Organize The Hardest Cabinets In Your Home With These Hacks

Monica Gray - August 30, 2023

Taming the chaos within your home is a task that often begins with one of the most challenging spaces: the cabinets. Whether it’s the kitchen cupboards bursting with mismatched containers or the bathroom cabinets concealing an array of beauty products, organizing these spaces can seem like a daunting feat. Fear not, for in the following article, we’ve compiled a collection of ingenious hacks to conquer even the most unruly cabinets in your home. Say goodbye to clutter and frustration as we delve into strategies that will help you maximize space, enhance accessibility, and bring order to the heart of your living spaces.


Rolling Shelves That Pull Out

If your kitchen cabinets have tons of spices and food products that roll around and make more of a mess than not, then you need to use this hack. A pull-out rolling shelf is the solution you’ve been looking for. It makes it so much easier to pull out the shelf and look at what you need. It’s also good for your spices since it helps them not get sticky on the lids. These shelves are easy to install and are worth the minimal effort it takes to put them in place. Now your love for spice will grow exponentially. If you don’t want to purchase a rolling shelf that pulls out, then you can make one yourself. This is a great alternative if you’re focusing instead on aesthetics, and want to give your kitchen its personality. As we’ve mentioned, the spice rack is probably the hardest cabinet to organize in your home. (Visual Hunt).

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Say No To The Knife Block

You can’t have a kitchen without knives. You’d never get anything done! Unfortunately, you might find it hard to organize your kitchen and all those knives. But having a knife block is not the answer. Not only do they look clunky, but they take up a lot of precious kitchen space. Keep your knives organized in their very own drawer. This is where you can get creative and choose an organizer that fits the aesthetics of your kitchen (Container Store).


Use T-Molding

Grab your hammer and get building! It’s time to move that stemware to another spot in your cabinet. This is where T-molding comes in. This hack is used in bars and restaurants and is the best-kept secret. There’s a reason people use them! And just because they’re used in a bar doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your home. Not only will this prevent dust from accumulating on your wine and champagne glasses, but it will help them dry after you wash them. Don’t let that vertical space go to waste (Build).


Store Your Spices With An Organizer

If you don’t have room for a rolling shelf, you can use an organizer specific for spices. If you’re looking to make the most of your home, use as much vertical space as you can. That’s where a spice organizer comes in. Simply place your spices in the drawer and organize them however you’d like. When you open your cabinet next, all you have to do is pluck the spice from its spot and start cooking (YouCopia).


Put Your Lazy Susan To Work

All those dry goods need a place to live! You can use your lazy Susan to keep them fresher for longer. This is helpful if you don’t have a pantry but still want the benefits that come with having one. A lazy susan works well because it’s the perfect height for airtight containers. It’s functional and easy to use and organize. This is a great home for your cereal, flour, beans, coffee, and other items. All you have to do is simply spin the lazy Susan and you have your item (BHG).


DIY Canned Good Organizer

If you find yourself stacking your cans and feeling stressed every time you open your cabinet, don’t fret. You can build a DIY canned good organizer that’ll help keep your kitchen organized. Not only does it take up minimal space, but it’ll give you more space in the end. It’s also one way to make sure the oldest cans are used, so they’re not sitting around anymore. Grab some plywood and a few other items and get started building (Shanty 2 Chic).


Use A Dowel Rod For Garbage Bags

If you have clunky trash bag boxes lying around, don’t fret. You can get rid of them and create a cleaner space with the help of a dowel rod. Put a dowl through your trash bag roll and hang them on a curtain rod hook. Put this in your kitchen sink cabinet. It operates like a paper towel sheet, and when you need a new one, you simply rip it off. And keeping those extra trash bags you have lying around will keep them out of the way. This is a great way to keep your house decluttered (House Digest).


Take Advantage Of Glass Jars

Not only do glass jars look aesthetically pleasing, but you can see what’s inside of them. No more having to open up a bunch of containers to find what you’re looking for. Glass jars save time and energy. Besides, there’s something so nice looking at jars of coffee beans, flour, and granola. They’re easy to organize and will keep your home decluttered. Make sure you opt for glass jars that seal well. You could even take it another step and label your glass jars (Blesser House).

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Incorporate Document Organizers Into Your Home

When it comes to taming the clutter in your cabinets, document organizers might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they happen to be the perfect solution for managing thin sheet pans and keeping them organized. These organizers, designed to hold papers and documents, offer a series of slots or compartments that are surprisingly ideal for accommodating sheet pans of various sizes. By repurposing document organizers in your cabinets, you can easily slide in your thin sheet pans, preventing them from stacking on top of each other and creating a chaotic mess. This simple yet effective hack not only keeps your pans neatly arranged but also makes retrieving the right one a breeze, saving you both time and frustration in the kitchen. (Today’s Homeowner).


Vertically Stack Your Cookie Sheets

The best way to keep your kitchen organized is to grab that pile of messy cookie sheets and stack them vertically. It’s a quick, simple solution that makes a huge difference in your space. No one wants to open their cabinet and find a pile of cookie sheets, all unevenly spread around the bottom of the cabinet. It probably deters you from baking anything. All you have to do is pull them out, reorganize them by size, and vertically stack them side by side. Now, you’ll have a lot more space than you did a couple of minutes ago (The Kitchn).

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Use Those Corners!

Your cabinets likely have leftover space between the shelves and the doors. The best way to utilize this space is to attach small wire baskets that can store lighter items, like corks, Ziploc baggies, and pens. This is one of the most strategic hacks since it uses space you previously believed was unusable. And as long as they’re sturdy and strong, you can head to the Dollar store and buy some. Pick up a few nails and you’re all set. You can extend this to use in the bathroom or bedroom and hang them on a wall for optimal storage space (Simple Life of a Lady).


For Cabinets With No Shelves, Use An Organizer Rack

If you realize your home has tons of cabinets but no shelves, you might feel defeated. Besides, how are you supposed to organize your home if you can’t even stack anything? That’s where the organizer rack comes in. This hack is a quick fix and a long-term solution. This is how you can pile up your pans, pots, and cutting boards, and utilize space you normally wouldn’t use. This also works in spaces where you have no cabinets but empty wall space. A large organizer rack will stack up nicely against your wall (Pinterest).


Stick And Clip

Even though you might think they’re cheap, those little clips that stick to doors and cabinets are lifesavers. As long as the jars aren’t heavy and are made of lightweight material like plastic, then your sticky clips will hold up. This is a wonderful way to utilize the cabinet doors for organization and storage for things like small spice jars or packets of herbs. They’re spaces you normally wouldn’t use (Pinterest).

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Label Everything

It might sound cheesy, but labeling your products gives your home an aesthetic twist. There’s a reason people love those little white labels. Not only do they look cute, but they’ll help keep you organized. No more having to open every can or jar, peek inside, and waste time looking for something. Now, you’ll know exactly where everything is, without having to make a mess looking for it. It also helps you put back everything where it belongs (Just A Girl and Her Blog).

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Organize With Wire Baskets

Not every cabinet or cupboard is made equal. They’re not perfectly shaped to store pots, pans, and other larger items, so it’s a good idea to invest in some wire baskets. You can throw things like cutting boards, wooden spoons, a can opener, and other items into a wire basket and pull it out when you need to use it. In your office, you can use wire baskets to store pens, pencils, and paper clips. In the bathroom, wire baskets are handy for organizing hairbands, hand towels, barrettes, a washcloth, and other tiny items. All you need to do is make sure the baskets are sturdy (House Digest).

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Use Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizers For Optimal Organization

There’s no reason you shouldn’t organize vertically. With all that extra space available, it makes it perfect for cups, plates, and other crockery items. By using a stackable kitchen cabinet organizer, you can make this simple. According to professional organizer Joanna Wirick, “Organizing your kitchen cabinets can help you make the most of the storage space. When you know exactly where everything is, you can utilize the full height and depth of your cabinets. This can help you avoid wasted space and make room for more items. Plus, you won’t waste time searching for items or moving things around to get to what you need.” This applies to any space in your home. It’s a practical solution for space saving and will help you avoid accidents like plates toppling over (Food and Wine).

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Organize Drawers With Clear Plastic Organizers

Similarly to glass jars, clear plastic organizers make it easy to pick and choose what you need. It’s easy to see everything, they’re sturdy, and they keep your drawers clean. There’s usually so much space in drawers that things like pens and pencils slide around and get lost. With plastic organizers, you can keep everything confined to one space and prevent it from getting too messy (Container Store).


Put Key Rails In Your Cupboards

By installing key rails inside your cupboards, you can use them to hang up cups, measuring spoons, and other light items. By hanging them inside the wall of the cabinet, as opposed to the door, you have easy access to them and don’t have to dig around in dark spaces, looking for your supplies. This will become your chef oasis, where all those dangling spoons lie, waiting to be used (Bobvila).

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Place Your Bowls In A Bowl Rack

If your kitchen has open shelving or limited cabinets, a bowl rack will save your space. This is an ideal way to keep your bowls organized and prevent them from falling over, especially when you have tons of bowls you need to stack. If you have beautiful colored bowls and a glass bowl rack, this will look aesthetically pleasing in your home and add a bit of character to it (Style Degree).


Organize Your Cleaning Supplies With A Pull-Out Organizer

You can use this hack in your bathroom and kitchen. The space underneath your sink is great for organizing cleaning supplies, and a pull-out organizer makes it easy to keep everything in order. All you have to do is install it and have all your cleaning supplies and paper towels ready and waiting to be used (BHG).

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Arrange Medicine and Toiletries By Family Member

Whether you keep your family’s medicine and vitamins in the bathroom or kitchen, one of the best ways to keep them under control is to arrange them by family member. Divide them into separate baskets to keep it easy to find what you’re looking for. This will help avoid overflowing baskets of random bottles and pills that stack up. By staying on top of it, you won’t have to worry about them overflowing. It’ll also help you keep an eye on expiration dates (Kath Eats).

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Utilize Over The Door Hangers

By hanging baskets over your doors, you can organize your kitchen cabinets in a simple, aesthetically pleasing way. They’re a cheap, easy solution for organizing your kitchen and it doesn’t take much planning or expenses. Besides, knowing where everything is in your bathroom or kitchen makes your life much easier! No more digging through messy bathroom drawers just to look for toothpaste or a bottle of conditioner (Container Store).

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DIY Mug Holder

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install this little mug holder. All you have to do is hook it up, hang up your cups, and spoons, and you’re all set. It’s a simple solution to all of your annoying storage problems that never seem to go away. You can get very creative when it comes to a DIY mug holder. If you want a wooden molding or one that has words, you can grab a paintbrush and get painting. The options are endless (Home BNC).

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Hang Foil And Wax Paper Over Your Door

One way to organize your foil and wax paper is to hang it over the door with a hanging basket. This is a great way to organize those otherwise small pieces that never seem to fit anywhere else. You can even put sandwich baggies, cling wrap, and other small bits in the door hanger to keep it organized. Small wicker baskets look great hanging on your door, especially when they match the aesthetics of your home (The Kitchn).

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Use A Chalkboard For Measurements

There’s no need to dig around in cluttered drawers, looking for measuring cups and spoons. That’s where a chalkboard comes in. You can easily make your chalkboard with its very own measurements. Take off the cabinet door, paint it with chalkboard paint, dry it, and put it back on. If you attach wooden strips, you can easily hang measuring spoons and cups to make them easily accessible. Liquid chalk pens will keep you organized and make it easier to write down the measurements. This is important to have if you’re an avid baker and always need precise measurements on hand (A Cultivated Nest).

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Take Ten Minutes To Organize Your Deep Drawers

It doesn’t take much time to organize your deep drawers. Simply take ten minutes out of your day to dump the mess out of your bathroom and kitchen drawers and reorganize it with a bit of TLC. Having an organized home makes a huge difference when it comes to having a clean space. It will also help you think clearly. This just translates to living in a happier home (The Homes I Have Made).