Home Design Hacks For a Cheap and Easy Makeover

Shannon Quinn - June 14, 2022
Drawer organizers can be repurposed as a spice rack. Credit: AutoGuide

14. Repurpose Drawer Organizers to Fit More Products in Your Cabinets

Metal drawer organizers that you find at the dollar store can be used for so much more than going inside of your desk. They are also great as spice racks. Just attach them to the interior of a cabinet door, and you instantly have more space inside of your pantry to hold your spice collection. This also makes it easier to find the spice you need compared to having them all cluttered together in one cabinet or drawer in your kitchen.  (via AutoGuide)

Carpet padding can take your flooring experience to the next level. Credit: AutoGuide

13. Use Carpet Padding to Make Floors Feel More Comfortable

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house, and their rugs just feel so comfortable and bouncy? That’s most likely because they have carpet padding underneath. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it would be a big expense to get this installed. But if you have an area rug, it isn’t too expensive to get padding placed underneath.  (via AutoGuide)

A quick and easy way to fill a jar with corks. Credit: AutoGuide

12. Fill a Vase Faster Than You Think

Many of you out there will have seen those collections of wine corks in a glass container. These are great decor pieces, and it shows off just how much wine you drink in your house. But if you want to have something like this filled up faster, place an empty bottle of wine inside of the vase first. This fills up the majority of the space. Now, hide the bottle by placing the wine corks inside. Your guests will be none the wiser. (via AutoGuide)

A clever way to make wraps easy to access when you need them. Credit: AutoGuide

11. Hang Up Foil and Plastic Wrap Boxes

A clever kitchen hack is to hang your foil and plastic wrap boxes up on a rod to make it easy to pull and go whenever you need it. Compared to putting this in your drawer and taking it out manually, this way cuts down time when you’re cleaning up in the kitchen. (via AutoGuide)

Keep your paint brush cool if you need to preserve it for the next day. Credit: AutoGuide

10. Refrigerate Paint Brushes to Help Preserve Them

When you’re painting the walls of your house, you need to wait for them to dry and go in for a second or third coat afterwards. A nifty hack is to put the paint brush in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator. This will help to preserve the quality of the paint brush and prevent it from drying out. (via AutoGuide)

Doubling up on shower curtains can give a dramatic effect. Credit: AutoGuide

9. Double Up on Shower Curtains

If you want your bathroom to look a bit more luxurious, consider doubling up on the shower curtains. With one on each side of the bathtub, you can open it when the shower is over to greet the day like the king or queen that you truly are. (via AutoGuide)

Create an optical illusion with the height and width of your curtains. Credit: AutoGuide

8. Make an Optical Illusion With Wide and High Curtains

One of the best design hacks out there is to hang your curtains above the window, rather than on the window ledge itself. Also make sure the windows are wider, because it will give the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. It can make your standard ceiling look like it’s ten feet high and open up a room that once felt small and cramped. (via AutoGuide)

Covering up a lamp with a drum lampshade is an easy design hack. Credit: AutoGuide

7. Use a Drum Lampshade to Cover Ugly Ceiling Lights

When you first moved into your home, you probably went with some of the cheapest standard lighting that you could find. But as time went on, it became important to jazz things up just a little bit to make it interesting. Add a drum lampshade, and voila- you’re hiding the fact that the light itself it sort of ugly underneath. (via AutoGuide)

Instantly get more privacy when you put semi-transparent paper on the windows. Credit: AutoGuide

6. Tint Your Windows For More Privacy

If you’re looking for more privacy in your bathroom, consider installing tinted paper on the windows. You just need some glue adhesive, and to carefully cut out the paper with a box cutter to fit the size of your window panes. This can be found at your local hardware store, or find it online in various designs. If you pick a white one, you can still get the light shining through the window without sacrificing your need for privacy. (via AutoGuide)

Adding mirrors to the back of your closet is a great design hack. Credit: AutoGuide

5. Hang Two Mirrors On Your Closet

Many of us wish we could have mirrored closet doors, but that’s not always an option (especially if you’re renting.) So the next best thing would be to hang two long mirrors on each of your closet doors. This gives the illusion that you have mirrored doors, and it helps to get ready in the morning when you can see your entire body in the mirror. (via AutoGuide)

Adhesive cord covers can help with certain furniture pieces. Credit: AutoGuide

4. Use Adhesive Cord To Cover Cords Behind Tricky Furniture Pieces

Sometimes, hiding cords can be difficult, especially when they’re dangling on a nice furniture piece like a console table in the hallway. You can find adhesive cords at the hardware store to hold down the cords to the back of the furniture to hide any excess wires. (via AutoGuide)

The cords are hidden behind the shower curtain rod. Credit: AutoGuide

3. Hide The Cords Hanging Behind Your TV With A Shower Curtain Rod

Do you have dangling cords hanging underneath your TV? This is easy to clean up with a shower curtain rod. It can contain all of your wires in one space so that they’re not dangling all over the place. Bonus points if you paint the rod to match the color of your walls, because you will barely notice it’s there. (via AutoGuide)

It’s easy to make a soap refilling system. Credit: AutoGuide

2. Make Your Own Dish Soap Refilling System

If your sink comes with a soap pump, an easy hack is to install an automatic refilling system. Just run the tube inside of a jumbo-sized bottle of dish soap from somewhere like Costco, and voila- you can go months without buying another bottle of dish soap, and you have it at your finger tips.  (via AutoGuide)

Change the direction of your fan in the winter time. Credit: AutoGuide

1. Flip The Switch On Your Fan To Keep Your House Warmer

Most people only use their ceiling fans in the summertime to help cool down the room. But heat rises no matter what time of year it is. Did you know that if you flip a switch on your fan, you can have it go the opposite way? This will help to spread warm air downwards in the winter time, and it can potentially help you save money on your heat bills.  (via AutoGuide)