Abandoned Ghost Towns that Are Up For Sale

Shannon Quinn - September 8, 2021
A map showing the bird’s eye view of Tiller, Oregon. Credit: Oregon Live

5. Tiller, Oregon, USA

There are very few ghost towns on this list that are located in the United States. That’s because real estate is so notoriously expensive here. Buying an entire town in the middle of nowhere might allow you to live out your own version of Schitt’s Creek. For the cost of a mansion in the suburbs of a city ($3.8 million) you could be the proud owner of an entire village called Tiller, Oregon.

This town is 225 miles south of the bustling city Portland, Oregon. It has a total of six houses, including one with an apartment that’s perfect for renting. There is also a gas station, and just one shop that was used as a general store. Believe it or not, there are two people still living in the town. They are a retired teacher, and a preacher for the nearby church. So their two houses are the only properties in the town that are not up for sale.

These abandoned houses in the desert are nearly buried by sand. Credit: Love Incorporated

4. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Technically, this is one of the ghost towns that never went up for sale. But it still deserves to be on this list. Way back in 1908, Kolmanskop, Namibia was a part of a territory called German South-West Africa. A railroad worker named Zacharias Lewala found diamonds while he was digging in the sand. His German supervisor named August Stauch realized that the area was actually lush with diamonds. Soon after, the German government began moving in as a diamond mining settlement. Of course, the government also called it a “Sperrgebiet”, which is a National Park where the public was not allowed to enter for any reason. Soon enough, the town grew to be a fully functional German town. There was a hospital, ballroom, power station school, theater, casino, sports hall, and an ice factory. They also built a tram and railway link to the nearby town of Lüderitz, Namibia.

However, the success of the town relied heavily on the diamond mining industry, since it was the reason why they were there in the first place. In World War II, the supply of diamonds started to deplete from the land. Eventually, there was a new diamond rush a few hundred miles away. So many of the miners packed their bags and left for greener pastures. The town wasn’t officially abandoned until 1956. Today, tourists and photographers need a permit if they want to enter the town. All of the homes are filled with several feet of sand, and it’s very eerie to see. With enough time, the town may eventually be completely buried by the desert sands.

This small town on Nipton Rd is up for grabs. Credit: Dig on Zini Group

3. Historic Nomadic Town of Magical Nipton, California

This large 80 acre property is a California ghost town called the Historic Nomadic Town of Magical Tipton. The good news is that it is already remodeled and ready to become a tourist attraction under a new owner. Some of the buildings on the property include a hotel with 5 rooms to rent, a trading post, a restaurant, a bar, and a general store. There is also an old school house, teepees to represent the original Native American homes, as well as cabins. 

Among all of these buildings, there is also plenty of land to accommodate a campground. There is a bathroom facility, water hookups, and more. There is even a solar yard to help power everything on the property. So, in a lot of ways, this isn’t really a “ghost town” at all, because someone has already gone in to do all of the hard renovation work for you. If you’re looking to start a business, all of this can be yours for $2,750,000.

There are a total of 16 houses included in the sale of Alberllefenni, Wales. Credit: Country Living

2. Alberllefenni, Wales, UK

If you’re interested in potentially buying an investment property in the United Kingdom, Alberllefenni, Wales might be a great option. For $1.6 million, you could buy a total of 16 houses. The surrounding area also has loads of agricultural land. This could be perfect for someone who is looking to bring in rental income and start a farm. The property also includes a forest with walking trails.

There is a town called Machynlleth nearby, which was the ancient capital of Wales. It helps you cover all of the needs you and your tenants would be looking for in terms of a grocery store, museums, shops, schools, and other amenities. The only catch is that many of the buildings need to be repaired. It could be a huge investment to buy the land and get it in the shape it needs to be before you could earn income from tenants. The first offer fell through in 2020, and it was put back up for sale in 2021. If you’re interested, you should hurry, because the real estate agents say that it’s a very popular listing among investors.

The stone buildings were once abandoned in Aveyron, France. Credit: LoveProperty

1. Aveyron Hamlet, Aveyron, France

A few years ago, there was a small hamlet of four houses for sale right in the middle of the Aveyron mountains of France. Originally built in the 12th Century, the Romanesque buildings and castle were made of both stone and wood. The houses were all up for grabs at the price of $917,000.

A woman named Rain Haron and her husband decided to buy the property and move from California to France. Their journey was documented on a blog called Complete France, and it gives you a good idea as to what you should expect if you moved to a ghost town in the middle of Europe. They shipped all of their belongings over, but it took months to arrive. Over the course of 8 months, they renovated the property to make it good enough to live in. Now, her husband continues his work as a real estate agent, selling French properties to English speakers.