50 Unique Halloween Decorations to Try This Year

Trista - October 24, 2019

Halloween is a festival that is mostly dominated by its decoration. So every year, there are tons of trends that allow us to decorate our home differently. This year is no different; the following are some great Halloween decoration ideas you can include in your house this year. They range from inexpensive and easy to elaborate and extraordinary! Find your favorites and share with your friends as everyone waits for one of the best holidays in the year to finally spook us all in good fun.

Spider webs are a very affordable and fun decoration for Halloween that can be spread out. Credit: Pinterest

50. Spread the Spider Web

Spider web is a perfect accessory for your spooky Halloween decoration. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, kids and adults enjoy this little decoration piece. Furthermore, it is straightforward to craft and a cost-effective way to make your Halloween decoration spooky. To make your own spider web, take a large to medium-sized foam ball and paint it black, and pour some glitter on top of the ball while it is still wet. Once it dries, use hot glue to attach the ball to a wooden round. Use acrylic paint to make the spider’s eyes. Now for the legs, push some pipe cleaners into the foam ball.

By merely adding a spray paint coat to a plastic decoration, you can take it from silly to sophisticated and spooky. Source: Shutterstock.

49. Spray Painted Skull

Attach the leather suede side down on to the craft paper. Now cover the book with the removable leather cover and use adequate tape. Once you have your spell books ready to create a magical Halloween display, add a gold spray painted skull to the top of the book stack. You can simply buy a normal plastic skull from the store and use gold or silver-colored spray paint to give it a whole new look (and a bit more sophisticated if that’s your style.) You can do this for a variety of Halloween decorations.

Have more fun with your letter board by decorating its Halloween style and placing it out for all your visitors to see. Source: jenniferperkins.com

48. Halloween Felt Letter Board

Felt letter boards are all the rage this year, and we love seeing all the hilarious quotes people put on theirs. Turn your letter board into a Halloween version! Add stripes of yellow, orange, and white felt to change it up and stick on your letters. Find a fun Halloween inspired phrase to use or put it outside with your candy and have instructions for all your trick or treaters this year. You can use this concept for each season and change it up after Halloween for Christmas time.

By merely adding a spray paint coat to a plastic decoration, you can take it from silly to sophisticated and spooky. Credit: Pinterest

47. Rustic Spellbook and Skull

Use your books to create a rustic spellbook and add it to your Halloween decoration. You can use removable leather jackets to make your new book appear word out. You can use them as a part of your assemblage alongside candles or wine bottles. This little décor idea is both spooky and elegant. Take a craft paper and cut it out in the book’s shape and cut the removable leather in the same manner. Ensure that you leave one inch of the paper uncovered. It makes it easier to tape the cover to the inside flaps of the book.

Do something different with your pumpkins this year and transform them into black cats. Credit: Pinterest

46. Black Cat Pumpkin

Let the black cats give the spooky Halloween welcome to your guests. You make a black cat using your pumpkin. This DIY project is a care-free tip that is extremely easy and super fun to craft. You can also include your kids in the process for the same. Take two pumpkins and cover the exterior using black exterior paint and allow it to dry (apply three coats). Use a black craft paper and cut two ears of cats. Make a sloth on the pumpkin to attach the ears on the top. Lastly, using white paint, draw cat eyes on the pumpkin.

Let Halloween take over your whole home with this garage door spooktacular display. Credit: Pinterest

45. The Shadow Effect

Transform your garage door into a spooky Halloween scene using adhesive black vinyl sheets. Once the season is over, you can easily remove the layers without having to put much effort. Cut out different shapes on the adhesive black vinyl sheet, such as pumpkins, bats, and more. Attach all the pieces to create the perfect Halloween scene. Cut the vinyl at the seam so that the panels can move quickly when the door opens. This Halloween decor is similar to your white window decorations for Christmas, but this is a little bit spookier!

Everyone is obsessed with zombies at the moment, and this simple decoration is impressive. Credit: Pinterest

44. Bring Some Zombies Into Your Garden

If you have a garden in your home, you certainly have more opportunities to create fun Halloween decorations. Adding zombie cut-outs in your garden definitely, accentuate the spooky effect of your overall decoration. Furthermore, it is effortless to develop and use it across your garden in various forms. Take black plastic and cut out zombie hands from it. Use adhesive glue to attach the cut-outs on the flower beds or garden fence. If you don’t know how to cut a zombie’s hands, you can place your hands on the plastic and ask a friend to trace the lines.

Dry ice is an incredible tool for Halloween displays as it creates an eerie feeling. Credit: Pinterest

43. Taking the Spooky a Notch Higher

The smoky effect can transform a simple Halloween decoration into a fascinating one. It is straightforward to create and safe to use around children. The key ingredient of the décor is the dry ice. Ensure that you use this substance safely and in the right manner. Dry ice accentuates the whole spookiness of your Halloween décor. The smooth flow of chilly fog will give a feeling that there is something scary for the trick or treater on the other side of the mist. Ensure that you have safety equipment like a tray, tongs, and safety goggles while using dry ice.

Halloween doesn’t have to be brains and zombies; it can be lovely too. Credit: Pinterest

42. Elegant Halloween Decor

Halloween decorations don’t have to be scary. In the end, it all depends on your personal choices. And no matter what your preferences are, there are tons of Halloween decoration ideas for you. Furthermore, if your folks or kids are not a big fan of scary Halloween themes, then you can create a classic fall porch. Use assorted pumpkins, gourds, candle lanterns, planters, and fall foliage to build the perfect fall front porch. This unique Halloween décor will last you till thanksgiving.

Spookify your home with this green witch pumpkin that everyone in your family can make. Credit: Pinterest

41. The Witch Pumpkin

Witches are among the popular items of Halloween decoration that adds the perfect touch of spookiness. You can create a witch using faux pumpkins and necessary craft supplies. It is an easy-to-do Halloween décor that your kids would love. Position a pumpkin on a ball in a way that step is on the side. Cover the pumpkin stem using aluminum foil using hot glue. Ensure that your bowl is covered in plastic to protect it from paint. With spray paint, color the entire pumpkin light green. Use a black marker to make the eyes and mouth of the witch.

Accessorize your witch pumpkin with a hat and even some hair if you have a wig lying around. Source: Fun365.com

40. Finishing The Witch Pumpkin

You can get an eyeglass sticker from the craft shop to add it to your witch pumpkin. Finish off the whole look with a witch hat you can secure on with glue or another adhesive. Surround your witch pumpkin with fall foliage and find the perfect spot for it at the front of the house. You could even get everyone in the family to make their own witch so that you end up with an entire coven who will be looking out for your house on Halloween night.

Decorating your front garden helps to bring the experience to life for passersby. Credit: Pinterest

39. Spooky Figurines

Use your front porch to the maximum using floaty ghostly shape to scare the trick or treater. While it may look intimidating to create, this unique Halloween décor is effortless to do. All you need is cheesecloth, chicken wire, fabric starch, and battery-operated fluorescent lights. The fabric starch will stiff the cheesecloth so you can easily create your ghost silhouette. Moreover, the fluorescent lamp will add the perfect spooky glow to intrigue your Halloween guests. These can be placed on your porch or your front lawn. You could create a whole ghostly experience.

Make candy an even more fun thing to get on Halloween with this candy corn piñata. Credit: Pinterest

38. Candy Corn Piñata

Candy is one of the crucial things that define Halloween, so it is only fair to add it as a part of your Halloween decoration. This DIY project will be an appealing part of your décor as well as a fun game for your guests. Cut two sets of templates and tape them together so that they look like candy corn. Cut out these shapes and put on a poster board sheet, and use tape to secure them. Trace around and cut the board in the form of the template. Use another poster board sheet to cut two long strips of 3″ wide at the poster board.

Fill it with all the Halloween candy delights and watch as everyone has so much fun bashing it around. Source: JenniferPerkinsons.com

37. Perfecting Your Halloween Piñata

Attach the pieces at the point of the candy corn shapes. Attach the stripes using tapes to secure the whole structure. Make a hole in the center of the overlap and pass a zip tie through it to make a hanging loop. Fill the piñata different kinds of candy before attaching the other candy corn-shaped piñata. Combine water, flour, and salt in a bowl to make a past that resembles the pancake batter’s thickness. Dip the newspaper strips in the bowl, take them out and apply the wet strips on the box surface. Continue this process and cover the bowl. Decorate the piñata using different colored tissue papers.

Greet your guests with this headless Halloween display as they enter your home this year. Credit: Pinterest

36. The Eerie Guest Greeter

This eerie guest greeter is something that will pique the interest of your trick and treaters and Halloween guests. Place a jack o’ lantern and an ominous sign to lead the guests into the festivities you have planned inside the house. This unique Halloween décor element certainly adds a character to your front porch. All you have to do is take black plastic bags and fill them up with paper cut-outs to make the figurine’s legs, torso, and arms. Once the pieces are secured using threads and metal, dress the greeter in black attire.

This Halloween decoration could be a great way to socially distance on Halloween but still give out candy! Source: legendsofsleepyhollow.com

35. The Finishing Touches

You can thread the clothes to secure them on the body. This headless figure will make a significant impact on your Halloween decorations! You can dress this figure up any way you want to – perhaps there is an incredibly scary character in mind. When you’re finished, make the sign using a wooden cut-out and place it on the figure’s arm. We wonder who will be brave enough to follow where this sign is pointing to! You could also attach the bucket of candy to this figure’s arm if you aren’t at home to distribute candy.

Bring out your love of emoticons this year on Halloween with these adorable and fun pumpkin designs. Credit: Pinterest

34. The Emoticon Welcome

Emoticons are a vital element of our digital existence. And adding it to your Halloween decoration can be a shift from the typical spooky decorations that you see at every other house. And you don’t have to make a mess by carving pumpkin, so it is already a hassle-free decoration. Use cardboard and cut out various emoji shapes. Cover the stem of the pumpkin using tape and spray paint the entire pumpkin yellow. Once all the pumpkins are spray painted and dried, add faces using an adhesive magnet. You can also print out the features and stick them on with glue.

Plants can be decorated for Halloween as well with these cute vampire-like faces on green hoses. Credit: Pinterest

33. Let the Plant Scare

This Halloween thinks a little different and uses your plants for more than just lighting purposes. Visit the hardware store near you and some supplies to turn your innocent-looking plants into devils. Get the green hose and cut it about 15 to 18 inches and cut the wires to the same length. Insert the wires into the hose. Cut out the head from a foam ball using a craft knife. Carve out the mouth and remove the excess before spraying the head green. Cover the mouth using black craft paper and make vampire teeth using white craft paper.

Take the fun to your outside plant displays and create a larger than life version of your indoor plant display. Source: EdenMakers.com

32. Adding Scary Plants To Your Front Garden

Attach the vampire teeth using hot glue. Attach the head to the hose and place them surrounding your plants. This Halloween idea is a fun and easy way to add decorations around your home — inside and outside too. You can do more extensive versions of this and add them to your front garden to scare people as they walk past your home on Halloween night. You can get creative with the colors and faces you want to attach to the foam balls. For the smaller versions, you can also use colored pipe cleaners.

If you need a quick way to add some Halloween decorations to your home, start painting your candy corn inspired pumpkins. Source: jenniferperkins.com

31. Candy Corn Pumpkins

If you are a bit short on time this year but want to give your pumpkins a bit of decoration, you can paint them candy corn style. Simply mark out the stripes you want to make using double-sided tape or just doing it freehand and paint: yellow, orange, and white. This Halloween decor is simple, and you can do it vertically, horizontally, or do a mixture of both on a variety of different size pumpkins. Set these out on your porch, and everyone will love this touch of Halloween.

Add this secret illusion to your lampshades on Halloween to give people a real scare when they switch on the light. Credit: Pinterest

30. The Fright of Arachnophobia

There are plenty of inexpensive and removable supplies that can give you Halloween decoration the spookiness you want. This unique Halloween décor is quite minimalistic; however, it does the job pretty substantially. To make spiderweb shades on your lamp, use whiteboard tapes. The lines you make should intersect each other at one point in the middle to form a web. Once you have completed the web, add spiders in the middle and side of the web. You can get removable spiders at your local craft shop. On the whole, it is a natural décor that costs less time, money, and effort.

There is nothing as beautiful as a door wreath to celebrate the change of seasons – we love this fall-inspired one. Credit: Pinterest

29. A Cheerful Wreath

Welcome your loved ones to the fall with this beautiful wreath. The orange shapes covering the wreath look like little pumpkins; however, it is putka pods. These stands work great as substitutes for mini pumpkins. Moreover, putka pods don’t dry up, so it will last you for over a year. Get a foam wreath and apply hot glue over it. Immediately press the putka pods all over the hot glue and push it until it is cold. Repeat this process to cover the entire wreath with the pods. Pass a wide ribbon around the wreath to hand it to your house.

Decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with this beautiful decorative basket display. Credit: Pinterest

28. The Multipurpose Basket

Thanksgiving and Christmas follow Halloween, and you have to decorate your house for all three festivals. In your Halloween decoration, add certain elements that work perfectly well for all three festivals, just like this basket. You can use a simple slim basket or tote and add different things to create the holiday effect. You can visit your nearest craft store to gather some Halloween related accessories. Place them elegantly on your basket to make a spooky entrance. Even if you don’t leave it up for the other holidays, it is still much fun to start getting into the festive seasons with decorations.

Make pumpkins out of your hanging planters with this simple addition to them that you can buy from a hardware store. Credit: Pinterest

27. Turn the Hanging Planters into Pumpkins

If you want to limit the pumpkins to make a delicious holiday treat, this unique Halloween décor is ideal for you. It is easy to create and looks elegant when placed at your front porch. All the things you need for this decoration idea can be easily purchased from your nearest hardware store. Get some porous coco mat hanging planter, and using a craft paper, make a pumpkin outline over it. Secure the top using glue and place a little step over it. Arrange the pots in different angles to create an elegant artificial pumpkin assortment.

Have fun with old beach balls and soccer balls that aren’t being used and transform them into an eyeball. Credit: Pinterest

26. From Summer Beach Ball to Spooky Eyeball

You can use your kid’s summer ball to create intriguing Halloween decorations at your house. This DIY project is ideal for adding a creepy touch to your entire Halloween decoration. Moreover, it is effortless to make and cost-effective, as well. Take a ball and use sandpaper to rough the surface. Apply a coat of spray paint over the surface of the ball. You can use primer or white color as well, even out the irregularities with grit sandpaper. To make the spooky eye of the ball, place a medium-sized bowl over the top and draw a circle with black paint.

Go big or stay home with this fun Halloween decoration that you can leave out in your yard for a scary sight! Source: cutoutandkeep.net

25. Making A Giant Yoga Ball Eye

Fill the circle with black paint to make the pupil and create an outline with a blue color. Finally, create a bloodshot eye with red paint, and your summer beach eyeball would be ready! These work as fun balls to play with, and it will creep people out, seeing you playing with an eyeball! And you can just scatter them around your garden as a Halloween decoration. This Halloween decor is a fantastic way to repurpose old beach balls that aren’t being used. You can even use an old yoga or pilates ball to make a giant eye!

An outdoor station could be the perfect option to allow Halloween to still go ahead, as usual, this year. Credit: Pinterest

24. Outdoor Trick-or-Treat Station

What’s a Halloween without trick-or-treating? You can give your kids a unique outdoor trick-or-treat station, given that the weather is fine. Grab a lightweight table with ample shelves and stuff it up with all the packaged goodies and treats. Ensure an adult is at the surveillance to ensure kids are having a good time and camera lens are ready to snap memories. Please take a little table or sliding shelf and deck it up with creepy Halloween decorations, including black crows, furry spiders, skulls, and skeletons. You can also add more frightening effects by replacing the table cloth with the spider web.

Create the cutest monster neighborhood watch display with a print out the template and some colored paper. Source: womansday.com

23. Monster Neighborhood Watch

This idea is simple and effective for Halloween decorations. Get your monster neighborhood watch going with this decoration. Cut out your monster designs from colored cardboard or paper and stick them into your windows. These will light up at night, and people walking by will get a bit of a fright! This decoration is fun and sweet – making it perfect for families with younger children. You can even download monster templates to help you create the perfect window display.

We love these adorable owl pumpkins with flowers for eyes; this idea is something different and great for a light-hearted Halloween. Credit: Pinterest

22. Turn a Pumpkin into an Owl

Bringing out of the box ideas can make your Halloween even more unique and spooky. Pumpkin is one of the traditional decors on Halloween; every household makes different styles of pumpkin. If you have got excellent pumpkin carving skills, you can cut out an owl. Take a full-sized pumpkin and cut in two halves and remove the flesh using a knife. Place two toothpicks at the front of the pumpkin to make the eyes. Take a small pumpkin, carve it in round shape and gently push it on to the toothpick. Similarly, carve out the beaks and feet and place them with the help of toothpicks.

This decor is one for the real Halloween lovers who go all out and want to create something incredible this year. Credit: Pinterest

21. Make Your Own Ghost Town

Make your Halloween decorations better than the others by conjuring up a tiny ghost town is the best idea for you. A matte black spray, a few craft paper to make birdhouses, and other creepy stuff are all you need to make your ghost town. There is no hard and fast rule for creating a ghost town; you can always add your creativity in it. Use craft papers to create the outer structure of the city. Seek assistance from YouTube tutorials to create a flawless ghost town. It is advised to use white craft paper to paint it with matte black spray paint.

Hanging a giant spider is a terrifying sight – especially when it is on Halloween night! Credit: Pinterest

20. Giant Spider

There are plenty of ways through which you can decorate your home on Halloween. The options are endless; with a little creativity, you can create unique Halloween décor items. A giant spider is one such decorating idea to add more frightening elements in your house. Make the spider body with a plastic jug and cover with aluminum foil. Use pipe insulation to make spooky legs and attach them using duct tape. Make the pipe insulation as long as possible to make your spider more frightening. Attach all the legs to the milk jar to complete your spider.

Black cats are synonymous with Halloween, and you can add them to your lawn as decorations. Credit: Pinterest

19. The Presence of Black Cats

When you have a garden space, there are tons of Halloween decoration ideas that you can do. It will give something for the trick or treaters and your guests to look around. If you are into DIYs, then you quickly make black cats and spread them across your garden. All you have to do is, take plywood and cut into cat silhouettes. Use craft paper and watercolor to make the cat eyes and paste on the profiles using adhesive glue. You use battery-powered lights on the cats’ eyes to get a spooky effect.

Add some sparkle to your pumpkins this year instead of making them mean and scary looking! Credit: Pinterest

18. Pumpkins and Glitter

If you are bored with simple pumpkins being placed on the front porch, you can make it enjoyable by adding an effect on them. Try drawing different shapes using glitter. Halloween decor can be a fun activity that you can do with your kids. It is a simple way to decorate your pumpkin that only needs a couple of things such as school glue, black glitter, scissors, and a brush. Most of the time, these things are already available at your home, and even if not, you can quickly obtain it at your local craft store.

Light up your lawn or front porch with this pumpkin bonfire made from cut-out pumpkins and lights. Credit: Pinterest

17. Pumpkin Bonfire

Bonfire is excellent for holidays; however, it poses security risks, especially if you have pets or children. If you cannot have a real fire, you can create a fire illusion using battery-operated candles, a couple of logs, and faux pumpkins. Take the faux pumpkin and carve the sides so that it looks like fire using a knife. Assemble the cut-out pumpkins, place battery-operated candles inside the faux pumpkins. Place wooden logs around the assorted pumpkins, and your pumpkin born fire is ready.

Use your old jars, bottles, and wine bottles to create some gorgeous Halloween decorations. Credit: Pinterest

16. Take Out the Old Wine Bottle

Save all the old wine bottles because they are going to be very useful in your Halloween décor. Clean out the glasses and let it dry. Use black acrylic paint to coat the bottles, let it dry, and apply multiple coats. Paste a handwritten label and assort the collection of wine bottles in a tray. It is a sophisticated decoration assortment that will catch the attention of your Halloween party. You can store these to be used over and over again for your Halloween decorations each year.

Adapt your current terrarium or make a brand new one with some Halloween inspiration behind it. Credit: Pinterest

15. Haunted Terrarium

Take your Halloween decoration into the kitchen and amp up. It is a simple decoration idea that would be perfect in any kitchen. A good thing about it is a big glass jar, simple craft applies, and a little creativity. It is an easy project that is ideal for you and your kid together. Add a couple of layers of sheet moss on the bottom of the jar. Use a clear tape to secure the moss. Put in some twigs into the jar that will look like lifeless spooky trees.

Easily make your miniature terrarium ghosts out of tissue paper or order ready-made ghost ornaments. Credit: Pinterest

14. Adding Your Ghosts

To create the ghost, take a tissue paper and put a foam ball in the middle. Collect the tissue around the ball and tie a knot at the bottom. Use the black sheet to cut out the eyes of the ghost. Use the black cloth to make a house and outline it with white color. Assemble the house at the back of the jar and place the ghost in front of the house. Find the perfect spot for this in your home – perhaps even in the center of your coffee table!

Pallets come in handy for a multitude of different DIY projects, including making a jack-o-lantern! Credit: Pinterest

13. Jack-O-Lantern Pallet

Want to spook your house this Halloween season? Then we have the right idea for you right here. This DIY project is a rustic decoration idea that uses a wood pallet to make a pumpkin that you can use in many Halloween seasons to come. So it is a cost-effective and durable idea that will help you add the right touch of spookiness. This Halloween decoration is an ideal accessory that you can put on your front porch, walkway, or any dark corner. It is a fun recycling project that you can keep safe for many years.

Create an adorable family of pumpkins to display in your home to represent each member of your family. Credit: Pinterest

12. Display the Pumpkin Family

This DIY Halloween project is a decoration idea that will give the plain old pumpkins specific characteristics that are similar to your family members. For instance, you create Papa pumpkin with a vintage hat and a mustache, mama pumpkin with big lashes and lips. This technique would require the simplest of elements that are easily accessible at the comfort of your home. Some of the things you will need include sunglasses, hat, mustache, market, sheet paper, and carrots (for the nose). This Halloween decoration is a fun idea that will give your decoration a personalized touch.

Use your old sheets to create scary hanging ghosts floating around your garden from the trees. Credit: Pinterest

11. Hanging Ghosts

This DIY idea is a quick and easy Halloween project that you can do with your children. It is inexpensive and adds much character to your front yard decoration. The unique Halloween decoration will give your house a haunted effect, which is an ideal theme for this spooky holiday. You can easily hang the fabric ghost to the trees of a light post to scare trick or treaters. Give each ghost a different face using black fabric paint on the pieces of fabric or old sheets.

These handcrafted bat silhouettes are perfect for hanging from trees or around your home to give it a spooky feel. Credit: Pinterest

10. Upside Down Bats

Bats perfectly resemble spookiness, and hence they are popular Halloween decoration accessories. This Halloween decoration is easy to craft because it needs only a couple of inexpensive ingredients such as craft foam, googly eyes, scissors, and thread. You can work on this fun DIY Halloween decoration with your children. Kids, as well as adults, will love the colony of bats hanging upside down in your front yard. You can also hang these bats around the house and on your front porch if you don’t have trees.

Cheesecloth is the ultimate fabric for Halloween as you can make it into creepy draping and age it using tea bags. Credit: Pinterest

9. Scary Drapery

To create the ghostly drapery project, you need anything else but cheesecloth. This one element can give your entire house and haunted environment. If you are into spooky décor, this is something that you should consider. To get the aged effect on the cheesecloth, boil some water and soak the cut pieces of cheesecloths and add a couple of bag teas. Let it rest in the bucket overnight, take it out the next day, drape in on the door or fence or banister, and let it dry. Once it is dried off completely, you can hang it on your front porch.

Instead of only decorating your home, you should decorate your sweet treats as well with this spiderweb lattice lace design. Credit: Pinterest

8. A Sweet Treat

If you are a DIY fan, you should try this décor for your Halloween decoration. Visit your local estate sales, antique shops, or thrift stores to quick some antique items like a serrated knife that is a bit rustic. This Halloween decoration will give your overall look a sinister allure. The old-age appearance would undoubtedly be a hit among your dear ones. If you can’t find the spider web rug, at least add some web-like icing to your cake.

Make paper specimen boards with all the best Halloween creatures like bats and spiders to hang up on your walls. Credit: Pinterest

7. Craft Paper Specimens

Although an actual bug collection would count for the spooky factor, actually creating one might be a bit too much for you. This DIY idea is a great decoration idea to do with your kids instead; plus, no mothballs. Cut out creepy animals like snakes, spiders, vampire bats, and others in colorful craft papers. Stamp the animals on the frame and hang it on your wall. It is a simple Halloween decoration idea that will be a win with your kids. You can keep these for many years and hang them up each year for Halloween.

Halloween inspired bunting is the perfect simple touch to get your home ready for this holiday and celebrations. Credit: Pinterest

6. The Classic Halloween Banner

You can create lovely Halloween decorations without having to include sorcery. It is one of the most straightforward and most elegant looking Halloween decorations that you can use without putting much effort, time, and money. Take the printable banner letter and cut out the letters you need. Assemble the letters and hang them inside the house using a jute thread. Bunting is an excellent form of decoration for all occasions, and you can use it for Halloween as well. You can also add spiders, bats, and other creepy creatures to create your hanging decorations.

This decor is the creepiest pillowcase ever, and we just love this idea for a Halloween inspired scare or scatter cushion. Credit: Pinterest

5. The Spider Web Pillow

You can make a Halloween pillow using gray wool fabric. It is a simple machine-based project that you will enjoy. A spider web pillow gives a creepy touch to your Halloween decoration, making it a perfect addition. If you know how to sew, then you can try this out. Place a small faux spider around the pillow to create a realistic effect. If you want to frighten someone, place this in their bedroom and don’t tell them about it. You might hear a scream around bedtime!

This simple and practical decoration can be placed all-around your home for Halloween and some good scares. Source: womansday.com

4. Mouse In The House

Get your staircase ready for Halloween with these cute mice cut-out decorations. If you have a staircase just waiting to be decorated, this option is perfect. All you need to do is print out mice silhouettes, cut them out, and then stick them onto your staircase. This Halloween decor might frighten someone if they are getting a glass of water downstairs at night! You can add these to other home areas like inside cupboards or around your skirting boards.

This decor could create the most beautiful fairy inspired world for your Halloween set up this year instead of being too scary. Credit: Pinterest

3. Illuminate Your Surrounding

If you have created a spooky décor, you need to put the necessary light for the trick or treaters to find their way to the front door. These handing solar lamps, bistro, or lights strands are the perfect way to brighten up your holiday just enough to create an elegant allure. Not only do they light up the path, but they almost appear to have hundreds of little fireflies (or lightning bugs) inside of them. What a lovely sight!

Go retro and vintage with this gumball machine candy dispenser for your guest and watch their faces light up with joy. Credit: Pinterest

2. The Gumball Machine

If you are a bubble gum lover, then you would love this décor. It is a perfect combination of vintage and fun that can be created using a ceramic pot and faux pumpkin. Add the black raven right next to it for some extra spooky surprises. This Halloween idea will be a different decoration approach from the usual scary Halloween decoration. It will undoubtedly light up the mood of the children and your party guests this holiday. Hire a gumball machine so that guests can get candy safely this year.

Let’s celebrate a Halloween Christmas this year with this fun and different Halloween inspired Christmas tree. Credit: jenniferperkins.com

1. Halloween Christmas Tree

It’s never too early to put up your Christmas tree – especially when you create one that is Halloween inspired. With these two holidays being close together – it’s time to do a joint celebration for a change. If you have an old fake Christmas tree, this is the perfect way to give it a new lease on life. Spray paint it in different Halloween colors and then decorate with all the spooky bits and bobs. People will love this out of the box decoration.