Your children can make artwork out of leaves and glue. Credit: Shutterstock

24. Make Leaf Art With Your Kids

Children absolutely love to use fall leaves with their artwork, and nearly every elementary school in the country has some variation of this. There are a lot of ways you can go about using autumn leaves for art. Take some leaves from your backyard, and make sure they are completely dry on a paper towel. Pour some paint onto a paper plate, and help your kids press the leaves into the paint first, then onto brown paper bags or thick paper. The leaf impressions will be left behind and your kids will be thrilled to see the patterns of the veins of the leaves. 

There are so many amazing types of artwork that can be created with leaves. Credit: Shutterstock

They can also take some Elmer’s glue and paste the leaves onto a piece of construction paper. As you can see in the photos we provided, kids get truly creative turning these leaves into animals and all sorts of things. In the example above, they made 3D artwork by reusing paper towel rolls and play dough. The possibilities of leaf art are endless. Check out Pinterest for more ideas on how you can make this type of artwork. If you are an elementary school teacher, this is an amazing project to do on a small budget. Since leaves are free, this is a great thing to just go outside and pick up leaves instead of going to the craft store.