25 Self-Care Tips to Practice While Stuck At Home

Trista - June 29, 2020
Let your pets be your self-care buddy because they need some love too. Shutterstock.

Spend Time With Your Pet

If you have a fur baby in your life, spend time with it. Pets are known to help relieve stress and anxiety so you can feel better throughout your day. Go for a walk with your furry friend or snuggle with your cat, if they’re up for it.

Your companion animals know when something is wrong with you, and they want to help. Open your arms up so they can be a form of self-care for you. Take time to play with them or give them a few treats while enjoying your company (and the treats).

You can even spend time dancing around the room like you don’t care who is watching. Shutterstock.

Listen to Music

Do you feel like you don’t get enough time to listen to your favorite music? Maybe you’re tired of listening to “Baby Shark” or any other song that your children love. Try to take a few minutes out of your day (or an hour) and listen to music.

Don’t focus on anything else but the beat that makes you forget about all of your problems. You don’t need to keep busy while listening to music. Lay down and let your mind drift off with the lyrics.

Forget about writing what you need to do on your sticky notes and write down positive words to help your mood. Shutterstock.

Write Yourself Positive Sticky Notes

You probably have several sticky notes lying around your house. If not, there are tons that you can purchase online or at a local store for cheap. Write down notes to yourself that will make you feel better and then place them where you’ll see them every day.

You might write “You’re doing great” at your computer or “You got this” and post it in your car. You can write, “You’re beautiful” and put it on your mirror. You can even write down compliments that other people give you or your favorite affirmations.


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