2021 Home Decorating Trends: What’s In and What’s Out This Year

Trista - April 12, 2019

19. Wood and Stone Art

While natural fibers like jute, bamboo, and linen are very much in for textural finishes on upholstered furniture, pillows, and more this year, they are very much on the way out for wall art. Macrame and other fiber wall arts have been approaching dangerously 1970s levels for the past few years and their time has finally come. Wood and stone wall accents will be all the rage for 2021, in keeping with the biophilia idea of bringing some of the outdoors in to help connect with nature’s beauty. Even better if local crafters make the pieces.


20. Softer Boho

If you are a Boho lover, don’t worry it’s still around for 2021, but with a fresh twist. While a lot of previous Boho design has focused on eclectic clutter and a lot of harsh lines, 2021 Boho is looking at brighter colors, cleaner and simpler styles, and much softer and circular designs for furnishings and decor. Patterns featuring stark whites, neutrals, pastels, and circular shapes will be popular, as will circular light fixtures, pillows, and furniture. Welcome more natural feeling soft, circular shapes into your home and brighten up your spaces with light colors. Out with the dark and cluttered Boho, in with the soft, new Boho!

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21. Mixing Styles

Decorators have been reluctant to mix styles for many years now, often sticking exclusively to, for example, Mid-century Modern if even one piece of furniture matches that style. This rigid style principle really has no place in the modern aesthetic, and designers are finally freeing themselves to mix and match styles of design as they please. Don’t let rooms become too one-note with one predominant look. Combining techniques draws the eye throughout the room and keeps any one style from looking too dated or stale. It gives a space a better sense of longevity and can create an entirely new style vibe that is uniquely your own.


22. Acrylic Base Pieces

2021 is all about the natural elements, like house plants, stone, and wood accent pieces but that isn’t to say inorganic pieces are entirely out. Clear or lightly tinted acrylic or resin furniture is ready to have a breakout moment, mainly when used to contain organic accents. Nothing makes a statement quite like an angular, clear acrylic table topped with Terra cotta pots of succulents. Mixing media, primarily organic and inorganic, draws the eye and makes a compellingly modern statement without being too eclectic.

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23. Natural-looking Metals

With the Moscue Mule still enjoying the limelight, copper is still quite ubiquitous, especially in kitchens. In 2021, look to see copper slowly fading out to be replaced by more earthy, natural-looking metal tones like iron, pewter, dark brass, and tarnished silvers. While copper is beautiful, it can get a very processed, artificial shade that detracts from the natural beauty of other ores and metals. More natural metal tones can be combined beautifully with jewel-toned fabrics, stone and wood furniture, and more. Neutrally toned metals, in particular, will be very popular this year.


24. Mixed Metals

With natural-looking metals like nickel, iron, bronze, and more having a significant comeback, 2021 will be the perfect year to incorporate a timeless standard: mixing metals. While the finishes should be limited to no more than three different metals, combining two or three metals in a space gives a chic, timeless, and sophisticated look that just cannot be achieved with a monochromatic finish look. Try mixing silver accents with pewter or bronze, or try pairing gold with iron. Play around and find which finishes speak to you, and see if you can combine them. Start small with metallic planters or frames, and build up from there.


25. Covering Up Brass

Many decorators bought entirely into the all-brass trend of yesteryear, especially for decorating bedrooms. Unfortunately, matchy-matchy brass now gives off a very early-2000s vibe that many homeowners are no longer loving. Fear not! Brass furniture doesn’t need to be replaced, as some brass elements are still highly desirable, especially when paired with iron or another metal finish. When surrounded by too much brass, try covering a simple piece with metallic spray paint. It’s a cheap and relatively easy way to change the metallic tone, and spray paint now comes in an incredibly wide variety of hues including rose gold, gunmetal, and more.

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26. Black Bathrooms

Few things feel more instantly calming, relaxing, and spa-like than walking into a black bathroom. Being surrounded by black marble or granite immediately imparts a luxurious, almost sensual feeling that adds a ton of value and enjoyment to any bathroom. Splashes of white and grey, either in a backsplash or in the bathroom’s linens break up the monotony while staying on trend. If a bathroom has enough light, some humidity loving houseplants completes the spa feel and makes the bathroom beautiful and healthier through air purification.

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27. Accents Throughout A Room

The accent wall has mostly seen its peak. While a well-placed accent wall can still stay on-trend, a far more forward-looking 2021 theme is spreading accents throughout an entire room. Why should one wall get all the fun? Between mixing metallic finishes, embracing bold pops of colors, incorporating beautiful natural elements, and going with the flow of curved designs, there are so many fabulous trends to choose from in 2021 that no one part of a room should be limited to incorporate accents. Play around with your entire space and don’t bind yourself to only expressing yourself on one small wall.

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28. Light Wood Flooring

Homeowners looking to increase the visual space of a room already know to avoid dark flooring, as it tends to make areas look much smaller, darker, and closed-in. While for some this may be a plus, many homeowners are looking to fully embrace biophilia by making their spaces seem large, airy, and as much in tune with the great outdoors as possible. Beautiful light flooring like birch, white oak, and light bamboos can impart this look onto floors. These light floor shades also pair beautifully with 2021’s trends of delicate tones and warm neutrals, giving any space a gorgeous, homey, and inviting appearance.


29. Painted Cabinets

Unfortunately, many home superstores are just not keeping up with trends in cabinetry, still featuring large blocks of dark cherry cabinets. While these were popular for a time, homeowners realize that they are hard to match with both metallic finishes and flooring, and tend to close off a space with their somewhat foreboding tone. If you enjoy dark cabinets but find cherry a bit dated, painted black or dark grey cabinets are seeing a massive explosion in popularity this year. Navy blue cabinets are also making a comeback and would look amazing when paired with a brighter pop of color in an adventurous patterned backsplash.


30. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

While it should be evident that comfort is paramount in your own home, many design trends throughout the years have placed form above function. From stiff, angular sofas to chairs that can barely be used, 2021 is all about bucking the function trend and ensuring everyone is happy with lush, comfortable furniture and flooring that human beings will actually enjoy being on and around. Imagine that! Thick, soft carpet is reappearing as a popular choice, and chairs with thick cushions and beautiful fabrics are replacing stern-looking, uncomfortable all wood pieces. When decorating, the look is important, but comfort for you and your family needs to be number one!


31. Matte Finishes

Shiny things are often beautiful; there’s no doubt about it. From warm metallic finishes to hints of sequins and glitter, shine can add a gorgeous focal point to a room. However, 2021 is mainly ready to say goodbye to metallic finishes on furniture, especially lacquer, and usher in a new era of more natural-looking matte finishes. Whether stone, muted metal, or natural-looking wood, matte finishes are less obtrusive and feel well-used and loved. This change will make your room inviting. It’s almost impossible to not curl up with a book and coffee next to a gorgeous matte stone coffee table or well-worn wooden chair.

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32. Trimmings and Baubles

With 2021’s emphasis on clean, curved lines and minimalism, there is thankfully a bit of design room left over for a bit of fun with trimmings and baubles. While often seen as a bit tacky or passe, more modern trimmings are making a roaring comeback with new shapes, textures, and colors that take them from tacky to fantastic. Look for curtain tie-backs to become a must-have accessory, with rich jewel tones, unique modern shapes, and metallic elements separating them from the dull, monotoned tassels of the past.

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33. Polished Nickel

Copper and rose gold, while still popular, are starting to feel a bit played, especially to decorators who love to be on the cutting edge of new trends. One metal finish to watch out for is polished nickel, a gorgeous bright finish that manages to add shine while still feeling quite classic and timeless. Always popular in bathrooms, polished nickel will start to break out and be featured in living room furniture, bedroom accent pieces, and more. Polished nickel can pair beautifully with gold and bronze and would make a perfect tone to start a mixed-metallic finish room to be genuinely on trend.

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34. Warm and Dark Countertops

Austere white marble, granite, and quartz countertops have been all the rage for the past decade, and it’s almost impossible to find a newly built home without them. Silver and icy blue or grey flecks and veining have been the go-to secondary colors, but are quickly being replaced by warmer tones. Marble, granite, and quarts will continue to be incredibly popular due to their excellent properties in the kitchen, but keep an eye open for much darker base tones with warm-hued secondary tones. Butcher block will also make a comeback, with darker base wood. These dark, warm tones will pair beautifully with the 2021 trend of dark blue or warm dark grey cabinets.

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35. Home Style Countertops

Having stark white, professional looking countertops that wouldn’t be out of place in a Michelin Star restaurant has long been a trend. However, many decorators are now starting to see them as too professional and austere, which detracts from the inviting name of a home kitchen. In keeping with the minimalist and biophilia trends of 2021, warmer tones and even wood countertops are making a splash, with the shiny and somewhat sterile nature of quartz becoming less popular. Look for quirkier cuts of marble or granite with warm tones, or even a rustic finish butcher block to make a kitchen feel personal and homey.

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36. Statement Paint Colors

While the accent wall fades out of popularity, making all walls speak for themselves is going to be the new trend in 2021. With Pantone’s bold choice of Living Coral for 2021, it’s time to break all the rules and entirely paint rooms with gorgeous, bright colors. Incorporating biophilia principles of nature-based decor, look for bold mossy greens, floral petal oranges and corals, and more to become popular. In keeping with the trend of jewel tones, rich plums and burgundies, deep sapphire blues, and warm, lush ambers will all also be on 2021’s decorating radar.

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37. Combining Eras

Very few people set out to intentionally turn their living spaces into time capsules, but that’s precisely what can happen if one era’s style, especially if it’s very distinct, is plastered all over a room without any variation. Mid-century Modern, in particular, can become a victim of this phenomenon. 2021 is all about incorporating trends from multiple eras to make a layered, multi-faceted look that naturally draws the eye throughout the entire room. Combining a modern accent with a vintage piece can put a unique personal stamp on the place and avoid the dreaded museum vibe of one-note vintage decorating.

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38. White With Small Pops of Color

Stark white is back, baby! While stark white was viewed as far too harsh for many years, it is once again getting the respect it deserves. Few things delight the eye more than walking into a bright, white room filled with a few small vibrant pops of color. It turns your entire room into a beautiful white daisy or lily, with little specs of color to break up what could get monotonous. Bold splashes of primary color pair beautifully with white, as do mixed metallic finishes like brushed nickel and gold. White is the ultimate pairing for any pop of color, so get creative and express yourself.


39. Houseplants

2018 was definitely the year of the succulent. These plants were not just in homes, but on Instagram, at weddings, and everywhere else. Houseplants are still incredibly on trend for 2021, but try broadening your horizons beyond the slightly-played out succulent. There are countless gorgeous, easy to care for plants that come in a wide range of colors and growth habits, from neon green vines to large white variegated tropical leaves and more. Fill your space with a mixture of colors and textures. There is a houseplant that can survive in almost any light and humidity conditions, so head to your nearest nursery and explore!


40. Macramé Plant Holders

Lucky for you if you still have some of your grandmother’s macramé hanging pot holders, as they are coming back hugely! Macramé has had a bit of a resurgence as wall hangings, but the trend is turning towards plant holders, especially with biophilia driving a considerable influx of houseplants in home decorating. Macrame is incredibly versatile, coming in many styles, colors, and materials, and it frees up floor space for larger plants by allowing you to hang a wide range of plants from the ceiling or a window. Try combining warm neutrals and various natural materials for a hanging pot corner to bring some of the outdoors in!