Zillow Gone Wild: The Most Over The Top Home Listings

Shannon Quinn - January 28, 2023
Credit: Zillow

Topsy Turvy Art House

From the outside, this house in Colorado Springs, CO looks very stylish. But once you open the door, the entire home is full of wild, quirky pieces of art. In the photo above, you can see a chandelier made out of Barbie dolls. When you flip through the gallery on the listing, you’ll see shag carpet on the walls, creepy outsider art, a rainbow patchwork kitchen, and a door covered in stuffed animals. The entire house is like living in a modern art installation. I can only assume that when these people sell the home, their art will come with them. But it’s hard to think about this as a “normal” home with the way things currently are. It’s currently listed at $560,000.

Credit: Zillow

The Garcia House

A lot of the houses on this list are mentioned because they are weird. This one in particular made it on the list, because it’s over-the-top beautiful. The iconic “Garcia House” in Los Angeles, CA features “60-foot caissons” that elevate the structure above the canyon, a lava rock entry, a parabolic roof and a 55 foot wall of windows. It was designed by a famous architect John Lautner, and built in 1962. Outside of the house, it looks like a futuristic spaceship. And inside, it’s absolutely stunning with so much natural light pouring in through the windows. The house is currently listed for $16 million, which is pretty normal for the Los Angeles area.

Credit: Realtor

Lion Gate Estate

In Detroit, MI, there exists a house that looks very normal from the outside. But once you go in, you’re greeted by a carpeted wall, a crochet ceiling, and so much more. Both the house and the backyard are full of statues. It’s a mixture of ugly, outdated wood paneling in the kitchen and dining room with over-the-top expensive features in other areas of the house. This house has been on the market since 2018, and it’s still listed at $425,000. They actually increased the price from $325,000 after the real estate market changed. It’s so weird. Please look at the photo gallery. You’ll thank me later.