Zillow Gone Wild: The Most Over The Top Home Listings

Shannon Quinn - January 28, 2023
Credit: Zillow

The Garcia House

A lot of the houses on this list are mentioned because they are weird. This one in particular made it on the list, because it’s over-the-top beautiful. The iconic “Garcia House” in Los Angeles, CA features “60-foot caissons” that elevate the structure above the canyon, a lava rock entry, a parabolic roof and a 55 foot wall of windows. It was designed by a famous architect John Lautner, and built in 1962. Outside of the house, it looks like a futuristic spaceship. And inside, it’s absolutely stunning with so much natural light pouring in through the windows. The house is currently listed for $16 million, which is pretty normal for the Los Angeles area.

Credit: Realtor

Lion Gate Estate

In Detroit, MI, there exists a house that looks very normal from the outside. But once you go in, you’re greeted by a carpeted wall, a crochet ceiling, and so much more. Both the house and the backyard are full of statues. It’s a mixture of ugly, outdated wood paneling in the kitchen and dining room with over-the-top expensive features in other areas of the house. This house has been on the market since 2018, and it’s still listed at $425,000. They actually increased the price from $325,000 after the real estate market changed. It’s so weird. Please look at the photo gallery. You’ll thank me later.