Weird Cakes That Prove People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Trista - May 4, 2022
Broadway Bakery

11. Smile and Say Cheese!

If you thought: who left their canon on top of the cake? That is part of the cake, so please leave it where it is, Susan. This birthday cake is simple, with not much going on, except for the big camera that looks almost legit. The baker did an exceptionally great job making it look real, and they succeeded. The only downside is that if someone decides to take a bite on the camera, they will end up with black teeth for at least a week. So please, think twice before eating black fondant; protect your teeth first.

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10. Bazoonkas!

When you have gal pals as good as to make you a cake when you get a breast enhancement, you know they are legit the best. Don’t ever let them down, or We will hunt you down and force you to apologize. There are two reasons why this cake is impressive; the first one is the cord work, and the second is the message which is primarily a dad joke, so there is a possibility that their significant other did this. We bet you thought we were going to talk about the twins, but this time, let us admire the fantastic work they did on them.

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9. Someone Needs to See a Dermatologist

This funny cake is definitely not for everyone, especially people who think it’s nasty popping pimples. Not everyone is Dr. Pimple Popper, but making a cake that you can pop pimples before eating sounds unappetizing. The head is a replica of the poor guy in Operation, which makes us wonder if the guy has too many health problems and should consult other doctors.

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8. A Porcupine Cake From Hell

Not sure if this is supposed to be a Pokemon or alien, but there is something about putting teeth on your cake that just looks too horrifying to make it delicious. Even though the spikes seem crunchy, and we want to eat them all, that face that only a mother would love is too uncomfortable to sink your teeth into. The dry coconut flakes at the bottom almost look like mozzarella cheese that the baby Demogorgon was enjoying before being trapped. The best thing you can do is get a fire thrower and kill that creature from hell.

7. All Picky Eaters Will Fight Over These Veggies

Some kids hate eating their greens, and parents have to find very sneaky ways to convince them that they are suitable for you and delicious. But when everything fails, and you know a baker that can do wonders with fondant, get a cake that looks like asparagus and eat it by yourself as a reward for your failure. Maybe if your kids see how in ecstasy you are eating it, perhaps you can slip some real asparagus on their plate and see where it goes. Sometimes betrayal is better served as a cake.

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6. Fashionista Extravaganza!

Here is another creative cake that looks too expensive and realistic to eat. This Louis Vuitton bag cake looks fantastic, even if the added scarf almost looks like a pair of briefs which we know wasn’t the intention, mainly because there’s a high probability that Meri would not want that type of clothing for her cake. Overall, it’s a well-made bag that might leave anyone guessing if they should eat it or just grab it and go shopping on Hollywood Boulevard. Any fashion designing fan would love to have one, mainly because it’s going to be cheaper than getting the real deal.

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5. Here Is a Vegetarian’s Least Favorite Cake

Some will find this savory cake God’s gift for any carnivore, but for some, this is just the nastiest thing you have ever seen. Bacon’s popularity has slightly slowed down over the years, but not enough to still see it pop up every now and then in new dishes. The sweetness and saltiness are a really delicious combination for the taste buds. But in our humble opinion, it’s just too much bacon. You’ll need at least two Pabst Blue Ribbon to fit in with it to eat this. We can hear PETA screaming in the distance; it’s time to move on.

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4. If Only She Knew She Had the Power (to Create Creepy Cake Designs)

Here is a fantastic way to show a Stephen King’s Carrie fan. These cake bakers want to pour pig’s blood on the top of your head with this beautiful homemade cake. Although it is very amateur-ish, this bloody mess is so creative that any fan would appreciate how good it is. The cherry on top is the note glued to the cake with a quote from the film. Of the funny cakes on the list that have blood, this is the one that goes well with it, just because any horror fan will be thrilled by it.

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3. The Best Cake for Any College Student On a Budget

Every college dorm across the nation knows way too well that when you’re on a budget, a $1 bowl of ramen will do the trick of filling your belly. So a cake in the shape of a bowl of ramen sounds like a dream! The glossy finish of the noodles and vegetables gives it a wet detail that goes perfectly. It’s even better than it has the name of the owner, in case anyone mistakes whose cake is in the public fridge. So happy birthday Jacob; I’m sure that cake will keep you full for weeks to come.

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2. This Unique Cake Wants Pigs You to Celebrate Pigs In the Mud

Here’s another adorable cake for anyone who loves bacon, but in raw form. These cute piggies having a nice mud bath is what we needed to bring a smile to our faces. The creative part of this is having Kit Kat candy bars as the bath walls; it’s a more straightforward solution than having to make logs out of fondant. Moreover, finishing everything with a nice bow to hold everything together makes it a lovely cake for a picnic or outdoor birthday party. We only hope that the submerged pigs that are only showing their butts are alive and well.

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1. There’s Nothing Like a Funny Cake Design That Talks About Crapping Your Pants

After going thru the toilet paper shortage in 2020, seeing a cake version of a roll seems appropriate in this climate. The dad jokes on the cake are way better than anything we would come out with, so we are not even trying to come up with a toilet paper joke. The cake is already doing our job for us, so let’s appreciate how well made this masterpiece of a cake is. Greg must have gotten super excited seeing their 50th birthday cake, too. Let us hope they didn’t use the fondant paper roll to do the deed in the bathroom.