25 Incredible Hacks Using Murphy Oil

Monica Gray - July 29, 2023
Cozy Cottage Journal

Scrub The Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sinks suffer the most. We’re constantly dumping dirty plates and used forks into them. Grease, old food, and dirt build-up, especially after heavy use. To properly clean your sink, wash away the grease with water, and then pour Murphy Oil all over your sink and scrub. You’ll end up with a beautiful, shining sink that looks as good as new. Say goodbye to bacon grease and butter! Be careful of pouring a lot of it down your drain so it doesn’t clog your pipes (Helpful Horse Hints).


DIY Cleaning Wipes

Instead of going to the store and buying cleaning wipes, you can easily make your own. All you have to do is combine one cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda, and one and a half tablespoons of Murphy Oil. Combine it all in two cups of warm water, and then soak microfiber towels in the solution. This solution will last a long time and is safer and more effective to use than the chemical wipes you buy at the store (Pinterest).

Murphy Oil Soap

Use It To Clean Wooden Cabinets

As we’ve mentioned, you can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean your wooden cabinets. It’ll add a beautiful shine to the exterior and interior of your wooden kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Because cabinets are one of the parts of your home that get the least amount of attention, they’re usually the dirtiest. Wood cleaners are expensive. Murphy’s Oil does the job just as effectively and for a way better price. Make use of that oil soap! It gets deep into the grime of dirt and sludge (Murphys Oil Soap).

Clean Recoat

Prevent Cracking Of Laminate Floors

Even though it’s more cost-effective in the long run to install traditional wood flooring in your home, you might opt for laminate floors. To keep them in tip-top shape and prevent them from cracking and popping, apply the soap to your floor as you would with any cleaner. It takes less than a day for the oil to be effective and stop your floors from squeaking. To prevent leaving any streaks, apply it with mopping and the damp-dry method. It won’t dull or damage your floors, either (Yodeon Decor).

Grapes and Splendor

Make Your Fixtures Shine

There’s nothing worse than fixtures that look cheap, dull, or dirty. This will affect the rest of your home and make your living room seem unkempt. To keep your fixtures shining, apply soap oil to restore their luster and shine (The Dollar Stretcher).

Gardening Know How

Make An Organic Pesticide

To make an organic pesticide that’s easy to use, you need to get creative. That’s where Murphy’s Oil comes in. You can make an inexpensive, organic oil with Murphy’s Oil to reduce and limit the number of pests around your home. Use a cup of vegetable oil with a quarter cup of Murphy’s Oil soap. Put it into a spray bottle with water, shake it, and spray it around your home and outside in your garden and plants to prevent pesky pests from coming inside. They’ll get stuck in the oil and eventually die. Even though it’s unfortunate, it’ll keep you and your family safe and healthy. It’s time to enjoy your garden (Dining With Debbie).

Photo credit: jewelersmutual.com

Clean Your Jewelry

Keeping your jewelry in top condition can get expensive and time-consuming. It’s important to keep them clean to make them last as long as possible. That’s where Murphy’s Oil comes in. If you mix one cup of soap with one liter of super-hot water, it’ll make your jewelry shine. To clean your jewelry, you can apply the soap using a small brush and paint the tiny crevices and hard-to-reach places. Before you let your jewelry dry, remove the soap (The Fun Times Guide).

Hello Lidy

Clean Your Entire Bathroom And Face Basin

As we’ve mentioned, you can use Murphy Oil to clean your appliances, sinks, and floors. That means you can use it to clean your entire bathroom. All you need is a cloth, soap, and Murphy’s oil. You can pour the oil into your bathtub and scrub the surfaces. When you’re finished, rinse it off with oil. It’ll cover all the bases! Or, pour a mixture of water and Murphy’s Oil into a spray bottle and use that to clean your bathroom.