Wedding Favor Ideas that Will Have Your Guests Squealing with Delight

Shannon Quinn - June 21, 2022
A fan is a great gift to give your guests on a hot summer day. Credit: Forever Wedding Favors

10. Floral Hand Fans

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may want to hand out these personalized floral hand fans before the ceremony starts. It’s a thoughtful way of helping your guests stay cool, while also giving them a fun favor to take home at the end of the night. (via Forever Wedding Favors)

Adorable little honey jars ready for wedding guests. Credit: Etsy

9.  Honey Jars

Honey is sweet, and a healthier alternative than many sweeteners out there. It looks adorable in these little jars, as well as the honey spoon that it comes with.  This is one of those gifts where you could easily buy honey from the grocery store and make this yourself. Or, you could choose to support one of your local farmers by buying a supply of gourmet honey from them. (via Etsy)

A personalized set of playing cards is a lot of fun. Credit: Etsy

8. Playing Cards

One of the best ideas on this list is to give your friends and family a set of playing cards. You can add a sticker with the name of the happy couple and the date of your wedding. But at the end of the day, everyone loves a good set of playing cards. This is especially true for the wedding reception or any party where your friends may want to play poker or a drinking game at their table with family and friends. (via Etsy)

These beautiful glass coasters would make a great addition to any home. Credit: Kate Aspen

7. Under the Stars Glass Coasters

If you happen to choose a celestial theme for your wedding, these “under the stars” coasters would be perfect for you to give to your guests as a favor. They’re beautiful, and should look stylish as a coaster in any home. (via Kate Aspen)

Instead of an old cassette, this contains a chocolate tape. Credit: Not on the High Street

6. Chocolate Tape Cassette

Years ago, people made mix tapes of their favorite music on cassette tapes to give to their friends and significant others. In a way, a mix tape could be like a love letter to the person you were dating. That’s why this idea of having a “mix tape” that’s actually chocolate is such a cute idea. When they’re done eating the chocolate, they’re left with a beautiful picture of the bride and groom. (via Not on the High Street)

Beautiful macarons with just enough for one person. Credit: Not on the High Street

5. Macaron Favor Box

Macarons are delicious desserts that are usually gone before you can say “bon appetit”. They’re also tiny, which is useful for giving out wedding favors. In the photo above, you can see how they’ve just put two macarons into a box. This is because it’s an exceptionally rare and expensive dessert. But if you’re planning an elegant wedding, it just may be worth the cost to give your guests this sweet treat. (via Not on the High Street)

An adorable mix tape CD of the bride and groom’s favorite songs. Credit: Evermine

4. CD Mix Tapes 

If you’re a couple who loves music, consider giving your friends and family a mix tape of your favorite songs. Obviously, you should include the songs from your wedding like the theme song, as well as your first dance. A lot of people still have CD players in their cars, so a lot of people would actually take the time to listen to your CD once they have received it as a gift. You can also create a Spotify playlist that corresponds with this, and tell your friends how to find it. (via Evermine)

Everyone loves home made gourmet soaps. Credit: Etsy

3. Homemade Shea Butter Soap

Everyone loves to receive homemade gourmet soaps, no matter what the occasion may be. So giving it away as a wedding favor is a great idea. You could watch some YouTube tutorials and learn how to make soap on your own. But if you’re not an exceptionally crafty person, you can easily find people on Etsy who would make handmade soaps for your special day. (via Etsy)

These colorful match sticks are both beautiful and useful. Credit: Not on the High Street

2. Matches in a Bottle

These colorful matchsticks are beautiful and stylish just sitting on a shelf. But they’re also useful for lighting candles or a cigarette. These are a great idea to give to your friends and family. But a cheaper alternative might be to get a matchbook made with the name and date of your wedding on it. (via Not on the High Street)

Spice things up with bottles of hot sauce as a wedding favor. Credit: Etsy

1. Hot Sauce

If you and your partner like to spice things up, consider giving away bottles of gourmet hot sauce. This is especially clever if you like to cook, and if you’re particular about your brands of hot sauce. Just keep in mind that not everyone will enjoy hot sauce. It’s not for the faint of heart! (via Etsy)