Spider Web 

Spider web is a perfect accessory for your spooky Halloween decoration. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, kids, as well as adults, enjoy this little decoration piece. Furthermore, it is straightforward to craft and a cost-effective way to make your Halloween decoration spooky. 

To make your own spider web, take a large to medium-sized foam ball and paint it black and pour some glitter on top of the ball while it is still wet. Once it dries, use hot glue to attach the ball to a wooden round. Use acrylic paint to make the spider’s eyes. Now for the legs, push some pipe cleaners into the foam ball.