Home Design Hacks For a Cheap and Easy Makeover

Shannon Quinn - June 14, 2022
Adhesive cord covers can help with certain furniture pieces. Credit: AutoGuide

4. Use Adhesive Cord To Cover Cords Behind Tricky Furniture Pieces

Sometimes, hiding cords can be difficult, especially when they’re dangling on a nice furniture piece like a console table in the hallway. You can find adhesive cords at the hardware store to hold down the cords to the back of the furniture to hide any excess wires. (via AutoGuide)

The cords are hidden behind the shower curtain rod. Credit: AutoGuide

3. Hide The Cords Hanging Behind Your TV With A Shower Curtain Rod

Do you have dangling cords hanging underneath your TV? This is easy to clean up with a shower curtain rod. It can contain all of your wires in one space so that they’re not dangling all over the place. Bonus points if you paint the rod to match the color of your walls, because you will barely notice it’s there. (via AutoGuide)

It’s easy to make a soap refilling system. Credit: AutoGuide

2. Make Your Own Dish Soap Refilling System

If your sink comes with a soap pump, an easy hack is to install an automatic refilling system. Just run the tube inside of a jumbo-sized bottle of dish soap from somewhere like Costco, and voila- you can go months without buying another bottle of dish soap, and you have it at your finger tips.  (via AutoGuide)

Change the direction of your fan in the winter time. Credit: AutoGuide

1. Flip The Switch On Your Fan To Keep Your House Warmer

Most people only use their ceiling fans in the summertime to help cool down the room. But heat rises no matter what time of year it is. Did you know that if you flip a switch on your fan, you can have it go the opposite way? This will help to spread warm air downwards in the winter time, and it can potentially help you save money on your heat bills.  (via AutoGuide)