Hilarious ‘Outstanding Move’ Memes To Laugh At Today

Shannon Quinn - August 12, 2021

In case you don’t know, the “outstanding move” meme is the image you may have seen on the Internet. It shows an older man explaining his brilliant chess moves. It’s used when someone says or does something so clever and brilliant, it deserves to be called an outstanding movie. Here at Home Addict, we’ve gathered some of the best outstanding move memes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. So if you’re having a bad day and just need a chuckle, check these out.

The original “outstanding move” meme that goes with these images that you see below. Credit: Reddit

Outstanding Move Memes

This is a hilarious Aladdin based meme. Credit: Reddit

40. Never Had a Friend Like Me

“I’m a genie, I offer you 3 wishes.”

“Make it 4.”

“Granted, you have 3 left.”

Most of you will have seen the Disney movie Aladdin, or maybe you’re familiar with the original fairytale from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights. Genies are supposed to only grant three wishes, but you need to be careful. If you ask for something too vague, you’ll end up being tricked. This meme demonstrates that perfectly.

The Old Bay marketing team took advantage of an existing billboard. Credit: Reddit

39. Brilliant Marketing

“I’m me, not meat. See the individual. Go vegan.”

“Okay, now I’m meat. See the individual. Put Old Bay on it.”

Maryland actually depends a lot on crabs to bring in their tourism industry. So it’s not surprising that the second billboard has the state of Maryland logo, in collaboration with Old Bay seasoning. They wouldn’t let this go. Vegans can’t have the last laugh.


This Jurassic Park meme is choice. Credit: Reddit

38. Life Finds a Way

“My essay is 642 words and I need 700.”

“Change the text color to white and Wisjdlsjzoekoqndoewko away at your keyboard.” …It’s basically the next step in evolution.

For those of you who have seen Jurassic Park, you’ll see that this is a meme within a meme. Apparently, kids nowadays can submit their assignments online, and the teacher can check their word count on Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Otherwise, I don’t see how this method would work. Because if the white text is printed, the teacher will still count the words by hand.

Burger King in the European Union took this opportunity to bash McDonalds. Credit: Reddit

37. Taking Advantage of the Situation

“McDonald’s loses EU trademark battle over the Big Mac. Burger King starts trolling them.”

Ahh, Copyright and trademark laws. This is a hilarious way for Burger King to take advantage of the situation. However, I have a feeling that McDonald’s quickly renewed their trademark in the European Union so that this wouldn’t happen anymore.

This story is almost hard to believe it’s real. Credit: Reddit

36. Don’t Talk to Me

“Antisocial woman pretends to be blind for 28 years so she wouldn’t have to greet people.”

This story seems hard to believe, like it was a headline from The Onion. However, it is listed among some of the most popular outstanding move memes, which is why it is here in the first place.

Hopefully this person was able to get a refund for their purchase. Credit: Reddit

35. Trolling on eBay

“Woman orders iPhone 7 online, receives iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and Yu-Gi-Oh Fusion Card instead”.

The funny thing about this is that very few people seem to have gotten an iPhone 7. It was one of those models that was overlooked by a lot of consumers. So when a woman tried to buy it online, some jokester put together an iPhone 3 and 4. It’s hard to tell if the image itself is a joke, or if it’s actually a headline on a news story. After some research, I discovered that some people have posted this on blogs as if it’s real, without any further explanation on the story.

This cat clearly didn’t get the message. Credit: Reddit

34. Good Luck Trying to Train a Cat

“When you try to discipline your cat.”

Serves them right. Cats clearly can’t be trained…Actually, they can be very obedient if you treat them with respect, and stick to a solid routine. Otherwise, your cat will attack at a moment’s notice, like this guy in the photo.

Rock, paper, scissors shoot. Credit: Reddit

33. A Game Changer

“I will beat all of you in rock paper scissors. You go first.”



Clever! Obviously, this works because it’s all in writing. If you know what the other person is going to say, it’s easy to win Rock, Paper, Scissors every single time.

Missing AAA batteries? Apparently this will work. Credit: Reddit

32. Apparently This Works?

In the image above, you’ll see that someone took a single AA battery and place it diagonally into a machine that needed two AAA batteries. Somehow, it worked! I guess as long as it’s getting power from a source that’s equivalent in power, it doesn’t matter if there is one battery or two.

Don’t make fun of this man’s bee suit. Credit: Reddit

31. A Dad Joke Comeback

“On sale on Amazon, $39.99.”

“Oh my gosh. Someone needs to cancel your Amazon Prime account, you’re getting out of hand.”

“That comment kind of stings, but I’m not hurt. Know why? I got me a bee suit.”

Hilarious. We’re still not sure if this man actually needed a bee suit from Amazon to take care of bees, or if he just thought it looked cool.

This joke about being 6 feet tall is pure gold. Credit: Reddit

30. Does This Count?

“Told this guy I only date people 6 feet or up and he sent me this.”

Obviously, she meant 6 feet tall. According to research, most women want a man who is taller than they are. And yet only 14% of the population is over 6 feet tall. However, this guy decided to take advantage of a good joke by photoshopping himself with 6 feet. There is nothing indicating whether this outstanding move worked or not.

This was an odd way to reprimand your cat, but it worked. Credit: Reddit

29. What Do I Do With This?

This next one came from a user called bidoof apologist a.k.a. @gaybabyjail.

“She usually sits on top of the fish tank to misbehave. But I put a lemon on top and she doesn’t know what to do.”

Cats can get confused by any new things in their territory. Plus, they have a keen sense of smell. So it makes sense why the cat was thrown off by this.

I wonder if someone actually had the guts to say this to their teacher. Credit: Reddit

28. Talking Back to the Teacher

“Teacher: Did you do your homework?”

“Student: Did you grade my test?”

“Teacher: I have other student’s tests to grade.”

“Student: I have other teacher’s homework to do.”

This is so sassy, I have a hard time believing that anyone actually said this to their teacher and actually got away with it. But if they did, it’s truly an outstanding move.

They said it couldn’t be done, but this person proved them wrong. Credit: Reddit

27. A Master of Writing

This homework assignment gave the following prompt: Can you write a whole paragraph without the letter a?

“I wouldn’t recommend it. Honestly, your sentences will just sound wrong. Everyone will notice you’re doing something different. Your writing won’t flow smoothly. You’ll use weird words. It’s not worth the effort involved in spending time online looking up tons of synonyms which don’t feel right, just to produce weird, stilted prose. You’d be better off giving up, to be honest.”

This was a sneaky move, but it worked. Credit: Reddit

26. Playing a Dirty Game

This next one comes from a girl named Jade a.k.a @BacklineNurse.

“In college we named out intramural softball team ‘NO GAME SCHEDULED’ because if the other team didn’t show up, they lost their league deposit and forfeited. It worked several times. Everyone hated us and nothing as cool as that has happened to me since.”

A man sued himself and actually won. Credit: Reddit

25. Can’t Believe This Actually Worked

“A Kentucky man who threw a boomerang that flew back and hit him on the head has sued himself for US $300,000 (HK $2.23 million) – and won. And astonishingly, it will not cost him a cent because all the money he won comes from his insurance company. Larry Rutman, of Owensboro, was awarded the windfall after a court determined he ’caused body damage through negligence and carelessness’. ‘I paid all that insurance for a long time just in case something unforeseen like this ever happened,” Mr. Rutman said.

After further research, I found out from Snopes that this story is not actually true. However, the idea is still hilarious, and it’s a fun thing to share in a meme. Just don’t try this at home, kids.

This meme is all about hating yourself. Credit: Reddit

24. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

“You’re offered $50,000 but if you accept it, the person you hate most in the world gets $100,000. Are you taking it?”

“Yes why wouldn’t I want $150,000?”

Wow. This seems accurate, though. If you hate yourself more than anyone else in the world, I guess you really would get all of the money.

This woman got her stolen bike back in the best way possible. Credit: Reddit

23. And Eye For an Eye

“My bike was stolen last week and yesterday I saw it for sale on Craigslist. So I messaged the seller, met him at McDonald’s and when I noticed it was 100% my bike, I dumbly asked to take it for a ride. He said ‘Yeah just don’t ride off.’ Which is exactly what I did. I stole my bike back.”

I believe this is real, 100%. There have been moments in my real life where people find their own stolen property on Craigslist. However, instead of going after the thief themselves, they call the police. After a while, the police are able to get the stolen property back. It really just depends on your level of bravery and patience in the matter.

Her degree will, in fact, keep her warm at night. Credit: Reddit

22. She Showed Them Who’s Boss

“Them: Your degree won’t keep you warm at night.”

“Me: Oh aight.”

A lot of women go through the struggle of choosing their education over a relationship. Clearly, this woman didn’t care what the haters had to say, and she became a Doctor of Pharmacy anyway.

Flat Earth society members take their beliefs very seriously. Credit: Reddit

21. Trolling the Flat Earth Society

“I just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline has pushed anyone over the edge yet.”

In case you don’t know, the Flat Earth Society is a real thing. It’s not a joke. However, I have a feeling that Kevin “Spooky” Shanks a.k.a @forensictoxguy on Twitter was just joking about joining to troll them. Looks like he hosts a podcast, and frequently posts jokes on his account.

If women can do it, why can’t men? Credit: Reddit

20. Your Move, Boss.

“Man sent home from work for wearing shorts in over 30 degree C heat comes back in a dress.”

Companies are entitled to have a dress code. To be fair, I bet this was watching his female coworkers go to work with dresses, and yet he wasn’t allowed to wear his shorts. So matching the female dress code was his way to rebel against the system. Let’s see if he actually got in trouble and sent home a second time, though.

How cute is this? Credit: Reddit

19. Most Adorable Move Ever

“There’s a mattress store that gives you a mattress for your dog when you buy a normal one.”

After I did some research, I learned that this was offered by a small Mexican mattress company. So if you’re in the United States or another country, unfortunately you can’t get this deal. Sorry.

This monkey is smart enough to figure out a plan of escape. Credit: Reddit

18. Evolution Before Our Very Eyes

“Zoo’s visitor sees monkey sharpening a rock. Later it uses it to shatter its glass enclosure.”

Yikes. This monkey was smart enough to sharpen a rock and try to break out of the glass. Not even some humans would be able to figure this out, if they were put in the same situaiton.

This seems kind of heavy though. Credit: Reddit

17. That’ll Show Them?

“School bans bags, so boy turns up carrying books in microwave.” Outstanding move.

I found the original article that tells this story. This was a form of peaceful protest, because his school was asking the students to no longer wear backpacks. The parents complained, saying they were so heavy, it hurt the children’s backs and shoulders. But they still expected the kids to carry the books to school regardless. So this student showed up with a microwave and a picnic basket as alternate containers for the books. As you can see from the photo, he has a lot of books, and there’s really no logical way to carry them without a backpack. He was still suspended for two days.

This kid got revenge from his parents in a sneaky way. Credit: Reddit

16. A Dangerous But Outstanding Move

This next one comes from a Twitter user called TShaw a.k.a. @MVPJunkie

“My parents washed my mouth out with soap for saying a curse word…So I swallowed it and gave them a 5,000 dollar hospital bill.”

After looking at the original account, it seems like they are only posting jokes. So this could have easily been a joke, rather than a true story. But even the thought of it still falls under the category of “outstanding move”.

This person gave up Papa John’s pizza forever just to get a follow from Pizza Hut. Credit: Reddit

15. Seems Like a Fair Trade

“Follow me and I’ll stop eating Papa Johns.”


Wow, I can’t believe that worked. A lot of people covet having famous followers, and Pizza Hut on Twitter sure does seem like a good one.

This guy took a broken cellphone and make it into something cool. Credit: Reddit

14. May the Force Be With You

“Mt phone screen broke, maybe for the better.”

Not sure why this screen is glowing green underneath the perfectly straight crack. But this person used this to their advantage by turning it into a glowing green lightsaber belonging to Luke Skywalker, and Force powers by Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

This sign is tricking people into thinking that it’s a good deal. Credit: Reddit

13. It’s a Trap

“Buy one burger for the price of two and receive a second burger absolutely free!!”

Think about this for a second. At first glance, people might be tricked into thinking that this is a buy one get one free deal. However, the truth is that it’s going to work out to be exactly the same price as it would have been before. I wonder how long they were able to keep this sign up before the restaurant customers started to complain.

This cobra got what was coming to it. Credit: Reddit

12. An Eye For an Eye

“Cobra bites man, man bites back and kills cobra.”

After doing a brief Google search, I found out that this is a true story. A 55 year old man from Nepal was working in a rice paddy when he was bit by the cobra. Then, he bit the snake back, and won the battle. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Is it okay to make a joke during a funeral? Credit: Reddit

11. The Last Laugh

“‘Let me out!’: Dead man pranks funeral-goers with prerecorded message.”

Oh, no. I can’t believe this guy thought of pull this prank even before he died. This guy must have been a natural born prankster to come up with that one. And whoever help him achieve the joke must have had a sick sense of humor. According to the news story, he was shouting, “It’s f-ing dark in here! I’m in a box!”

No one ever things to take the credit card. Credit: Reddit

10. Well, That Backfired Quickly

“Magician: Pick any card.”

“Me: Taking his credit card.”

“The Magician: …”

Hilarious! Haven’t heard that one before. Except, if you tried to pull this in real life, the magician would probably laugh it off and never hand over their credit card to the smarty pants.

It’s crazy that this fish is still alive. Credit: Reddit

9. No Small Miracle

Just look at this photo for a second. It’s almost unbelievable that this happened so perfectly.

“The cat knocked my daughter’s fish bowl off the dresser.”

Now the real challenge is going to be flipping the fish bowl over! Luckily, fish will be fine out of water for a few seconds. So as long as they have a second bowl ready for the fish to go in, it should survive the ordeal…Maybe with a bit of trauma, but it will still survive.

This guy thinks he’s really smart. Credit: Reddit

8. I Don’t Think it Works That Way, Pal

This next outstanding move meme comes from a Twitter user called Merlin’s Beard. a.k.a. @oamirhisyam.

“Create a Netflix account on 29 Jan so you can get the free month trial, which is supposed to end on the 29th of February. BUT the thing is, the 29th of February only comes once every 4 years. So BOOM you get free Netflix for 4 years.”

Um…I don’t think it works that way. Sorry to disappoint, but Netflix renews every month regardless of when you sign up.

What a cruel joke. Credit: Reddit

7. At Least He Gave Him the Benefit of the Doubt

We all had at least one enemy in High School. But for most of us, we quickly forget about those problems once we graduate and move on to the real world. However, this story goes to show that some tricks can have such a huge impact on people that they remember for the rest of their lives.

“Back in high school this one kid and I hated each other. And one day he randomly gave me a $25 gift card to Texas Roadhouse. I was like, Wow. Okay. Maybe you’re not so bad. I go to Texas Roadhouse and eat a $25 meal only to find out he put $1 on the card and wrote $25 on it.”

Actually, sir, it’s a solid. Credit: Reddit

6. Technically, She’s Right.

This next image comes from Isaac Haxton a.k.a. @ikepoker on Twitter.

“Woman in front of me at airport security had a bottle of frozen water. They want to take ti. She says it’s not a liquid.”

Honestly, I’ve been hearing this joke ever since 9/11 and airport security no longer accepted liquids on board. So while there’s a possibility that someone actually tried to put the outstanding move of bringing a frozen water bottle onto a plane, it could just as easily have been a repeat of the old joke.

This girl tried to get a free meal and it didn’t work. Credit: Reddit

5. She Had it Coming. Outstanding Move.

If you’re going on a date with someone, it’s best not to pretend it’s “just friends”. On top of that, if you’re just friends, pay for your own food! I wonder if this photo is actually from the event described in the caption or not, but it sums things up perfectly.

“Waiter: What else for the lovely couple?”

“Her: Oh no, we’re just friends. Haha.”

“Him: You can get us 2 separate checks…And please don’t forget she had 3 Jarritos, I know you guys charge extra.”

The most clever wifi password ever. Credit: Reddit

4. Listen More Closely Next Time

Everyone has had to use the WiFi in a bar or restaurant at least once. This scenario is hilarious, and it’s actually a perfect WiFi password for a bar.

“Me: What’s the wifi password?”

“Barman: You need to buy a drink first.”

“Me: Okay, I’ll have a coke.”

“Barman: Is Pepsi okay?”

“Me: Sure. How much is that?”

“Barman: $3.”

“Me: There you go. So what’s the wifi password?”

“Barman: You need to buy a drink first. No spaces, all lowercase.”

This mom was influenced by Beyonce’s music in the best way. Credit: Reddit

3. Influenced by the Queen

This post came from someone’s Twitter account who goes by the name of Whoistb a.k.a. @pettylifetm. Their mom listens to Beyonce once, and she became a completely changed woman.

“My mom listened to Beyonce, then told my dad to shape up if he wants to keep her.”

This person backed out very quickly when he found out that she had a boyfriend. Credit: Reddit

2. Nice Save, Bro

This truly was an outstanding move. This guy wanted to test the waters with the girl he liked, so he had the perfect way to back out of his confession in case things didn’t go his way.

“Do you like anyone?”

“Yeah, you.”

“Um, I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you?*”

“Ohh haha.”

This is actually a really mean joke to pull on someone. Credit: Reddit

1. Incredibly Harsh Rejection

“Pretended to add my number to this obnoxious guy’s phone. All I did was edit his mom’s contact. Hope she likes booty calls.”

Ouch. I feel like this rejection was really harsh, and could potentially damage this guy’s relationship with his mom. It was probably too harsh for this girl to do this, but it’s still considered to be one of the best outstanding move memes.