People Are Cracking Up At Gordon Ramsey Roasting these Home Recipes

Trista - November 13, 2022

Gordon Knows His Sandwiches

Now this one is just asking for it. The poster is obviously in it to get a rise out of Gordon because, of course, who would make a sandwich like that in real life and expect to get anything but a roast from a five-star chef?

True to the sarcastic master of the put-down personality that he has, Gordon, despite the obvious intent of the poster, wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to put the guy in his place. And if there’s one word that would have best described the poster’s attempt, idiot is about as perfect a word as Gordon could come up with.


S is For…

Gordon usually takes a few minutes into an episode to dish out his signature roast. However, in a few rare instances, like this one particular episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon hadn’t even made it inside the restaurant yet, and he was already dropping bombs.

After taking a quick look at the restaurant’s signage, a big letter “S,” Gordon just couldn’t help but take a poke at the restaurant’s name. “Let’s hope that doesn’t stand for sh**. It seems like an ominous remark, especially when you’re on a show called Kitchen Nightmares.


Was this before or after they ate it?

Sure, it looks like food, but you normally want it to look like food before it’s eaten and not after. Unfortunately, Gordon has a point here. Poor OP might have had the best intentions of making this quinoa salad, but it obviously appears like the chef cooked it too long. That, or the vegetables, added too much water to the dish, making it look soggy and mushy – not unlike vomit.

Sorry OP, but it looks like Gordon is on point with this one. Once you point out that it seems like something somebody’s already thrown up, you can’t quite unsee it. That dish doesn’t look like anyone can salvage it. They might as well scrape it out of the bowl and into the trash can with Forky.


“Lettuce Pray”

Looks like Gordon Ramsay isn’t just the master of the put-down. It seems like he can work with a pun or two. Take these nachos that this poster shared on Twitter. They do look the way nachos should. However, Gordon seems to have a beef the lettuce. Either the inclusion of the lettuce or the amount of lettuce in comparison to the rest of the ingredients on the dish. Hence, the use of lettuce in his 12-character mini-tirade.

In a nod to all the other instances when we’ve seen Gordon say a prayer before eating in an obviously comical attempt to ward off indigestion or even food poisoning, he says, “Lettuce Pray.” Perhaps he is trying to say that only a prayer can help OP in the kitchen now.


It’s the Thought that Counts

The birthday cake looks like a mess, and it would’ve been entirely possible for the poster’s sister to have bawled her eyes out at the sight of it. Nevertheless, his dish doesn’t seem as bad as the other food photos that Gordon Ramsay has roasted on Twitter.

Most people would agree that the poster still gets props for at least making an effort to bake a cake for her sister’s birthday. Although in the future, it looks like it would benefit everyone if they just bought a cake to celebrate instead of making one at home. Nevertheless, I hope the poster doesn’t get discouraged and keeps on trying to bake cakes. I’m sure she’ll get better if she keeps at it and elects to brush off Ramsay’s discouraging comment.



Most people who ask for Gordon’s opinion about their food on Twitter probably aren’t serious and are just in it for kicks. Take Tyler, for example, who dared to ask a Michelin-starred chef to review, yes, you guessed it, a burnt sandwich. It might have been a grilled cheese, or it might have been something else entirely, but the level of toast this sandwich got renders it virtually unrecognizable and, dare we say, even inedible.

Bless his heart, Gordon found time to pay this little stunt some attention. And, yes, it does look like Tyler needs glasses because if he thinks this burnt sandwich warrants a serious review, there must be something seriously wrong with his eyes.


It’s Okay to Dream

First of all, Liz gets props for being a supportive girlfriend. Way to show your significant other that you believe in his skills. Unfortunately for Liz, it doesn’t seem like her boyfriend has a lot to offer in that department.

If Gordon thinks your noodles look like worms and deems your egg overcooked when it’s one of the simplest kinds of food to make, you know the answer to your question. No matter how much you love your boyfriend, you have to face the truth: he’s probably not going to make it through Hell’s Kitchen auditions.