Organize The Hardest Cabinets In Your Home With These Hacks

Monica Gray - August 30, 2023
A Cultivated Nest

Use A Chalkboard For Measurements

There’s no need to dig around in cluttered drawers, looking for measuring cups and spoons. That’s where a chalkboard comes in. You can easily make your chalkboard with its very own measurements. Take off the cabinet door, paint it with chalkboard paint, dry it, and put it back on. If you attach wooden strips, you can easily hang measuring spoons and cups to make them easily accessible. Liquid chalk pens will keep you organized and make it easier to write down the measurements. This is important to have if you’re an avid baker and always need precise measurements on hand (A Cultivated Nest).

The Homes I Have Made

Take Ten Minutes To Organize Your Deep Drawers

It doesn’t take much time to organize your deep drawers. Simply take ten minutes out of your day to dump the mess out of your bathroom and kitchen drawers and reorganize it with a bit of TLC. Having an organized home makes a huge difference when it comes to having a clean space. It will also help you think clearly. This just translates to living in a happier home (The Homes I Have Made).