People Are Cracking Up At Gordon Ramsey Roasting these Home Recipes

Trista - November 13, 2022

Cooking on a Prayer

Gordon is definitely the epitome of tough love in the kitchen, but if he ever had a soft side, it was only ever on display during his turn at MasterChef Junior. It may be out of character, but this is the only entry on this list that isn’t actually a roast. Being a father of five children himself, I can see why he is a more patient and even-tempered version of himself in the show. While MasterChef is a competition, these contestants are just kids, most of whom are probably there not just to win but, more importantly, to have fun. They want to pursue their love of and talent in cooking as early as possible.

And honestly, it’s just not good for his image to be yelling and screaming at these kids on national TV anyway. Who wants to see kids crying over being bullied in the kitchen by a professional? Also, how cute is that little prayer? What a nice touch to keep the kids calm while remaining competitive.


Dogs could do better

I can almost see Gordon Ramsay in my head, palm to face, with a little shake of his head, calmly tweeting out this precious burn as he surveys the host of ill-advised food creations dotting the landscape of Twitter, just begging to be roasted by him. Ah, just another day in the life of an award-winning chef.

Though there are plenty of amateur chefs just begging to get Gordon’s attention, this particular one stands out because of the extraordinary presentation of his dish. The “crusted sausage” uncannily resembles dog poop. Gordon is right about that. And the meal itself looks nothing like French toast. And what’s up with the “infusion”? These wannabe chefs on Twitter seem to think using culinary words is enough to prop up their dishes, but Gordon knows better. I, for one, am not even remotely tempted to eat that sausage. Gordon’s choice of words to describe it makes sure of that.



If you’re a successful chef on the level of Gordon Ramsay, you can’t possibly have gotten there without whipping up a delightful meat dish or two. Every self-respecting chef should be able to cook every protein available. That includes steak, pork, lamb, chicken, veal – and cook it to perfection. Gordon wouldn’t be Gordon without his signature recipe, Beef Wellington, a dish made with a choice cut of beef wrapped in heavenly puff pastry and served with sauteed mushrooms and the most delectable combination of herbs and spices.

Beef Wellington was the dish that put him on the gastronomical map and continues to draw crowds to his many restaurants, so I seriously doubt he is particularly popular with vegans. I’m pretty sure they’re not the people he’s cooking for. Hence, the very dry, very British quip about being allergic to vegans. If that was an innocent question on Twitter, girl, I feel you, but Gordon’s got a point. Well played, Chef Ramsay, well played.


Dissing Mama’s Cooking

Nothing beats coming home to a hot and fresh meal cooked by our mamas. Or so most of us think. For those who were lucky enough to grow up in a home with a well-loved kitchen and a mother who knows how to use it to whip up meals that not just warm and fill up our stomachs but also make up the happiest memories of our childhood, home is the best place to be.

Unfortunately, this poster doesn’t look like he grew up in such a home. Mama may have the best intentions but isn’t gifted in the kitchen if Sunday dinner looks like boiled wieners swimming in a sauce out of a can. A+ for mama’s effort, and if the poster thinks this meal delightful, good for him! Not everyone could have grown up in a kitchen like Gordon’s and had daily gourmet meals.


Churros From Another Planet

You know you’re doing it wrong if your dish looks unrecognizable even to a trained chef’s eye. This is exactly the predicament this poster found himself in when Gordon picked out his churros entry to reply to, only to hear an alien reference.

We don’t know where this poster gets his churros from or if he’s actually ever seen one or tried one before attempting to make it himself. However, that does not look like churros. It begs the question: does the poster not have Google? A quick check there would have told him he was way off and that soliciting a review from Gordon would be a bad idea. Were there no pictures for reference when he followed the recipe? Or is it a family recipe handed down to him? Either way looks like OP has a long way to go before he can officially say that he’s made churros. Good luck, OP!


Sorry, Gordon’s Grandma!

It doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to presume that Gordon’s grandma must have been a great cook. He is, after all, one of the best chefs in the world, and that kind of pedigree is something that is usually passed down or cultivated in the home. So when he brings her up in comparison to the aspiring chefs that he blasts in his kitchen on a regular basis, you either feel bad for the chef for not living up to a dead person’s standards (see what I did there?) or you feel good for him knowing he can’t possibly be better than someone who must’ve been a great influence in Gordon’s cooking.

Either way, you know it’s never a good thing when Chef Ramsay invokes the memory of his dead grandma to put a chef in his place. Good cook or not, it’s hard to compete with a dead person after all, and the best you can do is dust it off and hope Gordon doesn’t bring up dead grandma next time.


Not fit for a dog

I doubt Gordon Ramsay has ever had to cook for a dog. However, that doesn’t stop people on Twitter from asking for his opinion on dishes meant for their furry friends. Take this poster, for example, who wanted to hear what Gordon had to say about the cake he presumably made for his dog, Colin. Should we cut him some slack on the presentation since it is, after all, a cake for dogs, who will still love their humans no matter the state or appearance of the food they’ve been given?

Gordon doesn’t seem to think so, roasting the poster for what appears to be a subpar cake, judging by the fact that Colin, the dog, wasn’t even able to finish it. Still, you have to give the poster some credit for the effort of baking a cake for his dog. Second, for trying to make it look as presentable as possible, and lastly, for at least getting Colin to eat most of it. Who knows, Colin might just come back for seconds.


No Sugarcoating in Gordon’s Kitchen

It can’t be easy to be a chef, more so if you’re a chef in the kitchen of one of the world’s most discerning, demanding, and perfectionist chefs, Gordon Ramsay. No wonder his show is called Hell’s Kitchen. Keeping running around at Chef Ramsay’s every bark and call must be hellish. In this particular episode, it doesn’t take the foul-mouthed chef too long into the show to demonstrate his particular knack for being inspirational, opening the show with a few choice words to a visibly deflated kitchen crew.

The narrator must have been making an attempt at sarcasm. Why? Because nothing is encouraging about being called an idiot after working your butt off and getting your ear chewed after the fact. Nope, it doesn’t look like it’s in Gordon’s DNA to sugarcoat things. Sorry chefs! If you want to work with Gordon Ramsay, it seems like you’d have to swallow a lot of bitter pills.


Tomato, Tomato

Tomato, Tomato. Potatoe, Potato. Same thing, right? Nope! Not all pasta is the same! And if you’re trying to impress Gordon Ramsay, you should at least be able to tell the difference between spaghetti and penne, right? That doesn’t seem to be the case for this particular poster after he asked for Gordon’s opinion on a penne arrabbiata that is obviously not made with penne at all but with spaghetti.

I kind of feel bad for the poster. The pasta looks pretty good and is something I wouldn’t mind trying. It’s just too bad that he mixed up his pasta in the description. If he had picked up on that little detail, I doubt there’s much about his dish that even Gordon can find fault in. The seasoned chef in Gordon sure picked up on that mistake really quick.


The Way to a Woman’s Heart is Also Through Her Stomach

You love to see it when people try to prepare food for their partners. After all, what could be a sweeter and more loving gesture than preparing a meal for someone you love? Take this poster, for example, who is obviously very proud of himself for making what looks like breakfast for his wife. It would have remained a sweet gesture, too, if he hadn’t been so proud of what he’d done that he even dared to show this off to Gordon Ramsay.

Needless to say, it does not impress Chef Ramsay. Apart from the personalized charm of seeing your name spelled out in sausage, there is nothing impressive about the food OP prepared. The food looks like it came straight out of a can. There is a poor, solitary piece of broccoli in the middle that looks like it doesn’t know what it’s doing there. That egg just looks like the freaking eye of Mordor, bordered by sausages and fries like that. If the poster keeps spelling out Jojie’s name like that in sausage, I won’t be surprised if Gordon’s fearless forecast spelling out divorce won’t come too far in the future.


How Not to Get Roasted

Being the best at something seems to naturally bring out the competitive edge in most people. Many of those on Twitter who follow Gordon Ramsay’s penchant for roasting people’s best efforts on the social media platform seems to take it upon themselves to challenge his authority and see how far those efforts go. Case in point? This guy egging on his friend in the caption of a picture of a wok as if to say that Gordon has finally met his match in the kitchen.

To be honest, it’s fair to wonder if people like these are delusional or if they merely post these things to get attention. Either way, Gordon doesn’t have it. Instead, he is delivering a decisive victory before the match even started. In the realm of roasts, that is, proving yet again that he is the master of the burn, but not even the slightest of details can escape him. Touche Chef Ramsay!


That’s Fresh

Unless you’re in a restaurant serving exotic dishes, the last thing you’ll expect to find in the kitchen is a pigeon. Especially, a live one. Yet that’s exactly what Gordon found in one struggling restaurant in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. The restaurant is in Harrison, NJ. Two brothers own it. They couldn’t seem to agree with each other, much less keep a decent restaurant up and running. In the episode, which aired in the show’s third season, Gordon found, among other things, various meats with no dates on them. That includes a dead lobster in the sauce. Plus, the pigeon flapping around in the kitchen as if she owns it.

I’m no restaurateur myself, but if that’s the kind of kitchen running the show, you best believe I’m going in the other direction. I don’t know how the episode ended, but I have to agree with Gordon on this one: if that’s the freshest thing in there, that restaurant is most certainly in trouble.


When the Food is Actually Sinful – But Not in a Good Way

When we describe food as sinful, it usually means that it is so delicious that it feels wrong to eat it. But there are a few instances when using the word sinful actually feels like we’re sinning. Why? Because they are serving food that is so bad nobody should eat it. Case in point: when Gordon tried out the dishes a barbecue joint in South Bend, IN, was serving to its diners, he knew the food just won’t fly – even for a group of priests who I’m sure would’ve had no trouble forgiving the kitchen staff for whipping up something that Gordon obviously knew would be a sin to serve the guests.

The priests, who happened to order the same thing Gordon just had a taste of, were saved from the culinary disaster that was the pulled pork sandwich. Gordon, who was there for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, saved the kitchen staff from committing a sin no decent kitchen should be allowed to make: serving subpar food to paying customers.


If Food Had an Identity Crisis

It’s easy to see why this photo can make your stomach turn. You definitely don’t need Gordon Ramsay’s hot take on this one to know that whatever that thing is, it won’t sit well on your tongue, much less your stomach. So, when you’ve got Gordon concurring with an “I feel sick,” that dish might as well end up in the trash.

First of all, what even is that thing? Is it pork and beans or chicken tenders? Nuggets or fries? Is that sauce or gravy? If you ask me, it’s just a hot mess of a dish that seems to be going through an identity crisis. Whoever was brave enough to experiment with this combination and then post it on Twitter for Gordon to take a whack at must be a little confused himself.


Rabbit or Duck?

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay is the expert on, it has to be how to cook a steak to perfection, so if your steak looks anything like the dead duck that this poster seems to have produced, you best believe Gordon is gonna come after you.

I’m sure the steak didn’t look like that when it was raw, and it’s just an unfortunate stroke of luck that it formed the shape of a duck when it finally cooked. Let’s at least hope it only looks like a duck but actually tastes the way steak is supposed to taste.


Gordon Knows His Sandwiches

Now this one is just asking for it. The poster is obviously in it to get a rise out of Gordon because, of course, who would make a sandwich like that in real life and expect to get anything but a roast from a five-star chef?

True to the sarcastic master of the put-down personality that he has, Gordon, despite the obvious intent of the poster, wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to put the guy in his place. And if there’s one word that would have best described the poster’s attempt, idiot is about as perfect a word as Gordon could come up with.


S is For…

Gordon usually takes a few minutes into an episode to dish out his signature roast. However, in a few rare instances, like this one particular episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon hadn’t even made it inside the restaurant yet, and he was already dropping bombs.

After taking a quick look at the restaurant’s signage, a big letter “S,” Gordon just couldn’t help but take a poke at the restaurant’s name. “Let’s hope that doesn’t stand for sh**. It seems like an ominous remark, especially when you’re on a show called Kitchen Nightmares.


Was this before or after they ate it?

Sure, it looks like food, but you normally want it to look like food before it’s eaten and not after. Unfortunately, Gordon has a point here. Poor OP might have had the best intentions of making this quinoa salad, but it obviously appears like the chef cooked it too long. That, or the vegetables, added too much water to the dish, making it look soggy and mushy – not unlike vomit.

Sorry OP, but it looks like Gordon is on point with this one. Once you point out that it seems like something somebody’s already thrown up, you can’t quite unsee it. That dish doesn’t look like anyone can salvage it. They might as well scrape it out of the bowl and into the trash can with Forky.


“Lettuce Pray”

Looks like Gordon Ramsay isn’t just the master of the put-down. It seems like he can work with a pun or two. Take these nachos that this poster shared on Twitter. They do look the way nachos should. However, Gordon seems to have a beef the lettuce. Either the inclusion of the lettuce or the amount of lettuce in comparison to the rest of the ingredients on the dish. Hence, the use of lettuce in his 12-character mini-tirade.

In a nod to all the other instances when we’ve seen Gordon say a prayer before eating in an obviously comical attempt to ward off indigestion or even food poisoning, he says, “Lettuce Pray.” Perhaps he is trying to say that only a prayer can help OP in the kitchen now.


It’s the Thought that Counts

The birthday cake looks like a mess, and it would’ve been entirely possible for the poster’s sister to have bawled her eyes out at the sight of it. Nevertheless, his dish doesn’t seem as bad as the other food photos that Gordon Ramsay has roasted on Twitter.

Most people would agree that the poster still gets props for at least making an effort to bake a cake for her sister’s birthday. Although in the future, it looks like it would benefit everyone if they just bought a cake to celebrate instead of making one at home. Nevertheless, I hope the poster doesn’t get discouraged and keeps on trying to bake cakes. I’m sure she’ll get better if she keeps at it and elects to brush off Ramsay’s discouraging comment.



Most people who ask for Gordon’s opinion about their food on Twitter probably aren’t serious and are just in it for kicks. Take Tyler, for example, who dared to ask a Michelin-starred chef to review, yes, you guessed it, a burnt sandwich. It might have been a grilled cheese, or it might have been something else entirely, but the level of toast this sandwich got renders it virtually unrecognizable and, dare we say, even inedible.

Bless his heart, Gordon found time to pay this little stunt some attention. And, yes, it does look like Tyler needs glasses because if he thinks this burnt sandwich warrants a serious review, there must be something seriously wrong with his eyes.


It’s Okay to Dream

First of all, Liz gets props for being a supportive girlfriend. Way to show your significant other that you believe in his skills. Unfortunately for Liz, it doesn’t seem like her boyfriend has a lot to offer in that department.

If Gordon thinks your noodles look like worms and deems your egg overcooked when it’s one of the simplest kinds of food to make, you know the answer to your question. No matter how much you love your boyfriend, you have to face the truth: he’s probably not going to make it through Hell’s Kitchen auditions.