Gorgeous Attic Bedrooms that Will Make You Want to Move Upstairs

Trista - April 29, 2022
Curious Doodle

2. Find Southwest inspiration with an Aztec attic.

Aztec architecture and decor are all about shapes and symmetry. You can visually stun and elongate your smaller attic thanks to the geometrically eye-catching rug placed right in the middle of the room. The white walls provide the perfect canvas to show your attic’s new style. Put in furniture and pillows that complement the design aesthetic, and you will have a room that is too hot to handle! 

Art Station

1. Make the attic your dream room.

Are you in love with this last attic bedroom design? Brighten up this heightened space with a light and airy design in the attic bedroom. You get the best of both worlds with ample and comfortable seating. Wake up naturally as the vaulted window details let the sunlight illuminate this gorgeous room. String a light over your headboard area and hang a hammock seat for some extra class. With a room like this, you will want to spend all of your time resting and relaxing in your attic getaway room.