25 Self-Care Tips to Practice While Stuck At Home

Trista - June 29, 2020
Create your perfect bath and spend quality time focusing on you. Shutterstock.

Soak in the Tub

You know that taking a shower can help your mindset, but so can a bath. Sometimes a bath can do you more good than a shower – it depends on your preference. To make everything better, add a bunch of bubbles, candles, and a few drops of an essential oil that will help you feel better.

Don’t think about what you should be doing, what you hear, or anything else. You might want to turn on your favorite music to help drown out some sound. Take time to focus on clearing your mind and relax. Work on finding your inner peace and reach it before you take a step out of the tub.

Go wherever you feel you can be alone with your thoughts and write down whatever comes to mind. Shutterstock.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Do you feel that you hide your thoughts from other people? Does it feel that your mind is about to explode with everything you’re thinking and don’t know what to do? Take time to open a notebook and write down what you’re thinking.

You can discuss what is bothering you or just jot down all of the thoughts that come to your mind at that moment. You can choose to share your writing or keep it to yourself. You can also decide that most of the thoughts are negative, so you want to tear up the paper and focus on thinking positively in the future.

Set up your own little corner that’s tailored to your favorite things to do. Shutterstock.

Create a Sacred Space

Do you feel like wherever you go in your home, it’s someone else’s space? Everyone needs to have their own sacred space that they can do what they want with. You can spend quality time in this area, releasing your negative thoughts or reflecting on your day.

Find a location in your home and make it your own. Decorate it with candles, your favorite furniture, or anything else. You might make a little reading corner or a place you can meditate. Let other people in your household know that this is your area and set boundaries.

Take the opportunity to say “no” to your devices and be with yourself. Shutterstock.

Disconnect from Devices

You live in a period where you have a phone, computer, television, and many other devices wherever you go. While these are great inventions, they can also make you available at any moment. You can start to feel that no matter what you do or where you go, it’s not truly your time.

If you need to take time to be away from the world, take the time. Turn off your phone, laptop, tablet, and anything else. Let people know that you’ll be unavailable for a while or simply get back to them when you feel better.

You should spend time having fun with your family so everyone can relieve a little stress during these uncertain times. Shutterstock.

Get Your Children Involved in Your Self-Care Routine

While you will need to take alone time, no rules are stating you can’t include your children in your self-care routine. This idea can be useful for them as they can learn how to improve their overall health starting at a young age.

You can do this by asking them what they want to do when it’s time for them to take a break from their regular day. You can talk to them about the importance of self-care and have a dance party, be silly, go for a walk, or take time to play at the park. The key is to not be strict about their routine, let them make it different every day.

Sometimes, putting your feet up and doing nothing is not being lazy or wasting time, it’s taking care of yourself. Shutterstock.

Do Nothing

That’s right. Take time to do absolutely nothing. Don’t worry about what you haven’t accomplished or think about how you’ll pay bills. Don’t worry about any errands that you need to run or think about your grocery bill.

It’s time to take a few minutes where you’re not thinking at all. Let your thoughts come and go as they please but don’t pay much attention to them. Just lay down in silence and take time to breathe. Enjoy the… what do you hear? Silence.

When you clock out at work, leave work at work. Shutterstock.

Clock Out at Work and Be Done for the Day

How often do you leave work and think about work as you’re driving home? How many nights do you stay up late thinking about, you guessed it, work? You spend tons of time at work, and then you spend more time with it for free. Even when you love your job, you need to take time to get away from it for some time.

Once you clock out at work, don’t think about it. Don’t focus on what you need to do tomorrow or what you didn’t get done today. Leave your worries and responsibilities at work because you have your factors to think about in your personal life.

If you like baking, use this as one of your self-care strategies. You can even get your children involved. Shutterstock.

Try Something Fun

Do something that you want to do. It doesn’t matter if you want to bake a birthday cake when you don’t have anyone’s birthday coming up. Bake that cake and decorate it however you want. You might want to start a new hobby or find yourself going for a two-day hike.

You can get together with friends and not talk about any problems you’re having, but just have fun enjoying your favorite foods. You can even make this one of your constant self-care strategies. Write down everything that you enjoy doing and make it a point to check something off that list every week.

Let your pets be your self-care buddy because they need some love too. Shutterstock.

Spend Time With Your Pet

If you have a fur baby in your life, spend time with it. Pets are known to help relieve stress and anxiety so you can feel better throughout your day. Go for a walk with your furry friend or snuggle with your cat, if they’re up for it.

Your companion animals know when something is wrong with you, and they want to help. Open your arms up so they can be a form of self-care for you. Take time to play with them or give them a few treats while enjoying your company (and the treats).

You can even spend time dancing around the room like you don’t care who is watching. Shutterstock.

Listen to Music

Do you feel like you don’t get enough time to listen to your favorite music? Maybe you’re tired of listening to “Baby Shark” or any other song that your children love. Try to take a few minutes out of your day (or an hour) and listen to music.

Don’t focus on anything else but the beat that makes you forget about all of your problems. You don’t need to keep busy while listening to music. Lay down and let your mind drift off with the lyrics.

Forget about writing what you need to do on your sticky notes and write down positive words to help your mood. Shutterstock.

Write Yourself Positive Sticky Notes

You probably have several sticky notes lying around your house. If not, there are tons that you can purchase online or at a local store for cheap. Write down notes to yourself that will make you feel better and then place them where you’ll see them every day.

You might write “You’re doing great” at your computer or “You got this” and post it in your car. You can write, “You’re beautiful” and put it on your mirror. You can even write down compliments that other people give you or your favorite affirmations.


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