Organize The Hardest Cabinets In Your Home With These Hacks

Monica Gray - August 30, 2023

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies With A Pull-Out Organizer

You can use this hack in your bathroom and kitchen. The space underneath your sink is great for organizing cleaning supplies, and a pull-out organizer makes it easy to keep everything in order. All you have to do is install it and have all your cleaning supplies and paper towels ready and waiting to be used (BHG).

Kath Eats

Arrange Medicine and Toiletries By Family Member

Whether you keep your family’s medicine and vitamins in the bathroom or kitchen, one of the best ways to keep them under control is to arrange them by family member. Divide them into separate baskets to keep it easy to find what you’re looking for. This will help avoid overflowing baskets of random bottles and pills that stack up. By staying on top of it, you won’t have to worry about them overflowing. It’ll also help you keep an eye on expiration dates (Kath Eats).

Container Store

Utilize Over The Door Hangers

By hanging baskets over your doors, you can organize your kitchen cabinets in a simple, aesthetically pleasing way. They’re a cheap, easy solution for organizing your kitchen and it doesn’t take much planning or expenses. Besides, knowing where everything is in your bathroom or kitchen makes your life much easier! No more digging through messy bathroom drawers just to look for toothpaste or a bottle of conditioner (Container Store).

Home BNC

DIY Mug Holder

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install this little mug holder. All you have to do is hook it up, hang up your cups, and spoons, and you’re all set. It’s a simple solution to all of your annoying storage problems that never seem to go away. You can get very creative when it comes to a DIY mug holder. If you want a wooden molding or one that has words, you can grab a paintbrush and get painting. The options are endless (Home BNC).

Apartment Therapy

Hang Foil And Wax Paper Over Your Door

One way to organize your foil and wax paper is to hang it over the door with a hanging basket. This is a great way to organize those otherwise small pieces that never seem to fit anywhere else. You can even put sandwich baggies, cling wrap, and other small bits in the door hanger to keep it organized. Small wicker baskets look great hanging on your door, especially when they match the aesthetics of your home (The Kitchn).

A Cultivated Nest

Use A Chalkboard For Measurements

There’s no need to dig around in cluttered drawers, looking for measuring cups and spoons. That’s where a chalkboard comes in. You can easily make your chalkboard with its very own measurements. Take off the cabinet door, paint it with chalkboard paint, dry it, and put it back on. If you attach wooden strips, you can easily hang measuring spoons and cups to make them easily accessible. Liquid chalk pens will keep you organized and make it easier to write down the measurements. This is important to have if you’re an avid baker and always need precise measurements on hand (A Cultivated Nest).

The Homes I Have Made

Take Ten Minutes To Organize Your Deep Drawers

It doesn’t take much time to organize your deep drawers. Simply take ten minutes out of your day to dump the mess out of your bathroom and kitchen drawers and reorganize it with a bit of TLC. Having an organized home makes a huge difference when it comes to having a clean space. It will also help you think clearly. This just translates to living in a happier home (The Homes I Have Made).