Weird Cakes That Prove People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Trista - May 4, 2022
Luli Sweet Shop

2. This Unique Cake Wants Pigs You to Celebrate Pigs In the Mud

Here’s another adorable cake for anyone who loves bacon, but in raw form. These cute piggies having a nice mud bath is what we needed to bring a smile to our faces. The creative part of this is having Kit Kat candy bars as the bath walls; it’s a more straightforward solution than having to make logs out of fondant. Moreover, finishing everything with a nice bow to hold everything together makes it a lovely cake for a picnic or outdoor birthday party. We only hope that the submerged pigs that are only showing their butts are alive and well.

Dinesh Singh FaridabdCake

1. There’s Nothing Like a Funny Cake Design That Talks About Crapping Your Pants

After going thru the toilet paper shortage in 2020, seeing a cake version of a roll seems appropriate in this climate. The dad jokes on the cake are way better than anything we would come out with, so we are not even trying to come up with a toilet paper joke. The cake is already doing our job for us, so let’s appreciate how well made this masterpiece of a cake is. Greg must have gotten super excited seeing their 50th birthday cake, too. Let us hope they didn’t use the fondant paper roll to do the deed in the bathroom.