Gorgeous Attic Bedrooms that Will Make You Want to Move Upstairs

Trista - April 29, 2022
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9. Built-in shelves can put anything within reach.

Don’t have a closet? Need some shelves to put away your things? You can customize it to create the bedroom you have always wanted, no matter the size. An attic room can easily become a place to read, and it is a secure spot from the distractions downstairs. Decorate the walls with favorite book paintings or quotes, and add a shelf to keep the favorite reads right where you need them and will want to pluck from their spot. It is also the perfect place to display your favorite trinkets and other knick-knacks. There is even a built-in closet. Personalize your space with unique furniture and other items to feel more like home. Keep it classic with all-white bedding and shelves for a cozy night in.


8. Select Bohemian pieces for your own attic paradise.

Invite the jungle into your home with contemporary inspirational pieces that call to the natural side. You can create your own bohemian mecca attic bedroom that will present the best and most luxurious private room you could ask for. Keep it simple with a wooden pallet bed frame. You can add other accents to liven up the room, including potted plants along your bedside and decorative star pieces that hang from the ceiling. Use a natural rug to call back to the beauty of nature. Opt for neutral and like colors for bedding, so the rest of the room stands out aesthetically and spiritually. Take it to the next level with smaller pillows and other decoration items.

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7. Let your beams frame the bedroom of your dreams.

Another contemporary room that uses cool gray as a backdrop, this attic design elevates what you believe your bedroom could be. Depending on the architecture of your home, your attic may have something unique. It can present some design details that could add to the overall personality of your room. Check out the beams in this alluring attic that have been transformed from dull to delightful. Adding a bed, table, and chairs and an additional seating area make it an ideal loft for all of your everyday living. The lines in this design naturally draw your eyes to each corner of the room, which has its own proper purpose for whatever you need it to be. This space could be an excellent place for a bedroom. Alternatively, you could put together a studio for extra income property for the household.

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6. Sky’s the limit with an attic skylight.

If you prefer soft overhead natural light, this genius idea has you covered. A skylight satisfies those who want to add more natural light to their often dark rooms. They can also add a bit of personality to a bedroom. Inviting that outdoors inside is particularly beneficial in the winter months when everyone is craving a bit more brightness. The attic idea presented here provides a cozy spot over the bed. With other warm and wooden details, it is easy to see why this room could soon become an instant favorite. Candles and other comfort items provide an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to stick around and stay awhile.

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5. Create a dedicated bunkroom in the attic.

This attic bedroom is in another cabin in the woods and is working as a dedicated bunkroom. You can create a DIY platform bed frame and shelf for your attic just like this one. Besides shelves for books and other knick-knacks, this creative homeowner even added an extra bar for hangers. Some new carpet, a modern light, and neutral wall, and you have a classic attic space that everyone will love. The natural light from the large window is a nice touch, with the great outdoors just a glance away. Keep reading for more beautiful attic bedrooms that you can build in your own house.

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4. Unique windows set your attic apart.

Afraid that your attic is not equipped for large windows? Don’t worry about this attic bedroom idea. If your roof comes to an odd point, you can have customized windows that mold with the side of your house. Check out how awe-inspiring this attic room is with a window that bends with the walls. Put up a window seat and let the natural sunlight travel all over the room. Another detail to love is the bauble chandelier, which adds just another class element to this instant classic bedroom.

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3. Line up your storage with side-by-side dressers.

Smaller attics may come with their own challenges, but you can make the most of even a tiny space with strategically placed dressers along the walls. This room comes to a direct triangle point as the highest point in the house. The white dressers make the most of the space and make the room seem bigger. Pair with a complimentary area rug and a bed frame that is slightly off the floor for more ideas on making the room more adaptable to your needs.

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2. Find Southwest inspiration with an Aztec attic.

Aztec architecture and decor are all about shapes and symmetry. You can visually stun and elongate your smaller attic thanks to the geometrically eye-catching rug placed right in the middle of the room. The white walls provide the perfect canvas to show your attic’s new style. Put in furniture and pillows that complement the design aesthetic, and you will have a room that is too hot to handle! 

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1. Make the attic your dream room.

Are you in love with this last attic bedroom design? Brighten up this heightened space with a light and airy design in the attic bedroom. You get the best of both worlds with ample and comfortable seating. Wake up naturally as the vaulted window details let the sunlight illuminate this gorgeous room. String a light over your headboard area and hang a hammock seat for some extra class. With a room like this, you will want to spend all of your time resting and relaxing in your attic getaway room.