50 Unique Halloween Decorations to Try This Year

Trista - October 24, 2019
Adapt your current terrarium or make a brand new one with some Halloween inspiration behind it. Credit: Pinterest

15. Haunted Terrarium

Take your Halloween decoration into the kitchen and amp up. It is a simple decoration idea that would be perfect in any kitchen. A good thing about it is a big glass jar, simple craft applies, and a little creativity. It is an easy project that is ideal for you and your kid together. Add a couple of layers of sheet moss on the bottom of the jar. Use a clear tape to secure the moss. Put in some twigs into the jar that will look like lifeless spooky trees.

Easily make your miniature terrarium ghosts out of tissue paper or order ready-made ghost ornaments. Credit: Pinterest

14. Adding Your Ghosts

To create the ghost, take a tissue paper and put a foam ball in the middle. Collect the tissue around the ball and tie a knot at the bottom. Use the black sheet to cut out the eyes of the ghost. Use the black cloth to make a house and outline it with white color. Assemble the house at the back of the jar and place the ghost in front of the house. Find the perfect spot for this in your home – perhaps even in the center of your coffee table!

Pallets come in handy for a multitude of different DIY projects, including making a jack-o-lantern! Credit: Pinterest

13. Jack-O-Lantern Pallet

Want to spook your house this Halloween season? Then we have the right idea for you right here. This DIY project is a rustic decoration idea that uses a wood pallet to make a pumpkin that you can use in many Halloween seasons to come. So it is a cost-effective and durable idea that will help you add the right touch of spookiness. This Halloween decoration is an ideal accessory that you can put on your front porch, walkway, or any dark corner. It is a fun recycling project that you can keep safe for many years.

Create an adorable family of pumpkins to display in your home to represent each member of your family. Credit: Pinterest

12. Display the Pumpkin Family

This DIY Halloween project is a decoration idea that will give the plain old pumpkins specific characteristics that are similar to your family members. For instance, you create Papa pumpkin with a vintage hat and a mustache, mama pumpkin with big lashes and lips. This technique would require the simplest of elements that are easily accessible at the comfort of your home. Some of the things you will need include sunglasses, hat, mustache, market, sheet paper, and carrots (for the nose). This Halloween decoration is a fun idea that will give your decoration a personalized touch.

Use your old sheets to create scary hanging ghosts floating around your garden from the trees. Credit: Pinterest

11. Hanging Ghosts

This DIY idea is a quick and easy Halloween project that you can do with your children. It is inexpensive and adds much character to your front yard decoration. The unique Halloween decoration will give your house a haunted effect, which is an ideal theme for this spooky holiday. You can easily hang the fabric ghost to the trees of a light post to scare trick or treaters. Give each ghost a different face using black fabric paint on the pieces of fabric or old sheets.

These handcrafted bat silhouettes are perfect for hanging from trees or around your home to give it a spooky feel. Credit: Pinterest

10. Upside Down Bats

Bats perfectly resemble spookiness, and hence they are popular Halloween decoration accessories. This Halloween decoration is easy to craft because it needs only a couple of inexpensive ingredients such as craft foam, googly eyes, scissors, and thread. You can work on this fun DIY Halloween decoration with your children. Kids, as well as adults, will love the colony of bats hanging upside down in your front yard. You can also hang these bats around the house and on your front porch if you don’t have trees.

Cheesecloth is the ultimate fabric for Halloween as you can make it into creepy draping and age it using tea bags. Credit: Pinterest

9. Scary Drapery

To create the ghostly drapery project, you need anything else but cheesecloth. This one element can give your entire house and haunted environment. If you are into spooky décor, this is something that you should consider. To get the aged effect on the cheesecloth, boil some water and soak the cut pieces of cheesecloths and add a couple of bag teas. Let it rest in the bucket overnight, take it out the next day, drape in on the door or fence or banister, and let it dry. Once it is dried off completely, you can hang it on your front porch.

Instead of only decorating your home, you should decorate your sweet treats as well with this spiderweb lattice lace design. Credit: Pinterest

8. A Sweet Treat

If you are a DIY fan, you should try this décor for your Halloween decoration. Visit your local estate sales, antique shops, or thrift stores to quick some antique items like a serrated knife that is a bit rustic. This Halloween decoration will give your overall look a sinister allure. The old-age appearance would undoubtedly be a hit among your dear ones. If you can’t find the spider web rug, at least add some web-like icing to your cake.

Make paper specimen boards with all the best Halloween creatures like bats and spiders to hang up on your walls. Credit: Pinterest

7. Craft Paper Specimens

Although an actual bug collection would count for the spooky factor, actually creating one might be a bit too much for you. This DIY idea is a great decoration idea to do with your kids instead; plus, no mothballs. Cut out creepy animals like snakes, spiders, vampire bats, and others in colorful craft papers. Stamp the animals on the frame and hang it on your wall. It is a simple Halloween decoration idea that will be a win with your kids. You can keep these for many years and hang them up each year for Halloween.

Halloween inspired bunting is the perfect simple touch to get your home ready for this holiday and celebrations. Credit: Pinterest

6. The Classic Halloween Banner

You can create lovely Halloween decorations without having to include sorcery. It is one of the most straightforward and most elegant looking Halloween decorations that you can use without putting much effort, time, and money. Take the printable banner letter and cut out the letters you need. Assemble the letters and hang them inside the house using a jute thread. Bunting is an excellent form of decoration for all occasions, and you can use it for Halloween as well. You can also add spiders, bats, and other creepy creatures to create your hanging decorations.

This decor is the creepiest pillowcase ever, and we just love this idea for a Halloween inspired scare or scatter cushion. Credit: Pinterest

5. The Spider Web Pillow

You can make a Halloween pillow using gray wool fabric. It is a simple machine-based project that you will enjoy. A spider web pillow gives a creepy touch to your Halloween decoration, making it a perfect addition. If you know how to sew, then you can try this out. Place a small faux spider around the pillow to create a realistic effect. If you want to frighten someone, place this in their bedroom and don’t tell them about it. You might hear a scream around bedtime!

This simple and practical decoration can be placed all-around your home for Halloween and some good scares. Source: womansday.com

4. Mouse In The House

Get your staircase ready for Halloween with these cute mice cut-out decorations. If you have a staircase just waiting to be decorated, this option is perfect. All you need to do is print out mice silhouettes, cut them out, and then stick them onto your staircase. This Halloween decor might frighten someone if they are getting a glass of water downstairs at night! You can add these to other home areas like inside cupboards or around your skirting boards.

This decor could create the most beautiful fairy inspired world for your Halloween set up this year instead of being too scary. Credit: Pinterest

3. Illuminate Your Surrounding

If you have created a spooky décor, you need to put the necessary light for the trick or treaters to find their way to the front door. These handing solar lamps, bistro, or lights strands are the perfect way to brighten up your holiday just enough to create an elegant allure. Not only do they light up the path, but they almost appear to have hundreds of little fireflies (or lightning bugs) inside of them. What a lovely sight!

Go retro and vintage with this gumball machine candy dispenser for your guest and watch their faces light up with joy. Credit: Pinterest

2. The Gumball Machine

If you are a bubble gum lover, then you would love this décor. It is a perfect combination of vintage and fun that can be created using a ceramic pot and faux pumpkin. Add the black raven right next to it for some extra spooky surprises. This Halloween idea will be a different decoration approach from the usual scary Halloween decoration. It will undoubtedly light up the mood of the children and your party guests this holiday. Hire a gumball machine so that guests can get candy safely this year.

Let’s celebrate a Halloween Christmas this year with this fun and different Halloween inspired Christmas tree. Credit: jenniferperkins.com

1. Halloween Christmas Tree

It’s never too early to put up your Christmas tree – especially when you create one that is Halloween inspired. With these two holidays being close together – it’s time to do a joint celebration for a change. If you have an old fake Christmas tree, this is the perfect way to give it a new lease on life. Spray paint it in different Halloween colors and then decorate with all the spooky bits and bobs. People will love this out of the box decoration.