Experts Agree You Shouldn’t Keep These Items in the Bedroom

Julia Clum - December 31, 2022
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Hygiene Products

We’ve already established your bedroom is a place of rest. It’s not a place for work, exercise, or anything else. Following this rule, you should keep your hygiene products in the bathroom where they belong. This reduces clutter in your bedroom. It also reduces the mess created by loose or spilled products. The only exception to this rule is perfume and cologne. Those cannot be stored in the bathroom; the continual changes in temperature and humidity will degrade the quality of the perfume.

You should be careful deciding what to store in your bathroom. For instance, did you know medications can also be impacted by temperature and humidity changes by changes in temperature and humidity? This is why you should keep your medications in your kitchen. Don’t store spare razor blades in the bathroom either, they can also be affected. Lastly, jewelry can be damaged by moisture in the air. Be careful when storing things!

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If you habitually smoke or vape, the dopamine overload can keep you from sleeping. Dopamine prohibits melatonin, and nicotine is addictive due to dopamine release. Many people find it relaxing to smoke before bed, not knowing that nicotine will worsen their sleep. Anything with addictive or dopamine-inducing properties will ruin your amount and quality of sleep. You’ll also be significantly more sleepy during the daytime.

Tobacco users are more likely to develop sleep apnea. While you sleep, your brain may go through withdrawal symptoms, leaving you irritable when you awaken. Nicotine makes you stay up later, have a hard time falling asleep, wake up in the night, and your sleep isn’t as deep. Getting up in the morning is also much more difficult. Smoking is bad for your health, but if you’re a smoker, at least try to not smoke in your room or right before bed. You’ll feel significantly better when you sleep.

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Stacks of Unread Books

Reading a book before bed is a wonderful way to unwind. It’s far healthier than watching TV or scrolling on your phone. However, if you’re guilty of leaving a huge stack of unread books on your bedside table, it’s time to clean up. Unread books only contribute to the clutter, which leaves you more stressed and guilty. Feelings of guilt and stress worsen your sleep and make being in your bedroom an unpleasant experience. Keep one or maybe two books on your bedside table; you don’t need any more than that.

Organize your books in a bookcase. This way, you have more space, and can easily grab a book when needed. You’re less likely to damage or lose a book when you keep them on a shelf. You’ll even lessen the amount of dust flying around your room since you’re not moving books around as much. Try not to read anything too scary or suspenseful right before bed; this could make you stay up later and worsen your sleep.

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Important Papers

Hopefully, you’ll never have to worry about this, but should thieves ever break into your home, they’ll steal money, jewelry, and confidential papers. Don’t keep these papers anywhere they’ll think to look. Getting a safe for your bedroom can seem extreme, but it’s the best option for keeping your papers safe. Passports, social security, birth certificates, and even your will need extra protection.

Any safe you purchase needs to be fireproof and waterproof. Have a security code instead of a key; keys are easily lost. It’s okay to keep a safe in an accessible and easy place. You won’t want to run to the basement every time you need your documents. Furthermore, putting it in say, a garage, is riskier. Garages are much more easily broken into. Most safety experts agree that the bedroom is the best place to keep you safe.

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Anything You Don’t Use Anymore

Are you a keeper of stuffed animals, clothes that don’t fit, or old love letters? It’s time to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Many things can carry sentimental value, and you don’t have to get rid of everything. Just throw away or donate what takes up space and doesn’t serve you. Clinging to clothes that don’t fit is never a good idea. Not only do they take up space, they won’t suit you if you wear them. Purchase clothes that fit you. Get rid of anything damaged or permanently stained.

Any extras or duplicate items need to go. Worn, old blankets can go too, you don’t need more than three in your bedroom. Again, extra items and clutter only worsen your feelings of stress and guilt, which then worsens your sleep. Outdated electronic gadgets and old phones always seem like they’ll come in handy one day, but they never do, and you will never use them. Get rid of everything that you might need “someday.” You’ll make your life much simpler and better by holding on to the things you use.

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Sometimes it’s your only option, but really try to not use your bedroom as a storage room. The bed is a place for sleep and rest, not storage. Again, this will only make your room messier and cramped. Add paintings, curtains, light fixtures; make your bedroom a beautiful place to be. Shelves should only hold pictures, piggy banks, and decorations. The closet is for clothes, shoes, and accessories only.

If you keep your donations box in your bedroom, you need to move it. Since the bedroom is off limits for storage, the best alternatives are closets, cabinets, attics, and basements. Boxes used for storage can make your bedroom seem very claustrophobic. Storing things under the bed makes hideouts for spiders. Storage is a necessity, but if at all possible, keep it out of the bedroom.