Wedding Favor Ideas that Will Have Your Guests Squealing with Delight

Shannon Quinn - June 21, 2022

Getting married? Then you’re probably on the lookout for wedding favor ideas to give your guests when they leave. After all, you want to say “thank you” to them for coming to your special day, bringing gifts, and all of the support they have shown you as a couple. However, budgets need to be considered, and you can’t always give them as much as you’d like. Here are 50 amazing wedding favor ideas to help inspire you.

Cocktail shakers make a great wedding favor for your guests. Credit:MyWeddingFavors

50. Personal Cocktail Shaker With Cosmopolitan Mix

Who doesn’t love a cold cosmo after a long wedding? These cocktail shakers are both cute and functional. Your guests can take them home and make cocktails for themselves and remember your special day at the same time. Since they’re made of plastic, they probably won’t last very long. But it’s the thought that counts, right? (via My Wedding Favors)

Everyone can use some sunscreen sometimes. Credit: MyWeddingFavors

49. Personalized Sunscreen With Carabiner

If you happen to have a location wedding somewhere in the tropics, it may be a good idea to give your guests some sunscreen. Even if you’re not on an island somewhere, this might still be a good gift for summertime weddings. If someone is sitting outdoors for a while, they can get sunburned while they’re watching the ceremony. Obviously, if you give this after the ceremony, it won’t really help your guests very much. Consider giving it and a package when everyone arrives so that they have the opportunity to use it before the outdoor ceremony begins. (via My Wedding Favors)

Have a sweet tooth? So will your guests. Credit: Etsy

48. Personalized Candy Bags

Everyone loves candy. So no one will complain if you decide to give out candy as your wedding favor. One good idea is to give away the “favorites” of both the bride and the groom. That way, your guests will have an option as to what candy they pick when they’re taking their wedding favor as they leave. Giving multiple options is also useful just in case some of your guests have a food allergy to any of the candies that you’re offering.

This beautiful key is also a bottle opener. Credit: Etsy

47. Key Bottle Opener

So many wedding favors just get thrown away after a few weeks or months. That’s why it’s important to consider a utilitarian gift, like this key bottle opener. Not only is it pretty, but it is useful for opening bottles. It may not be personalized with your name on it, but your guests are almost guaranteed to hold onto this and remember for years to come that they got it at your wedding. (via Etsy)

Giving out trees may be a great wedding favor. Credit: Etsy

46. Christmas Trees

If you’re passionate about the environment, you might want to consider giving your guests trees. Yes, trees. These Christmas trees are wrapped up in plastic tubes to make it easy to transport them to your guests home. Make sure you give them planting instructions to help them find the right spot for their new tree. The good thing about a Christmas tree is that it can be used in the future around the holidays, if they decide to cut the tree down later. Or it can serve as a living reminder of your wedding day. Just make sure you give this away at the right time of year so that your guests can actually plant the trees with a chance of it surviving. (via Etsy)

Everyone gets thirsty, especially during an outdoor wedding ceremony. Credit: My Wedding Favors

45. Personalized Water Bottles

If you have an outdoor wedding, you can guarantee that your guests are going to be thirsty. That’s why having personalized water bottles is a really great idea. Everyone will remember that you thought of them when they needed water the most. They will probably be thrown away, but many of your guests will probably be taking pictures on Instagram to remember their wedding favor. (via My Wedding Favors)

Shawls are a great favor to give away at an autumn or winter wedding. Credit: Etsy

44. Pashmina Shawls

If you’re having a wedding in the fall or winter, you have to worry about your guests potentially being cold during your ceremony. You can almost guarantee that your mom, grandmothers, and aunts are all going to appreciate receiving a pashmina shawl as a wedding favor. The only downside is that the men probably won’t enjoy getting this as a gift. So consider getting a backup favor for the men if it falls within your budget. (via Etsy)

Beautiful pastel colored luggage tags. Credit: Etsy

43. Luggage Tags

Everyone needs a luggage tag, especially if they plan on traveling anywhere on an airplane. It’s important to keep all of your personal information attached to the bag just in case it gets lost. But not everyone thinks to buy one for themselves. That’s why a luggage tag is a great idea for a wedding favor. Even if the guest already has a luggage tag at home, these are so cute, they just might consider swapping out their current one and replacing it with one of these. (via Etsy)

Plastic champagne bottles that can hold anything your heart desires. Credit:MyWeddingFavors

42. Personal Champagne Bottle Containers

The fun thing about these champagne bottle containers is that you can fill them with whatever you want. It’s obviously not good to re-fill it with actual champagne, but there are a lot of options out there. You could fill it with candy, bubble bath, mints, and so much more. The labels are personalized when you buy them from My Wedding Favors, so you could also include any instructions that may need to be added to the bottles. (via My Wedding Favors)

Bubble cube candle makes a unique wedding favor. Credit: Etsy

41. Bubble Cube Candle

Everyone loves a good candle. But for your wedding, you want something unique. That’s why this white bubble cube may be a good idea for a wedding favor. The only downside to it is that it’s uncescented. However, this would make a good romantic dinner candle, since it won’t interfere with the scent of the food you’re eating. (via Etsy)

Chocolate gold foil hearts labeled for each and every wedding guest. Credit: Marks and Spencer

40. Gold Chocolate Hearts

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and the theme of a wedding is always “love”. So chocolate hearts are a perfect wedding favor to give to your guests. Here in the United States, you can commonly find chocolate hearts by Dove. But the ones in this photo came from a company in the UK called Marks and Spencer. No matter what you choose, it’s best to buy in bulk and assemble the baggies once they arrive in the mail. (via Marks and Spencer)

Personalized guitar pick of a happy couple. Credit: Personalization Mail

39. Personalized Guitar Pick

If you and your partner are musically inclined, you may want to consider making a personalized guitar pick. It’s a very cute and functional reminder of your wedding day. Admittedly, this isn’t very useful for your guests who don’t know how to play the guitar. But it’s still a very cool gift, and should be relatively inexpensive to have made in bulk. (via Personalization Mail)

Charms that prevent you from getting the evil eye. Credit: Etsy

38. Evil Eye Charms

If you believe in the Evil Eye, you’re going to want to protect your guests from it with this charm. In case you are unaware, the evil eye is a curse that can be given to you by someone just by looking at you funny. Besides keeping curses away, this charm is just cool-looking in general. So no matter what your guests believe in, hopefully they will appreciate the gesture that you want them to stay safe. (via Etsy)

Beautiful gold wine stoppers are useful for re-corking a bottle of wine. Credit:My Wedding Favors

37. Gold Wine Stoppers

Once you open a bottle of wine, it’s almost impossible to get the cork back in. So wine stoppers are always useful in the kitchen. This is a great wedding favor, because it’s actually something that your guests are likely to use for a long time after the wedding is over. (via My Wedding Favors)

Seeds of wild flowers would be beautiful to give guests on your wedding day. Credit: Etsy

36. Seed Packets

Similar to the trees we saw earlier on this list, another option is to give out packets of seeds for your guests to plant in their gardens. We recommend wildflower seeds, since they’re the most useful for pollinators in your garden, and they’re just plain pretty. This is relatively inexpensive, light, and easy to transport to your wedding. But if you want to give them small pots, that will add a bit of extra weight. You may be able to find these pots on the Dollar Tree website. (via Etsy)

Personalized golf balls for your wedding guests. Credit: Hitched Shop

35. Personalized Golf Balls

Have a lot of golfers in the family? Then making personalized golf balls may be the perfect wedding favor. This is especially great if you happen to be having your wedding at a country club. Even if your guests never play with the golf ball, it’s still a nice reminder of your wedding day since the names and dates will be printed on the side. (via Hitched Shop)

These mini tote bags can hold just about anything your heart desires. Credit: Hitched Shop

34. Mini Tote Bag

The miniature tote bags can be personalized to say whatever you like. Then, you can put whatever you want inside of them. It’s like having those cut goodie bags at birthday parties when you were a kid, only now it’s a lot more environmentally responsible. If you like this idea, you may even want to have full-sized tote bags printed as a wedding favor. In a lot of states, they have now made it illegal for stores to give out plastic bags. So these could be a useful gift to give to someone. (via Hitched Shop)

Beautiful miniature embroideries make great favors or gifts for your wedding. Credit: Etsy

33. Mini Embroidery

These miniature embroideries are dainty and beautiful. They would be a wonderful gift to give your guests. However, these are handmade, so they would need to be ordered with plenty of time for the maker to get them together on Etsy. Just keep in mind that they cost $38.90 for three. Depending on the number of guests you have and your budget, that may be too much money for a wedding favor. Alternately, they could be gifts for the bridesmaids or mothers of the bride and groom. (via Etsy)

These bottle openers are personalized for every occasion. Credit: My Wedding Favors

32. Personalized Bottle Opener

Useful gifts are the best, because your guests can go on using them long after your wedding day. Everyone can always use another bottle opener, even if they already have one at home. Having them personalized with your wedding information will also remind your family and friends of your special day for years to come. (via My Wedding Favors)

Beautiful vintage inspired amber tea light holders. Credit: My Wedding Favors

31. Amber Glass Tea Light Holders

If you had a bohemian or vintage inspired wedding, using amber glass tea light holders would make a beautiful decoration on your tables. At the end of the night, you could invite your guests to take home the glass tea light holders if they wanted to. Sometimes it’s okay not to give out favors to every single guest, but give away the leftovers like balloons and flower centerpieces instead. (via My Wedding Favors)

Tubes of mints so that your guests can have fresh breath. Credit: Etsy

30. Mint Tubes

Everyone can use a mint sometimes. We all have stinky breath sometimes, especially after a long night of partying and drinking. That’s why giving out a tube of mints is actually a great idea for your wedding guests. Of course, you might get the random person who’s allergic to mint, but that can’t be helped. (via Etsy)

Personalized coins for every occasion. Credit: Etsy

29. Personalized Lucky Coins

As a kid, you may have carried around a lucky coin with you for good luck. (Or even as an adult, maybe you still have a good luck charm!) That’s why it’s a clever idea to make a personalized coin for your friends and family so that they have a lucky coin. They can print literally anything on the coin that you want, including a photograph of the happy couple, (via Etsy)

Reed diffusers are a great way to make your home smell amazing. Credit: Etsy

28. Reed Diffuser

Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. If you’re hoping to have a signature scent for your wedding, a great way to choose that is by buying reed diffusers as the wedding favor. This way, your guests can bring home your favorite smell. (via Etsy)

Heart shaped measuring spoons are adorable and useful at the same time. Credit: My Wedding Favors

27. Measuring Spoons

Here is another useful wedding favor that your guests will be able to use long after the wedding day is over. Measuring spoons are great for cooking and baking. And for some reason, not everyone owns them in their kitchen (especially if they’re a young bachelor.) Even if someone already owns measuring spoons, it’s always good to have a backup set lying around just in case. (via My Wedding Favors)

These personalized wine glasses are very cute. Credit: MyWeddingFavors

26. Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

A lot of people like to collect wine glasses, especially if they visit wineries on a regular basis. So why not make your own personalized wine glass to give away at your wedding ceremony? This can be a good DIY project if you buy stemless wine glasses from Dollar Tree and make the decals yourself with a Cricut or Silhouette machine. Or, you can order them online pre-made by someone else if you want to save time. (via My Wedding Favors)

Beautiful silk eye masks for your bridesmaids or wedding guests. Credit: Carousell

25. Personalized Silk Eye Mask

This next idea may be better for a bridal shower, where you give your bridesmaids a personalized gift. Each one of these silk eye masks has the name of your friends on the front. This is perfect if you plan to travel somewhere, and need to cover your eyes on the airplane in order to fall asleep. (via Carousell)

Delicious maple syrup for your guests to try. Credit: My Wedding Favors

24. Maple Syrup Flavors

Giving out maple syrup is a fun wedding idea, especially if you’re going to have the ceremony in Canada! A wedding favor doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Your guests will appreciate being given a sweet treat to have with their pancakes or waffles the next time they eat it. (via My Wedding Favors)

Beautifully embroidered lavender sachets. Credit: Etsy

23. Lavender Sachets

Here is another gift of giving your favorite scent to your guests. Lavender is supposed to calm people down and help them sleep. So by keeping a lavender sachet under your pillow or in the bedroom somewhere, it’s giving your friends a way to relax. If you know how to sew, these are actually very easy to make if you wanted to try a DIY project with some fabric you find at your local craft store. Obviously, these crochet details are far more complex, and not as many people know how to do this. If you want to save some time, they’re available for purchase on Etsy. (via Etsy)

An adventure compass to help your guests find their way. Credit:The Knot Wedding Shop

22. Adventure Compass

Thinking about having a destination wedding? Or maybe the two of you love to travel as a couple. That’s why the adventure compass may be a perfect choice for a wedding favor. It’s a real, working compass, too. So your guests could use it if they just so happen to go exploring in the woods, and need a way to navigate themselves back home. (via The Knot Wedding Shop)

Refillable hand sanitizers. Credit: Noshinku

21. Refillable Hand Sanitizer

After 2021, everyone needs hand sanitizer in their life. That’s why this refillable hand sanitizer is both fashionable and useful to give to your guests as a wedding favor. It may not be the most cheerful thing in the world to give your friends, though. Just a friendly reminder that they need to be careful and kill germs. (via NoShinku)

Beautiful dried flowers inside of a small glass dome. Credit: Etsy

20. Glass Dome Flowers

These beautiful trinkets are little glass dome containers that contain dried flowers. The front has a decal with the details of your wedding day. While these are lovely, they don’t serve much of a purpose except to serve as a cute knick-knack on someone’s shelf. However, since the flowers are dried, this should last for years looking the same as it did on the day you said “I do”. (via Etsy)

Loose leaf tea that’s perfect for brewing the perfect cup. Credit: Etsy

19. Bottles of Tea

Do you like to drink tea? Your guests might love it, too. Giving away loose leaf tea in tiny glass containers is dainty and elegant. It’s just enough tea for one drink per person, but it’s the thought that counts. Just like choosing your cake flavors, it will be fun to taste the different varieties of teas that you could give to your guests on your special day. (via Etsy)

A tiny bag of coffee for your guests to try in the morning. Credit: Not on the High Street

18. Personalized Coffee Flavors

If you’re more of a coffee drinker rather than a tea drinker, the alternative is to give a personalized coffee flavor to your guests as a wedding favor. Just like the tea favor, you can spend some time sampling different coffee beans and flavors to see which one you’d like to give to your guests. Consider supporting your local coffee shop, especially if they have their own house blend. (via Not on the High Street)

Funny hangover kits to give to your wedding guests. Credit: Etsy

17. Hangover Kits

Let’s face it. Your guests will be partying all night long on your wedding day, especially if you have an open bar. Giving them a hangover kit sounds like a joke, but it will actually be used and fully appreciated by many of your guests. Typically, you would include some Advil, a small bottle of water, an instant coffee stick, and another else that might cure their hangover the next morning. (via Etsy)

Delicious popcorn to give as a salty treat. Credit: Etsy

16. Mini Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn is a classic snack to eat when you’re being entertained. During your wedding reception, your guests will be drinking and snacking. So if you want to give them something to hold them over until dinner arrives, consider getting personalized mini popcorn boxes. If you can have a popcorn machine making it fresh during the reception, even better. This might also be a good wedding favor if you have a movie themed wedding. However, keep in mind that if they don’t have time to finish the popcorn, no one wants to tote back cold kernels to their hotel rooms with them, especially if it might spill everywhere. So timing is everything. (via Etsy)

Temporary tattoos featuring the bride and groom. Credit: Etsy

15. Portrait Temporary Tattoos

A super fun party favor to give out during the wedding reception is temporary tattoos featuring a portrait of the bride and groom. It’s likely that people will want to take a photo for Instagram, so the moment can last forever. But these temporary tattoos will wash off in a few days, so there is no harm done, unlike a real tattoo. (via Etsy)

Miniature bottles of gin to give away on your wedding day. Credit: Not on the High Street

14. Personalized Gin Bottles

If you love to drink gin and tonic, this one’s for you. Tiny personalized bottles of gin are great, so long as your guests are all over 21. This would be easy to make on your own if you go to your local liquor store and buy $1 tiny bottles of gin, and print out stickers on your own. But if you want to save time in the preparations, you can buy these in bulk online. (via Not on the High Street)

Adorable bottles of pink Himalayan sea salt. Credit: Etsy

13. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

A couple years ago, pink Himalayan sea salt was all the rage. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it’s still very aesthetically pleasing, especially in those beautiful glass bottles. And it would make a great gift to give your guests. This is something that would be easy for you to do on your own if you wanted to create a DIY wedding favor. But if you want to save time, you can buy them in bulk on Etsy. (via Etsy)

Delicious personalized chocolates wrapped in gold foil. Credit: Etsy

12. Personalized Chocolates

Earlier on this list, we suggested giving away gold foil heart chocolates to your guests. Another great alternative to this would be to give away chocolate squares with a personalized message on it for your guests. The only downside to this is that you’re only giving your guest one piece of chocolate, instead of giving them an entire goodie bag. But it really just depends on your taste and your budget. (via Etsy)

Close opened bottles of wine with these cork stoppers. Credit: Etsy

11. Wine Cork Stopper

Earlier on this list, we already suggested a gold wine stopper, but this is another good alternative that serves the same purpose. Wine stoppers are always useful, especially for people who drink one or two glasses of wine and need to re-cork their bottle to put away in the fridge. This is perfect if you’re having your wedding at a winery, or if you just know that your friends and family on the guest list are full of wine lovers. (via Etsy)

A fan is a great gift to give your guests on a hot summer day. Credit: Forever Wedding Favors

10. Floral Hand Fans

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may want to hand out these personalized floral hand fans before the ceremony starts. It’s a thoughtful way of helping your guests stay cool, while also giving them a fun favor to take home at the end of the night. (via Forever Wedding Favors)

Adorable little honey jars ready for wedding guests. Credit: Etsy

9. Honey Jars

Honey is sweet, and a healthier alternative than many sweeteners out there. It looks adorable in these little jars, as well as the honey spoon that it comes with. This is one of those gifts where you could easily buy honey from the grocery store and make this yourself. Or, you could choose to support one of your local farmers by buying a supply of gourmet honey from them. (via Etsy)

A personalized set of playing cards is a lot of fun. Credit: Etsy

8. Playing Cards

One of the best ideas on this list is to give your friends and family a set of playing cards. You can add a sticker with the name of the happy couple and the date of your wedding. But at the end of the day, everyone loves a good set of playing cards. This is especially true for the wedding reception or any party where your friends may want to play poker or a drinking game at their table with family and friends. (via Etsy)

These beautiful glass coasters would make a great addition to any home. Credit: Kate Aspen

7. Under the Stars Glass Coasters

If you happen to choose a celestial theme for your wedding, these “under the stars” coasters would be perfect for you to give to your guests as a favor. They’re beautiful, and should look stylish as a coaster in any home. (via Kate Aspen)

Instead of an old cassette, this contains a chocolate tape. Credit: Not on the High Street

6. Chocolate Tape Cassette

Years ago, people made mix tapes of their favorite music on cassette tapes to give to their friends and significant others. In a way, a mix tape could be like a love letter to the person you were dating. That’s why this idea of having a “mix tape” that’s actually chocolate is such a cute idea. When they’re done eating the chocolate, they’re left with a beautiful picture of the bride and groom. (via Not on the High Street)

Beautiful macarons with just enough for one person. Credit: Not on the High Street

5. Macaron Favor Box

Macarons are delicious desserts that are usually gone before you can say “bon appetit”. They’re also tiny, which is useful for giving out wedding favors. In the photo above, you can see how they’ve just put two macarons into a box. This is because it’s an exceptionally rare and expensive dessert. But if you’re planning an elegant wedding, it just may be worth the cost to give your guests this sweet treat. (via Not on the High Street)

An adorable mix tape CD of the bride and groom’s favorite songs. Credit: Evermine

4. CD Mix Tapes

If you’re a couple who loves music, consider giving your friends and family a mix tape of your favorite songs. Obviously, you should include the songs from your wedding like the theme song, as well as your first dance. A lot of people still have CD players in their cars, so a lot of people would actually take the time to listen to your CD once they have received it as a gift. You can also create a Spotify playlist that corresponds with this, and tell your friends how to find it. (via Evermine)

Everyone loves home made gourmet soaps. Credit: Etsy

3. Homemade Shea Butter Soap

Everyone loves to receive homemade gourmet soaps, no matter what the occasion may be. So giving it away as a wedding favor is a great idea. You could watch some YouTube tutorials and learn how to make soap on your own. But if you’re not an exceptionally crafty person, you can easily find people on Etsy who would make handmade soaps for your special day. (via Etsy)

These colorful match sticks are both beautiful and useful. Credit: Not on the High Street

2. Matches in a Bottle

These colorful matchsticks are beautiful and stylish just sitting on a shelf. But they’re also useful for lighting candles or a cigarette. These are a great idea to give to your friends and family. But a cheaper alternative might be to get a matchbook made with the name and date of your wedding on it. (via Not on the High Street)

Spice things up with bottles of hot sauce as a wedding favor. Credit: Etsy

1. Hot Sauce

If you and your partner like to spice things up, consider giving away bottles of gourmet hot sauce. This is especially clever if you like to cook, and if you’re particular about your brands of hot sauce. Just keep in mind that not everyone will enjoy hot sauce. It’s not for the faint of heart! (via Etsy)